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Haunted is the third story arc of Smallville: Season 11,[1] a comic book series from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the television series. The arc features a guest appearance by Bart Allen/Impulse and introduces Jay Garrick and the Black Flash to continuity.


From DC Comics: In these stories from issues #9-12, mysterious speed storms have struck across the globe, and a familiar face returns to help Clark to stop them. Then, Lex moves against Tess to reveal what she knows about The Man of Steel, and the secrets of Earth-2 Chloe are revealed!


  • Smallville: Season 11 #9 (Released on January 9, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 25: Haunted, Part 1 (Digital Release December 14, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 26: Haunted, Part 2 (Digital Release December 21, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 27: Haunted, Part 3 (Digital Release December 28, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #10 (Released on February 6, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 29: Haunted, Part 4 (Digital Release January 11, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 30: Haunted, Part 5 (Digital Release January 18, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 31: Haunted, Part 6 (Digital Release January 25, 2013)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #11 (Released on March 6, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 33: Haunted, Part 7 (Digital Release February 8, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 34: Haunted, Part 8 (Digital Release February 15, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 35: Haunted, Part 9 (Digital Release February 22, 2013)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #12 (Released on April 3, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 38: Haunted, Part 10 (Digital Release March 15, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 39: Haunted, Part 11 (Digital Release March 22, 2013)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 40: Haunted, Part 12 (Digital Release March 29, 2013)


Trade paperbacks[]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Volume 3: Haunted (Released on October 16, 2013)[2]


Chapter Twenty-Five[]


Lex taps into Tess' memories.

Lex Luthor attempts to tap into the memories of his sister Tess' consciousness trapped in his own mind to determine what she knows about Superman. Using a procedure developed by the former LuthorCorp, Lex appears in the memory of the moment Tess was left in the care of Granny Goodness by their father. The grown Tess materializes to help young Lutessa run from their brother down a long hallway. They manage to barricade themselves behind a door. As Lex approaches, he is called to a red door to exit the procedure. Otis informs Lex of an attack on the city that would interest him.

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 03 01 Haunted Untitled-3

Lex and Superman confronting Psimon

In the city, breakfast for roommates Jeff and Bert is interrupted by Superman crashing through the wall. After apologizing for the mess and disruption, Superman returns to the fracas outside. Dr. Simon Jones, a genius with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities calling himself Psimon, attacks the citizens of Metropolis using his powers to levitate and surround himself with a number of metallic orbs. Superman intervenes as Psimon mentally picks up a semi tractor-trailer and attempts to drop it on a small child. As he tries to talk Psimon out of the attack, Lex arrives to offer his own solution. Angered that it was LuthorCorp's experiments that altered him, Psimon turns his attack on Lex. Superman quickly rescues Lex and speeds him away from the scene.


Impulse saves the day.

Superman returns to Metropolis after hiding Lex away in Mexico. As he tries to capture Psimon, the criminal's telepathic abilities allow him to "feel" Superman's moves before he makes them and to counteract them. Moving faster than thought, Impulse arrives to help his old friend. The speedster, sporting a new costume, proves too quick for Psimon and is able to punch him into submission. To celebrate, Impulse speeds ice cream cones into the hands of all the nearby citizens, including Superman.

Chapter Twenty-Six[]

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 03 02 Smallville Season 11 026 (2012) (Digital) (K6DVR-Empire) 06

Tess taunts Lex to distract him.

At LexCorp, Lois talks with Otis while waiting to speak with Lex, attempting to get him to admit to his boss' secretly nefarious nature. Lex intervenes, inviting Lois into his office. She confronts him about Psimon and what he intends to do about this and other consequences of the LuthorCorp experiments that granted people such abilities. With Tess chiding him, Lex offers Lois the company line on their corporate responsibility of past transgressions.

Lois reminds him of her first-hand knowledge of Project Ares and how the fall-out of that program brought down Reeves Dam. As Lex shows surprise regarding the dam and the two talk about regret for his actions prior to losing his memories, Tess forces Lex's body to write a note on a Post-It against his awareness, which Lois picks up. On her way out of the office, Lois reads the note and is baffled by its one word: "Help!"

