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The Helmet of Nabu

The Helmet of Nabu, also known as the Fate Helmet, is a golden helmet which can bond with humans to create a powerful being. The Helmet bonded with the human Kent Nelson to create the Justice Society of America member known as Doctor Fate. The helmet lets the spirit of Nabu, to possess its user, granting incredible magical powers. It was later used by the metahuman Icicle to grant him similar superpowers, and later bonded with Chloe Sullivan, allowing her to see the futures of Oliver Queen and Clark Kent.

The mask itself appears to be sentient, often speaking in low whispers to people, offering advice, knowledge and even magical abilities such as teleportation.

Powers and Abilities

The Helmet of Nabu is an extremely powerful artifact that requires a human host for its powers and abilities to be activated. Without a host, the helmet is still sentient, but mostly dorment. Even by itself, the helmet is capable of limited movement and is apparently clairvoyant, as it once stared back at Clark when he used his X-ray vision to look into the bag it was in. When the helmet bonds with a host, they can exhibit the following abilities.

Dr.Fate using his powers.

  • Teleportation - Doctor Fate used the Helmet to transport John Jones to Mars. He also teleported himself and Clark from Met Gen to JSA Brownstone. (Absolute Justice)
  • Telepathy - Doctor Fate can read other people's mind.
  • Telekinesis - Allows the wearer to move objects with their mind. [citation needed]
  • Transmute matter - Allows the wearer to manipulate and project matter-based emissions. [citation needed]
  • Precognition - Allows the wearer to see into possible futures of others but not of themselves. (Absolute Justice, Part 1)
  • Invulnerability - The helmet itself is completely invulnerable - neither Clark's heat vision, one of Oliver's arrows, an energy blast from the Cosmic Staff and repeated hits from Carter mace left even a scratch on it. Doctor Fate can (supposedly) withstand just about anything. In the show however, Kent Nelson was killed by a simple attack from Icicle, however this was something he had already foreseen, and Icicle used an ice shard he created out of his own body.
  • Flight - The wearer of the helmet has the power of flight, although not shown in the TV-show.
  • Vast magical knowledge - Although nowhere near as powerful as the original Doctor Fate, Nabu himself, the wearer of the helmet can use the some of the most powerful magic .


The helmet needs a human host to activate most of its abilities. Also, when a villain wears the helmet, the powers it grants are perverted and don't work right.

Season Nine

Nabu stares back at Clark Kent

Kent Nelson kept the helmet in a bowling bag which he normally clutched in his arms. Clark Kent used his x-ray vision to see what was inside and the saw the helmet. In turn, the helmet itself turned to look back at him. After Clark left, Kent informed Carter Hall that Nabu said Clark could help them, but Carter believed they could help themselves.

The helmet bonding with Kent Nelson

Carter and Courtney needed Doctor Fate and Carter encouraged Kent to put on the helmet. Kent removed the helmet from the bag and it wrapped itself around Kent's head, and geared him up in a gold and blue costume, becoming Doctor Fate. Fate went to the hospital and to Joar Mahkent's room. At the arrival of Clark and Chloe Sullivan Fate instantly knew that Clark had a great purpose and that Chloe shared the same fate as himself. He took Clark away from the hospital afterwards.

Icicle attacks the Watchtower

The Justice Society and the Justice League joined forces to stop whoever was killing former members of the JSA. Fate sacrificed himself to restore John Jones's powers before being killed by Icicle. With Kent dead, Icicle took the helmet and went to his father. He said his goodbyes to his father before pulling his plug and put the helmet on his head. Instantly, Icicle saw visions of what was to come.

Hawkman holding the Helmet

Icicle attacked Watchtower headquarters but the superheros worked as a team to finally defeat him. Hawkman, smashed his mace on Icicle's head and took back the helmet. He placed it in the museum to await a new wearer to become the next Doctor Fate.

Season Ten

"Would you sacrifice your sanity to save The Archer?" - Nabu to Chloe Sullivan, Lazarus.

Chloe puts on the helmet

Chloe took the key of the case that the helmet was locked in and decided to wear it to find Oliver after his abduction. The helmet knew that Chloe had come for it and accused her of being a silly girl that was not the chosen one, but stated that she was very brave for trying. Nabu then told Chloe that love is quite dangerous and when she asks for the location of Oliver, the helmet asked if she was willing to sacrifice her sanity to find the archer. Chloe put on the helmet and then fell to the floor, unconscious.

When she awoke from her state, Chloe revealed that she had seen many things from the future, most notably Clark becoming the hero has was meant to be, but he wasn't wearing black. She then assured Clark that everything would be fine, but that he needed to get to Cadmus Labs. As he left, she silently bade him good-bye, and using the information she gleamed from the helmet, located Oliver who was being held captive by Rick Flag. She exchanged herself for Oliver's release.

In the Comics

The Helmet of Nabu in the comics

While wearing the helmet the user becomes enhanced with magical powers from the ancient sorcerer Nabu. While wearing the helmet the wearer gains an increase in powers and abilities that include telekinesis, flight, levitation, enhanced resistance and enhanced strength as well as various magical abilities and intelligence. When wearing the helmet the user becomes clad in the garb of Dr. Fate the helmet use to let Nabu who's spirit resided in the helmet posses the wearer but later only allowed him to advise the user. All of the magical abilities become lost however once the helmet is removed. In the comic books the helmet of Fate sought many wearers and many used the name Dr. Fate. The helmet currently resides with Kent Nelson's great grandnephew Kent V. Nelson who has taken the mantle of Dr. Fate.

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