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This article is about the ability to heal others. For the ability to heal oneself faster, see healing factor.

The ability to heal others has been achieved by Kryptonian technology, kryptonite-infected metahumans and human technology.

Superpowers or Abilities

Kryptonian technology

Several Kryptonian objects have been embedded with Kryptonian technology that can heal both humans and Kryptonians.

  • Clark's ship was equipped with healing technology, and as such, was able to emit a healing ray. Once, the ship emitted a ray that cured Martha Kent of her infertility, while another time it healed both Martha and Clark Kent from their exposure to kryptonite-irradiated spores.
  • Brainiac has a healing factor; his healing factor works differently than that of his makers, namely Kryptonians. He can heal his metallic body from virtually any wound or injury when he recharges.
  • Crystal of Fire was embedded with healing technology, and as such, was capable of restoring Clark's powers and later cured Lex's poison.
Kryptonite-infected metahumans

A few separate kryptonite-infected metahumans have developed healing powers allowing them to heal others.

  • Cyrus Krupp was able to heal others with his hands. He healed Whitney Fordman's horse Tyson, as well as a school bully.
  • Chloe Sullivan was able to heal others, although in the process she appeared to feel the pain of the wound she was healing. Before she was aware of her power, it manifested through healing tears, when her natural tears of grief brought her cousin Lois Lane back from the dead, although in the process, she died herself. Once aware of it, she could control her power, healing Jimmy Olsen's finger just by concentrating. The range of Chloe's powers also encompassed a healing factor that enabled her to come back to life whenever her life force became depleted while healing somebody else.
Human technology


Chloe: (regarding her newfound ability of empathic healing) Out of the entire catalog of meteor abilities, why was I the one chosen to be in charge of such an amazing gift?
Season Seven, Fracture


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