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 smallville1-2 500x386

Superman and Impulse race each other.

Out in the ocean, Clark and Bart race each other above the water. Bart comments on Clark running slower than he used to, which Clark attributes to now having the ability to fly as well. Clark makes a wager that he can fly faster than Bart can run with the loser paying for lunch. As the two rocket over the coast of Cameroon, a young woman watches from a distance.

Clark arrives in Mumbai, India, assuming that he has beaten Bart. As children swarm him for an autograph, he finds that Bart was not only there first but is playing a game of soccer with some of the locals. Later, as they share food, Clark describes how he can't return to his life as Clark Kent and must remain Superman for the time being due to Lex's irradiation ploy. Research from S.T.A.R. Labs has revealed that his healing ability from the rays of the sun is slowly curing the radiation. Bart suggests he fly into the sun to speed up the process and burn the rest of it away, but Clark tells him that Emil isn't sure they could stop the process from eventually turn him into raw energy if he tried it.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 Untitled-5-1

Watchtower sends Impulse and Superman to deal with Monsieur Mallah and The Brain.

Though he's happy to spend some time with Bart, Clark points out that it's not really the speedster's style and asks if something is wrong. Bart deflects by saying he had to get a glimpse of Clark in a costume. A moment of appreciation between the two is broken up by a call from Chloe at Watchtower. She tells them that a situation with art thieves in Paris has arisen and as they don't have any agents in Europe as of yet, they are the two closest to respond. They make another wager over who can get there first. Bart gives Clark a head start and his friend bolts into the sky. As he prepares to run, Bart hears an ominous voice call his name. He looks around but sees nothing but the locals. Tapping into the Speed Force, he runs after the Man of Steel.

Chapter Twenty-Seven[]

Smallville S11 Mallah

Monsieur Mallah and Brain attack.

Lex visits Psimon in Hyper-Solitary on Stryker's Island. LexCorp technicians have attached a helmet to him that emits a psionic dampening field to keep him in check. Lex has them lower the field slightly so that he can have Psimon search his mind to pull out any thoughts or memories that might still exist before they were wiped. Psimon is able to see Tess' consciousness and she motions for him to keep quiet. Instead of offering anything useful, the criminal chides Lex for being "an animal" and "a monster." Lex retreats.

At the Musée du Louvre in Paris, Superman and Impulse arrive to help the French police with a chaotic scene, baffled at the threat art thieves are presenting. Suddenly, a huge explosion racks the front of the museum. Out of the rubble runs Monsieur Mallah, a giant gorilla carrying the Mona Lisa. In a container slung around Mallah's back is the brain of the scientist who increased Mallah's intelligence to genius levels. The two lead a gang of monkeys and apes stealing art.

Smallville Season 11 027 (2012) (Digital) (K6DVR-Empire) 18

The dark creature appears to Bart.

As Impulse attends to the smaller primates, Superman turns his attention to Mallah and the Brain. The Brain can speak through the container and Superman asks if he is Mallah's. Brain explains that they are lovers and helped each other escape from the experimentation that led to their current states. They plan to sell the stolen art to fund and form their own nation. Mallah pulls a gun and fires at the crowd.

Impulse runs to catch some of the bullets but sees there are too many. He taps into the Speed Force to move faster and is able to stop all of the projectiles. Using the Force, though, brings on the mysterious voice again. In Speed Time, Bart sees a dark creature run out of the Force that he's seen before, telling him that "It is time." The creature bolts toward Bart, reaching out to grab him.

Smallville Season 11 027 (2012) (Digital) (K6DVR-Empire) 14

Superman vs. Monsieur Mallah.

Meanwhile, Superman uppercuts Mallah off of his feet, knocking him out. He turns to find the other monkeys and apes massing toward him. Winding his arms up and bringing his hands together in a superclap, Clark uses the force and the sound of the clap to upend all of the primates and knock them unconscious.

Clark finds a tired and scared Bart on his knees, muttering that "it" almost got him. Looking around the scene, Clark asks what Bart is talking about. Realizing the creature is nowhere to be found—and wanting to keep the secret to himself—Bart tells his friend it was nothing.

