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"I'm waiting for someone. " - Jake[1]

Jake Pollen was a student at Smallville High School and a metahuman with the ability to breathe underwater.

Powers and Abilities


Early life

Jake had been friends with Van McNulty for three years, but Van did not know about Jake's ability.[1]

Season Three

Jake with Van.

Jake had gills on the sides of his neck. He was a student at Smallville High School. He was a shy boy with a crush on Lana Lang. While Lana was swimming after hours in the school pool, Jake inexplicably grabbed Lana's ankle and appeared to drown her.[1]

Jake is dead.

Van shot him in the head and in turn saved Lana from drowning. After Van's father had been killed by Tina Greer, Van had begun stalking and killing metahumans.[1]

Season Ten

The students on the files the guidance counselor is looking at in the beginning are those of Jake, Tina Greer and Alicia Baker.[2]