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Helen Bryce (later Helen Luthor) was a physician at the Smallville Medical Center and the second wife of Lex Luthor.


She claimed that a small-town hospital made her remember why she wanted to be a doctor in the first place. [citation needed] She also claims that research was her professional passion, but she still enjoyed being a doctor at Smallville Medical.

Early life

Helen is the daughter of Stanley Bryce, a renowned Metropolis plastic surgeon. She graduated from Harvard Medical School and spends two weeks per year serving children in Rwanda.

Season Two

It took me five dates to figure it out. You're delusional! - Helen Bryce, Visage

Dr. Bryce discusses Martha's care with Jonathan.

After meeting Lex at the hospital, Helen runs into Lex at a court mandated anger management class. Helen explained she had drop kicked an orderly, and Lex had taken a golf club to a meter maid's vehicle. Not wasting an opportunity, Lex asks her out on a date. Helen treated many of the town's residents, including all three members of the Kent family. When Jonathan Kent crushed his leg underneath a tractor, she gave him a good prognosis. Helen treated Martha Kent after she inhaled meteor rock spores in the storm cellar. She revealed Martha's pregnancy to Jonathan and witnessed her miraculous recovery.

Martha consults Dr. Bryce.

Martha continued to see Helen for prenatal care. When Clark inhaled the same spores, she took a blood sample and studied it. She found it very unusual, but she maintained her patient's confidentiality like a true professional and earned Martha's trust.

Lex proposes marriage to Helen.

When her ex-boyfriend, Paul Hayden, showed up in Smallville, Lex suspected him of stalking Helen. When Helen was found in the pathology lab, beaten nearly to death, Lex went after him in a murderous rage. At the last moment, when Lex was about to pull the trigger, he found the strength of will to restrain himself. He realized that Helen had made him a better person and he proposed to her.

In the last episode of season 2, Lex married Helen and they departed on their honeymoon flight to the Caribbean. During the night, Lex woke up from a thunderstorm and found that Helen and the pilot were gone and that the plane was about to crash.

Season Three

After the plane crashed in the Caribbean, Helen returned to Smallville to tell Lionel that she and Lex woke up to find the pilot missing and there was only one parachute. Lex insisted that she use it and Lex went down with the plane. Lionel searched everywhere, but when he couldn't find Lex, he organized a funeral service. Helen spoke at the funeral, but Lionel was convinced that her story was a lie and she murdered Lex, so he refused to stay and hear her words. He vowed to expose her lie. He successfully uncovered her plot with Morgan Edge.

She told Morgan about the blood vial that she sold to Lionel. She did not tell either of them whose blood it was. Morgan hired Clark (who was then under the influence of red meteor rock) to steal the blood so that he could sell it back to Lionel again.

Lex and Helen try again.

When Lex returned to Smallville, she apologized for lying to everyone about how he insisted that she take the last parachute. She told Lex that she really did wake up to find the pilot missing and there really was only one parachute, but she couldn't wake Lex. She guessed that the pilot drugged the champagne and she remembered that Lex drank a whole glass, but she only had a sip. When she couldn't wake Lex, she decided to save herself and she left him to go down with the plane. When Lex confronted her about selling Clark's blood to Lionel, she admitted that she did that in order to get him out of their lives. She offered to have the marriage annulled, but Lex suggested they give it a second chance and they tried again to take their honeymoon trip.

On the plane, Lex revealed that he did some research and discovered that when they left Smallville, they didn't have enough fuel to reach the island where he was rescued. He also discovered that the plane landed in St. Croix, the night it disappeared. He speculated that Helen switched pilots and disembarked when the plane landed. The pilot refueled and parachuted away before crashing the plane.

At this revelation, Helen pulled out a handgun. She admitted that the only reason Lex didn't get a bullet in the head that night was because Helen really did love him. The two struggled for the gun, which went off and killed the pilot. Lex rushed to the cockpit to fly the plane: when he turned around, Helen was gone, presumably having either jumped or parachuted away. Lex organized search parties, but if she survived, he didn't expect to find her before she wants to be found.

Season Ten

Lois Lane asks how Lex was able to clone him and Clark explains that Lex stole a vial of his blood from Helen's office years ago and that he thought Clark's DNA would stop the accelerated mitosis and it worked.


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  • Clark speculated that the vial of his blood that Helen Bryce took may have been responsible for the creation of Clark's new "brother," Conner Kent.
  • Helen Bryce appeared in 9 episodes, making her the 9th most frequently seen recurring character after Jor-El, Nancy Adams, Brainiac, Emil Hamilton, Ethan Miller, John Jones, Nell Potter, and George. She is the least frequently seen recurring character who isn't tied with any other recurring characters in number of episodes (the highest number of appearances of recurring characters below her, 7 episodes, is shared by Dr. Harden, Adam Knight, Grant Gabriel, Gina, Jeff Hage, and Faora).
  • While Helen's ultimate fate remains unknown, the fact that Lex was able to marry Lana (without being charged for bigamy) in Season Six, would suggest that Helen is (at least) legally deceased.
  • Emmanuelle Vaugier confirmed that she was not informed until filming the season 3 premiere that her character was to be revealed as a villain. This was done so that her portrayal would be honest and likeable, and her villainous reveal would come as a shock to the audience.

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