Chapter Twenty-Nine[]

Green Arrow SV S11 ch 29 1357942483686

Chloe and Oliver discussing the baby and Earth-2 Chloe

At Watchtower, Oliver Queen sits at the desk, drawing plans for a jetcraft amidst a number of parenting books. Chloe practices shooting his bow and arrows and Oliver notes that she seems to be getting better. Chloe attributes it to their child growing within her. When Ollie notes that he's the only one of the two who has spent any time with the books, Chloe teases him that he's only been doodling images of the Batwing. He shows her his plans and proudly proclaims it is the Arrowjet.

Ollie then asks why she hasn't told her best friend or her cousin about the pregnancy and admits to being anxious to let everyone know. Chloe reminds him that as long as Clark is irradiated and being tracked by Lex, she doesn't want to risk Watchtower's location being discovered. Besides, she is more concerned, at the moment, with decrypting the warning her doppelgänger gave regarding "the Crisis" that is coming. Ollie laments that they can't just ask her as she is dead. Chloe makes a suggestion that there might be a way that they could.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 29 1357942870750

Bart reveals what really happened when Lex captured him.

Flying over the Atlantic, Superman carries Bart, refusing to let him use his superspeed and risk being captured by the creature in the Speed Force. Bart mentions that it's always waited for him every time he's used his superspeed and Clark asks why he's never mentioned it before. The speedster explains that he always believed his speed had a cap until he was pushed into running faster than he'd ever imagined by Lex's torture for stealing LuthorCorp secrets. It was the first time he'd tapped into the Speed Force and the first time he saw the creature, a thing he referred to as a "Speed Demon" or "Black Racer," just the other side of the glass cage he was trapped in. When Clark rescued him from the cage, he also saved him from the demon.

With the creature always present, Clark asks why Bart wanted to race to India. Bart admits that, since Clark is the only one who can come close to keeping pace with him, he hoped that by the two going so fast and Clark not seeing the demon he could prove it was all in his head. Clark assures his friend that he's not crazy. He states that they need to devise a way for Clark to be able to face the demon.

Superman Daily Planet Lois Lane SV S11 29 1357943297299

Lois discussing the destruction of the Ridge facility.

Meanwhile, at the ruins of LuthorCorp's abandoned Ridge Facility, Lois takes a call from Jeff at the Daily Planet. He relays that she received a call from Simon Jones at Stryker's. She asks if he was able to make sense of the note Lex unknowingly wrote during her visit to LexCorp. Jeff says he's still working on it.

Lois enters the facility ruins and announces herself to LexCorp employees on-hand. She asks why Lex suddenly ordered cleanup of the ruins five years after the disaster that brought the building down. When the site manager tries to blame the incident on corporate terrorists, Lois informs him that heroes blew the building up to stop human experimentation. Elsewhere in the rubble, Fritz, one of the LexCorp employees, asks another if it's safe for them to be around the extraordinary amounts of meteor rock found in the ruins. He recounts how he heard rumors of people being driven crazy by the radiation and that it altered others, including a boy who could control bugs and another who controlled bees. The other employee dismisses the claims and wonders aloud why Lex would want so much meteor rock collected.

Superman Daily Planet Lois Lane SV S11 29 1357943711682

A victim of the Speed Force.

The man notices crackling arcs of yellow, red, as well as black electricity near the same broken glass cage that once held Bart and investigates the strange phenomenon. As Fritz announces on comms for the team to check their radiation strips, the electricity arcs like lightning and strikes him. Lois witnesses Fritz being trapped by the electricity and runs across the ruins toward him. The electricity soon builds into a charged vortex and throws Fritz across the ruins. Lois yells for an ambulance as she sprints to help the man. She's horrified to find the man's body sucked of life ... and age.

Chapter Thirty[]

Superman RS Lex Luthor SV S11 03 06 84-adri280891

Lex is ready do to anything to get information on Superman.

In LexCorp Tower, using the Project Intercept apparatus to go inside his mind, Lex confronts Tess and reveals that his team of neurosurgeons has discovered the area of his brain where her consciousness resides. He makes her an offer: tell him everything she knows about Superman or he will have the doctors damage that part of his brain, effectively killing her off. Tess rejects his ultimatum. Lex awakes and tells the doctors to prepare to perform their procedure the next morning.

