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Hiram Kent (January 24, 1924 - December 22, 1980[1]) was the father of Jonathan Kent and Clark's adoptive paternal grandfather. He was a farmer, like the Kent family had been for generations. Hiram was married to Jessica Kent.


Both Martha and Jonathan indicate that the latter's 'hardheadediness' is inherited directly and discernibly from his own father. Like Jonathan, however, he is also a highly compassionate man, with a willingness to stick his neck out for others, as he shows during Jor-El's troubles. He shows a respect for his wife and her judgment which suggests that theirs is a partnership of equals.[2]

Early life

In 1945, Hiram was one of the jury members who put Harry Volk in jail for murder.[3]

Season Three

Hiram and Jessica help "Joe".

After Louise McCallum was killed, her accused murderer "Joe" came across Hiram and his wife Jessica at the Kent Farm. Hiram believed in Joe's innocence and helped him get to the Kawatche Caves. As the two departed ways, Hiram told Joe that if he ever needed anything, he knew where to find him.[2]

Hiram and Joe at the Kawatche Caves.

Later, his grandson Clark Kent started having flashes of Joe's presence in Smallville. When he touched Joe's jacket, he saw Hiram and Jessica help Joe get out of Smallville.[2]


Hiram's actions left a lasting impression on Jor-El. Jor-El felt so much love at this house he chose the Kent family when he decided on where to send his son, Kal-El. He made preparations to send Kal-El even during the early days of Lara-El's pregnancy.


Hiram Kent had his own counterpart on Earth-2. He kept his shotgun concealed above the doorframe for the coyotes.


In the Comics

Hiram Kent first appeared in Superboy #77 (December, 1959). Hiram had three sons: Jonathan, Burt and Kendall. In addition to Clark Kent, Hiram had a granddaughter (through Burt) named Jillian Kent, who first appeared in Superman Family #191 (1978). Hiram himself next appeared in Superboy #113 (June, 1964), where the character was renamed "Matthew Kent". The character had also been mentioned in Superboy #79 (March, 1960), where his name was given as "Vincent Kent". Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, the character was renamed Sam Kent and first appeared in World of Smallville #1 (April, 1988).


  • Clark told Jonathan what Hiram told "Joe" and suggested that Jonathan and Martha were chosen by Jor-El to raise him because of the love that he felt at the Kent Farm.[2]
  • A Gene Autry fan, he would have named his son after his hero if his wife hadn't managed to persuade him round to her way of thinking.[2]

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