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Humans from Metropolis.

The Human race is the indigenous people of the planet Earth. Having evolved under optimal conditions, humans possess no superpowers in their native state. The human anatomy and look is often used in the research of extraterrestrials which resemble humans - thus the term humanoid.

Powers & Abilities

Although they possess no quantifiable abilities beyond their fundamental biological faculties, any human who does exhibit an inhuman attribute - either from exposure to a certain element or source of power, genetic experimentation, or their own heredity - is known as a metahuman.

Humans can also utilize Magic, which involves harnessing otherworldly energies for a wide variety of supernatural effects.


As humans do not have any natural super powers, they are vulnerable to those who do. They also can be affected by a zombie plaque that was released by one of Zod's followers.


There are a wide variety of languages that humans speak, like English, Spanish, Italian, etc.


Compared to alien species that are far more advanced, human technology is fairly simple, with humans just getting space travel a few decades ago.