Superman Allies Emil Hamilton SV S11 03 06 87-adri280891

Emil and his crew dealing with Earth-2 threat and the Black Flash

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Emil Hamilton meets with his staff to discuss two problems before them: one, assisting Superman in finding a way to help Impulse with the dark creature; and two, aiding Watchtower in retrieving the technology that LexCorp used to transfer Hank Henshaw's consciousness from his charred and crippled body into one of the H.E.D. drones. Emil states he will address the technology issue and assigns the others to Impulse's case.

Lex meets with Otis to discuss the incident that occurred at the Ridge Facility. Otis informs him of only one fatality and that, so far, no press has heard of what happened. As they pass by one of the janitorial staff on their way out of the building, the janitor steals Otis' security keycards. On Level 3, the janitor is revealed to be Lois as she uses a keycard to access the floor. As she makes it past the security door, her cellphone rings. As she answers the phone, security laser alarm beams are revealed to her. She correctly guesses and thanks Chloe for the assist.

Chloe asks if Lois is there to steal the "brain machine" she asked Emil to help gather. Lois recounts what she witnessed at the Ridge Facility, as well as the mysterious note Lex left her, as well as says she is snooping around to get some answers. She also admits to missing Clark and needing to catch Lex in some manner of wrongdoing to compensate. Chloe suggests that Lois look in Lex's office and when she makes her way there, she finds a green arrow with a note addressed to Lex attached.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 100-adri280891

Clark promises Bart that he will save him from the Black Flash.

The scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs set Bart and Clark up for a speed assessment. As Bart chats up a lovely blonde scientist, Emil asks Clark how he's able to be so jovial. Clark answers that Bart probably welcomes any distraction from being chased by the creature as long as he has. With everything set, Bart wonders how Clark will manage to match his speed, considering he runs a lot faster than Clark. Emil explains that the treadmills they are using for the assessment had been specially designed with a frictionless engine assembly when they began testing Clark's abilities. This will allow Bart to run as fast as he can while Clark's treadmill will accelerate him towards Bart's speed. They all hope that if they can get Clark fast enough, he can witness the creature as well.

As they run, Clark encourages Bart to go full speed, insisting that he has his friend's back. With approval, Bart taps into the Speed Force and runs so fast that he causes the treadmill and the monitoring equipment to explode. As Clark falls to the floor, while in the Speed Force, the horrible creature towers over him, chastising his speed as "not pure." Outside of the force, Bart asks Clark if he was able to see the demon. Now knowing what he is dealing with, Clark assures his friend that he will find a way to save him.

Chapter Thirty-One[]

Superman Daily Planet Lois Lane sv s11 03 07 1359769084377

Clark learns the Speed Storms are chasing Bart.

Clark and Lois meet on the roof of the Daily Planet Building for a bite to eat and further lament that he can't return to his "normal" life as a mild-mannered reporter. She mentions that he has burned through all of his sick days and vacation time and that their boss, Franklin Stern, is getting suspicious about his absence. Joking about having to tell him Clark's become a fireman or something else, Clark admits that he's devoted his life to bigger things now.

Regarding one of those things, Lois shows Clark pictures of the LexCorp employee, Fritz, who was thrown into a wall and superspeed aged to death. She shows him pictures of other incidents of it occurring over the past five years. She says that these "speed storms" have popped up in Keystone City, Mexico, Miami and islands in the Pacific Ocean, as well as have been increasing in frequency. Clark immediately recognizes each as places Bart has been and that the storms are chasing him like the dark creature. Clark worries that he won't be able to find a way to help Bart when Lois points out that he should consult someone else who has run as fast as Bart before.

They are interrupted by Jeff and Clark superspeeds into the sky. Jeff informs Lois that he gave the note Lex had written to his roommate Bert Camp, his "contact" on the police force, as well as that Bert had a handwriting consultant take a look. They were able to match with 95% certainty that the handwriting belongs to Tess Mercer.

