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 Intergang is an organized crime organization that used illegal business to gain money based in Metropolis. They use legitimate businesses as covers.


The leader of Intergang is a man called Mick who Clark met on his first night in Metropolis once running away from home at the age of 16. He had heard of Intergang and Mick through Chastity, a young woman he had met at a bar. She recommended Mick to Clark, should he need money. He was turned down however by Mick to join Intergang (who reveals that Chastity is his cousin, and wasn't pleased that Clark associated with her).[1]

Morgan Edge is also associated with Intergang. It is unknown whether or not Lionel Luthor, who has ties to Morgan Edge, has any relationship with Intergang.

Bruno Mannheim was a thug for the mob and Ace of Clubs owner Ron Milano. He made counterfeit money and mugged Chloe Sullivan along with A.J., stealing Chloe's bag and getting a whack from Lois Lane before leaving in his car.

Bruno returned to the Ace of Clubs and got a drink from new bartender Jimmy Olsen, who asked to get an advance on his pay from Milano. Ricky then came to get Bruno because Milano wanted to see him, but when Milano began to mock Bruno for the mugging, Bruno turned on him, shooting him dead with a silenced gun in the backroom of the Ace of Clubs when Milano said that they were going legit. He then took over Milano's business and announced that they were first going to get rid of the heroes, starting with Stiletto.

When Jimmy came back into work late holding his camera, Bruno took it off him and recognized the photos of Chloe and Lois as Stiletto, and beat Jimmy for information before knocking him out. He was then in the backroom seeing through the counterfeit money when Clark Kent super-sped in. Kryptonite was being used on the counterfeit money, however, and weakened Clark enough that Bruno could punch him to the floor and beat him. Lois, as Stiletto, jumped down and knocked Clark away in time. As Bruno went to shoot her, Clark jumped in front of Lois, blocking her from danger. Jimmy came in and was able to take Bruno down.

Season Eleven

Bruno is now the head of Intergang and imprisoned at Stryker's Island. He has in his possession the Crime Bible, which he says was given to him by G. Gordon Godfrey. While being interrogated by Batman, Mannheim claims he has gone straight, and the Crime Bible changed his life. With Intergang wanting to protect themselves from the invasion, Mannheim enlists Joe Chill's help. But as Chill is rumored to be in FBI custody, Intergang hire The Prankster and Mr.Freeze to assassinate him. Chill is killed by Mr. Freeze and Loomis and Fries are subsequently stopped by Superman and Batman.

Known Associates

Confirmed Associates

Suspected Associates

  • Lionel Luthor
  • Joe Chill - Intergang Contact and Weapons dealer
  • Ron Milano - former crook/crime boss and owner of the Ace of Clubs. He was murdered by Bruno Mannheim who then took over his business.
  • Ricky -Thug working for Ron Milano and then Bruno Mannheim counterfeiting money using Kryptonite.
  • A.J.-Former Thug working for Ron Milano

In the Comics

Intergang in the comics

Intergang is a fictional organized crime organization in Superman and other DC comics. Armed with technology supplied by the villainous New Gods of the planet Apokolips, it is a potent foe who can seriously challenge the most powerful superheroes. Intergang was run by a gangster named Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim, as revealed in Jimmy Olsen #139. He was, however, getting orders and weaponry from Darkseid, who was using Intergang to help track down the Anti-Life Equation.


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