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Jacob Finley
Occupation Busboy
Played By Corey Sevier
Status In custody

Jacob Finley was an ex-convict bus boy who kidnapped Kara Kent when she lost her memory in Detroit.

Season Seven

When Lex and Lois went to rescue Kara, Finley shot and nearly killed Lex. After Clark saw Lex's memories and learned of Kara's location, he went there and incapacitated Finley, at which point the police arrived. It is presumed that he was arrested for not only kidnapping, but also attempted murder.

In the Comics

A character with the same name appears in the comics. He is a scientist who becomes the first "Dr. Light" and the original creator of the Doctor Light warsuit and superheroic identity, before being killed by Arthur Light, who then assumed the powers and role of Doctor Light in a much more villainous role. It's possible this is just a mere coincidence.


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