Green Arrow SV 110307 1359769430589

Oliver and Emil discussing the implications of the experiment.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Oliver and Emil chat about the accident that happened in the speed assessment lab with Bart and Clark. They make their way into another lab and Emil reveals that they were able to place Chloe's dead doppelganger in cryogenic freeze using technology Clark confiscated when he and the Batman captured Mr. Freeze. Naturally worried, Oliver asks if the plan will work and if they'll even be able to access her memories.

Emil posits that Chloe might only be able to access the other's most recent accessed memories given how long she's been dead. Oliver guesses this to mean the flashes of her life before her eyes just prior to dying. Looking for assurance, Emil is only able to admit that with the technology and the similar biochemistries of the two Chloes, he's making educated guesses as they're going along. Oliver asks if the baby will be affected by the procedure and Emil says that unless there are psychosomatic effects caused by the mental link, the baby should be fine.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 31 1359769632693

Abigail Hunkel letting Superman and Impulse in the Brownstone.

Elsewhere in Metropolis, Clark and Bart visit the JSA Brownstone, being tended to by a Mrs. Hunkel. She lets them past the security measures and Clark takes Bart into the museum honoring the members of the Justice Society of America. Bart recalls that this was Carter Hall's group but wonders how any of the artifacts will help them with his problem with the "speed demon." Clark explains they are there to begin a search for the first hero to break the sound barrier on foot, Jay Garrick.

Green Arrow SV 110307 1359769933002

Earth-2 Lois dies because of the Crisis

Meanwhile, Emil places Chloe inside the Project Intercept apparatus to begin the "mind dive" procedure. Oliver asks one more time if she's sure about doing this. Mentioning that she's "been possessed by a witch, rewired by a Kryptonian computer, as well as mind controlled more times" than she can count, Chloe assures him that she's prepared for what she is about to do. Emil starts the link and Chloe is instantly transported into the memories of her counterpart. On Earth-2, the counterpart's cousin, Lois Queen, runs toward her amidst a scene of rubble and destruction. The alternate Lois screams to Chloe to get to her space ship. Just then, a particle beam from a monstrous ship flying overhead shoots down and vaporizes the Earth-2 Lois. Both her counterpart and Chloe scream in horror.

Chapter Thirty-Three[]


Clark and Bart meet Jay Garrick.

On the soccer field in Mumbai where Bart played with the kids earlier, one of the speed storms breaks out. Another hits at Louvre in France. Chloe and Oliver monitor the outbreaks at Watchtower and note the increasing frequency. Oliver relays this to Clark while Clark asks how Chloe is doing following her procedure. Oliver assures him that he's looking after her.

Clark and Bart walk the white plains of Utah until they come upon an isolated house. An old voice asks if he can help them and Bart reveals they are looking for Jay Garrick. The man at the end of the voice steps from the house and identifies himself as Garrick.

Superman RS Ultraman smallvilleseason1133-gzj6h

Clark Luthor hunts meteor freaks on Graduation day.

In Metropolis, Chloe gets frustrated that she can't do help more and can't sort out her counterpart's memories. Suddenly, she's stricken by a memory and falls into Oliver's arms. At Smallville High of Earth-2 six years in the past, something has attacked the graduation ceremony. This universe's Jodi Melville, Greg Arkin and Justin Gaines, all meteor-infected like their Earth-1 doubles, run the halls of the school trying to escape. Melville's hunger gets the better of her, slowing them down. Their stalker emerges from a doorway, Clark Luthor. He blasts Justin and then Jodi with his heat vision, murdering both.

Arkin runs and hides, asking the bugs to help him escape. Luthor finds him and incinerates him as well. As he moves to leave, he can hear the thumping of a heartbeat. Using his X-ray vision, he discovers someone hiding under a desk. As he nears the desk, he begins to feel the harming effects of Kryptonite. It's enough to turn him away. Spared, Chloe 2 moves from the shadows below the desk, revealing the Kryptonite necklace around her neck. Back in the present on Earth-1, Chloe mutters dismayed words from the memory.


