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James Gibson was the stepfather of Ryan James, through his marriage to his mother, until her death. He later married Debra Burch, with whom he exploited Ryan's telepathy for crime.

Season One

He ended up killing Jules Casey, a pawnshop owner. He participated with his wife in using Ryan's telepathy for crime. He was horrible towards Ryan and only cared about exploiting him.

After Ryan obtained a password from Lex Luthor, James (along with Ryan and Debra) made their way to a nearby bowling alley. When the password didn't work James asked Ryan for the real password. Ryan told Debra that James was planning to kill her. Although James claimed that Ryan was lying, Debra coldly pointed out that, as much as Ryan had always creeped her out, he'd never lied to them. Feeling betrayed James grabbed a shotgun, then saying Debra was correct, as Ryan never lied, and proceeded to shoot her. The loud noises of the gunshot that killed Debra alerted an employee of the bowling alley. When the janitor heard Ryan's cries for help, the man ran to alert the authorities, but was murdered by James, who also almost killed Ryan before being stopped by Clark Kent. Clark hit him with a bowling ball in the chest. The bowling ball was thrown with enough force to crash through a wall before hitting him, knocking him unconscious.