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Holly Harold was a producer and writer for Smallville.

Harold wrote nine episodes for Smallville:

Season Three

  • Magnetic (directed by David Jackson) - Clark is jealous and suspicious when Lana suddenly becomes attracted to Seth Nelson and begins to act rebelliously. Meanwhile, Lex discovers Chloe has been investigating his father.
  • Obsession (directed by James Marshall) - Clark is forced to use his powers in front of Alicia, but he is surprised to find out she has powers of her own. The two develop a bond through their shared secret, but things turn ugly after Alicia becomes obsessive about sharing Clark with anyone else - especially Lana. Meanwhile, Lana asks Lex to investigate Adam.

Season Four

  • Façade (directed by David Carson) - Abigail Fine gets plastic surgery to boost her popularity. However, her beauty hides a dark secret - when she kisses someone, they are inflicted with life-threatening hallucinations. When Lana sees Abigail with one of her victims, she becomes the next target.
  • Pariah (directed by Paul Shapiro) - Clark has big concerns after his new girlfriend, Alicia becomes the prime suspect in a brutal attack against Lana and Jason. Clark initially defends Alicia, but when the evidence begins to pile up, he is forced to take a hard truthful look at the situation. Hurt by Clark's actions, Alicia forces Clark to unknowingly reveal his powers in front of Chloe. Meanwhile, Jason's mother returns to town with an offer for Lex.

Season Five

  • Lexmas (directed by Rick Rosenthal) - Lex considers whether to turn an operative loose to obtain or fake damaging information against Jonathan to upset his Senatorial race. Yet when Lex is shot, he falls into a coma and is visited by the ghost of his mother, who shows him what his life could be like if he frees himself from his father. Meanwhile, Clark helps deliver Christmas presents.
  • Void (directed by Jeannot Szwarc) - Still distraught over her break-up with Clark, Lana experiments with a dangerous serum that allows her to flat-line and see her deceased parents again. A worried Clark rushes to save Lana from hurting herself, but ends up being injected with the kryptonite-laced serum by a rogue doctor. When Clark flat-lines, he is able to talk to his recently deceased father, who warns him that Lionel knows his secret. Meanwhile, Lionel continues to get closer to Martha.

Season Six

  • Fallout (directed by Glen Winter) - Clark battles another escaped phantom, Baern, who absorbs radiation to increase his strength, with the help of Raya, who has made her way to Earth. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana's relationship is strained when they fight over the Kryptonian black box.

Season Seven

  • Fierce (directed by Whitney Ransick) - Kara signs up for the "Miss Sweet Corn" pageant and meets three meteor-infected vixens who plan to use their powers to steal a treasure map to the hidden Smallville time capsule. After Tyler witnesses Kara using her powers, the girls pretend to be her friends, but are really planning to use her for their devious plan. Meanwhile, Lana returns to the Kent Farm.
  • Quest (directed by Kenneth Biller) - Lex is attacked by a cloaked stranger who carves Kryptonian symbols into his chest - a message for Clark. Chloe and Clark investigate and discover one member of the Veritas clan has survived and is hiding in a church. Clark and Lex race to be the first to find this mysterious Veritas member, who holds the key to Clark’s survival.


  • Holly started off specializing in writing "relationship" episodes.
    • Her first episode was Magnetic, about the triangle that emerges when Seth Nelson uses his powers to attract Lana Lang, making Clark Kent jealous.
    • Holly also wrote two out of the three Alicia Baker episodes: Obsession and Pariah (Unsafe was written by Steven S. DeKnight and Jeph Loeb).
    • Holly also wrote the first Christmas episode, Lexmas, which explored Lex's relationship with his mother and father, Clark's relationship with Lex, Lana's relationship with Lex, and Chloe's friendship with Clark.
  • When Clark, Chloe, and Lana graduated in Season Four's Commencement, one of the named graduates was "Holly Harold"
  • In the nine episodes that Holly wrote, she never worked with the same director more than once.


  • Holly Harold also wrote an episode for the CW television series Arrow, during its second season.

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