Bart explaining his origin to Clark and Jay Garrick

At Garrick's house, the old man chastises Bart for stealing his identity. He asks him he did it and Bart admits that he doesn't know. He also reveals that he doesn't remember anything of his life previous to waking up with his abilities, just that there was a flash of light and the names of Garrick, Wally West and Barry Allen just appeared in his head. Clark explains to Garrick the plan Carter Hall had of resurrecting the Justice Society of America with the help of the new, younger heroes. He asks for the elder's help.


Jay reveals his fear and knowledge of the Speed demon entity.

Garrick suggests Bart talk to his old teammate, Pieter Cross, instead. Impatient, Bart asks what the old man knows about the "Black Racer." The elder speedster tells them his leg was broken when the federal government tried rounding up the JSA and he never wanted it repaired. When Clark attempts to ask why he would never want to run fast again, Bart correctly guesses that he's seen the demon. Garrick admits to it and explains that what is occurring to Bart happened to him. Clark mentions the speed storms and Garrick says it's the racer calling Bart out. Bart asks how the old man survived it and Garrick reiterates that he just stopped running. Bart adamantly refuses that option and the elder tells him the only other option is to die.

Chapter Thirty-Four[]

SMVL 003

Lex finds out that his "brain machine" was stolen.

Lex angrily surveys the room at LexCorp where the Project Intercept machine once stood. He asks after the security tapes and the night guards and Otis tells him the tapes were stolen and all of the guards quit. Lex turns to the vision of Tess and she denies having anything to do with it. He realizes that it must have been Oliver Queen. Otis remarks that it would likely be best to postpone the procedure to cause his boss brain damage to kill Tess' conscience. Frustrated, Lex leaves.

A memory of Earth-2 from two-years ago. At Chloe's apartment, the Earth-2 Oliver practices shots with a bow and arrow: his skill is far off from his Earth-1 counterpart. Chloe drinks whiskey and they talk about their plan to take down Clark Luthor. Oliver worries he'll irk people by trying to dig up the town of Smallville in search of the meteor rock they'll need. Chloe dismisses his concern and tells him it's the only thing that will work for their cause. She then asks why he's there with her instead of with her cousin, his girlfriend. Oliver announces his going to ask Lois to marry him, to which Chloe laughs and snidely rejects the notion.


Chloe and Oliver of Earth-2 in Chloe's apartment.

Chloe corrects his shooting posture and he nails the bullseye. They both acknowledge that they've got but one shot against Luthor and it must count. They embrace and kiss. In the present on our Earth, Chloe 1 finishes explaining the memory to Ollie while in the tub. They're both baffled by the supposed romantic encounter between their doppelgangers. Chloe asks if Clark and Bart had any luck in Utah. A speed storm alert on Ollie's phone tells them no.


Jay not being pleased to see who stole his identity.

As the speed storm crackles in Utah, Clark tries to reason with Jay Garrick that there must be another option to help Bart. Garrick asserts that there is no choice in the matter and that by using the Speed Force, the demon is there to collect the debt. Clark asks why there were no records of speed storms while Garrick was with the JSA. The old man surmises that Bart is so fast that it has made the creature hungry and desperate. Picking up on the thought, Clark reasons that it is sending out the speed storms to try to create a new speedster to take on as its prey. Bart realizes that the biology of the speedsters is special and that's why so many have died in the attempts.

Bart asks Garrick how many speedsters there are. The old man gives a mealy answer about not being the first and Bart not being the last. Bart confronts him about not having raced the demon himself to stop to have possibly stopped it and Garrick denounces their abilities as a curse. Clark offers that curses can be blessings if they don't let their powers control their lives. Garrick likens Clark to Carter Hall and Bart jumps on the moment to call him out for not having stayed in touch with his team. The old man owns up to being proud of how he acted, but it's not good enough for Bart. Riled up, he starts tapping into the Speed Force before Clark manages to stop him.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 34 smallvilleseason1134-4sjes

Emil finds a solution for Superman.

