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Jack Jennings was a Kansas State Senator and Jonathan Kent's oldest friend; Clark regarded him as sort of an uncle.

Season Five

He dropped by the Kent Farm to secure Jonathan's support in his upcoming election campaign, in which he was running against Lex. However, trouble arose when a dancer, Melissa Paige, was killed in a hit-and-run outside the Windgate Gentleman's Club in Metropolis, and a picture surfaced showing Jack with the murdered girl.

Detective Maggie Sawyer of the Metropolis PD came to the Kent Farm to question Jack about the murder. Clark suspected Lex had dug up dirt on Jack in order to harm his chances in the electoral race, and confronted him about it. Lex revealed to Clark that Jack and Melissa had carried on an affair. Jonathan took Jack for a drive in which he scolded Jack about his wrongdoings with Melissa, saying that he should be a clean and honest representative of the public. Jack took Jonathan's words to heart and called a press conference in order to announce his withdrawal from the race. However, before departing Smallville, Jack told Jonathan that he was a man full of integrity and would make an excellent State Senator.


  • Tom Wopat was John Schneider's costar on their popular 80s television series The Dukes of Hazzard, in which they played cousins Luke and Bo Duke, respectively. The episode contains several references to the show and several years of friendship, most noticeably Senator Jennings' Dodge Charger. In the show, the cousins frequently climbed through the windows of their Dodge Charger and drove recklessly through the dirt roads of Hazzard County. Jennings also mentions Chickasaw County, which was the county that the Dukes were not allowed to enter because of their probation.
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  • Jack was mentioned in the episode Thirst prior to his episode debut. He is mentioned by Pauline Kahn when she is asking an employee for a piece on Senator Jennings.