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Clark contemplates telling Lana his secret, while Lex is having a therapy session with Claire Foster. After hesitation, he tells her about Louis and is apparently promised that the session will remain confidential.


Lex, in the ocean after his plane crashes, searches for Helen, knowing she left the plane before he did. He checks his compass (given to him by Jonathan), grabs a broken wing, and moves for dry land.

Once on the island (which looks remarkably like the one in the movie Castaway), he struggles for water, to the point at which he hallucinates his imaginary friend from the premiere, named Louis, who helps him find water.

Meanwhile, Clark and Pete talk about telling Lana his secret. Pete encourages Clark to do so, telling him that Lana is pro-meteor freak, and loves him.

They see smoke at a barn as they drive, and Clark uses his X-ray vision to see a man pointing a gun at another man in the barn.

He's demanding the farmer tell him where the money is. Clark arrives and throws the man a good distance away before rescuing the farmer from the ensuing barn explosion caused by some nearby tanks.

On the island, Lex is taught to find food by Louis, who encourages Lex to believe that everyone stands against him.

Louis proceeds to later destroy a signal fire that Lex has created, sabotaging his work. Lex swings a piece of wood at the man, but as he does so he falls from the cliff the fire was on, barely catching a ledge. Louis helps him up.

The Sheriff, meanwhile, tells Clark to identify the man who caused the fire. He does. He then talks to Chloe about how she would feel about him if he revealed a big secret. She said she would still love him, as he would still love her likewise.

On the island, Lex relives attacking Louis, and the sailor picking him up.

In the shack, Louis shows up again, trying to tell Lex everyone is against him. He follows Lex to the airport, telling him that his father wants him dead. Lex slams him against a wall and tells him to leave, and everyone looks at Lex slamming a bare wall. Louis is gone.

At the end of his therapy session with Claire Foster, she believes he is not telling her something, and he has withheld Louis.

Clark arrives, and they talk about the farmer, and how hiding something (the money the farmer had secreted in the ground) was less valid than letting it out... but then you have to deal with spending the money, the cost, in other words.

Clark goes to tell Lana the secret, but a phone call interrupts them. The gunman from earlier, out on bail, enters the Talon and points a gun at Clark's head while Lana's back is turned. He fired, but the bullet bounces off of Clark and heads for Lana.

Clark screams, throwing the man through the window and melting the bullet before it reaches Lana, just in time, her back still turned.

The police arrives, and Lana asks Clark what he was going to tell her. He tells her that he hopes she meets the right guy for her.

At the mansion, Lex tells Claire about Louis, and as Claire leaves, she calls someone and tells them she's found the chink in Lex's armor they are looking for.


  • ID means to identify someone.
  • In this story, Clark has to ID the person who set fire to a barn.


  • A gunman shoots at Clark and the bullet bounces off of him and almost kills the love of his life, Lana Lang. This was exactly what happened when Lachlan Luthor shot Jor-El, and the bullet bounced off of him and killed Louise McCallum (Relic). Unlike Jor-El, Clark was able to use his heat vision to save his girlfriend.


  • The introduction to the story specifically places this after Magnetic.
  • The secret that Chloe is keeping was the investigation of Clark for Lionel Luthor, which Clark himself discovers in Whisper. Though he is angry with her, he forgives her in Delete.


Clark: Chloe, what would it take for me to scare you away?
Chloe: You scare me? Clearly you're joking... Yet here I am, not laughing.
Clark: I mean is there, like, a secret or something that could make you not be around me anymore?
Chloe: Well, turn it around, Clark. Could I confess something so heinous that you'd run for the hills?
Clark: We've had our ups and downs, but I can't think of anything that would keep me away for good.
Chloe: There you go. I feel the same about you. Now, why do I have the feeling this conversation came and went before I even knew what it was about...?

Lex: Does Farmer Brown really have a quarter-million dollars buried in milk cans in his cornfield?
Clark: He did. The sheriff's helping him move it to the bank as we speak. Apparently his loser son blabbed about dad's stash to the wrong people.
Lex: I guess nothing stays buried forever...
Clark: So... Should you even fight it?
Lex: I've been asking myself that very question.
Clark: Care to share the answer?
Lex: I guess it's an issue of desire, Clark. If you're Farmer Brown, what do you want more -- the security of buried money, or the reward of spending it? You can't have both.

Lex: (Refering to Louis Leery) That's what I was holding back from you: Louis. That's all of it.
Claire Foster: And have you seen him since?
Lex: No. I know Louis was a delusion. He wasn't real... But the part of me that created him is real. I hid Louis from you because he represents a dark side I'm afraid to confront. I'm taking a leap of faith, Doctor, that by telling you this, you'll help me face my darker nature and defeat it.
Claire Foster: Your confidence isn't misplaced, Lex. You've made great strides today. I look forward to our next session.

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