Clark fields communication from Chloe at Watchtower. He asks how she is and she tells him she's coping. She alerts him to a speed storm brewing in Las Vegas, a huge one that isn't slowing down and many dying. Clark relays the message to Bart, who tries running off on his own. Clark grabs him and Bart argues that the racer is waiting for him there and is calling to him. Clark tells Chloe that they didn't come up with a solution. She responds that S.T.A.R. Labs might have something. Patched to Emil Hamilton, the doctor explains they took the concept of sending Clark into the sun to remove his irradiation to fashion a containment suit. He states that they modified the suit to collect speed energy and that Clark might be able to use it to constantly move fast enough to confront the demon.

Flash Bart Allen SV S11 34 smallvilleseason1134-1fkhq

Superman in a new suit faces off with the Black Flash.

The scientists at S.T.A.R. fire a pod into the atmosphere and it quickly rockets its way to the young heroes' location in Utah. The pod opens to reveal the new suit, a black and silver affair with a glowing S-Shield. Clark quickly puts on the suit and speeds to the massive storm in Las Vegas. Boldly, Clark proclaims to the demon that it's "time for round two."

Chapter Thirty-Five[]

Lois Lane speaks to Otis about Tess and Psimon for a little bit. Otis is still getting over being fired from his job. He does not want to speak to Lois at the moment. After leaving the bar, Lois contacts the Batcave. Barbara Gordon is there having just recovered from her nasty encounter with the White Martian. Lois wants Barbara to speak to Otis. She arrives in Metropolis on the Bat-Rocket and speaks to Otis.

In Las Vegas, Clark Kent saves a man from becoming another victim of a speed storm. He cannot save everyone but he does save as many as he can. Superman stops the speed storms and has everyone evacuate. An angry Black Flash, seeing that Superman is trying to stop him, decides to murder him. Superman and Black Flash begin to fight. Meanwhile, Jay Garrick gives Bart some advice before he goes off to join the fight.

Chapter Thirty-Eight[]

Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 06

Ultraman murders Oliver in public.

On Earth 2, in Chloe's memory, Oliver has called a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe-2 is waiting with a sniper rifle and a Kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. And appear he does, fully aware that it's a trap, as well as snapping Oliver's neck when Chloe fails to shoot for apparent fear of hitting Oliver.

Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 07

Chloe dealing with the death of Earth-2 Oliver while keeping a track of Impulse.

On Earth 1, Chloe sheds a tear from the flashback and doesn't want to talk about it with Oliver. She's too busy tracking Bart, who is running faster than he's ever run before, around and around the world, gathering up the speed from every speed force outbreak. At one point, he seems to have three speedster who want to talk with him, but they are not identified.

Smallville - Season 11 038 (2013) (Digital) (K6 of Ultron-Empire) 18

Superman vs. the Black Flash.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Superman continues to fight the Black Flash. Just as Black Flash seems to be gaining the upper hand just as Bart arrives, prepared at last for the final showdown and his reckoning with the speed force.

Chapter Thirty-Nine[]

Black Flash, finally satisfied that Bart arrive getting to feed on "Pure" speed. Bart then rush to take Clark out of the fight and proceeds to absorb the Speed Force out of Clark's containment suit. Clark tries to talk Bart out of taking on the Black Flash with Impulse revealed that the speedsters he met with told him that he was the only one who can take him down. Bart then confides in Clark that he never been alone, as well as then rushes to take down Black Flash. Clark then proceeds to try to catch up and help Bart.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977752806

Bart's last moment.

Bart rushes to Black Flash with Clark trying to convince him to slow down. They both flashback to back when they first met as teenagers back on the barn. Bart, who thanks Clark for looking out for him. He says he's going to explore the world, as well as invites Clark to come. Clark asks him to stay and Bart slyly says he'd consider it... if Clark can catch him. The two superspeed down the roads of Smallville, but Bart easily leaves Clark in the dust. Black Flash then tells Bart it is finally time to feed and Bart agrees and proceeds to give him all of his speed saying a final "Smell you Later" to Black Flash.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977825769

Clark mourns Bart's sacrifice.

There is soon a big Speed Force explosion that took out both Bart and Black Flash out leaving a giant lightning bolt in the desert with Clark mourning and forced to tell Watchtower that Impulse is gone. Meanwhile at Watchtower, Chloe flashes to her Earth-2 counterpart's final moments.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363977964371

The Monitor murders Earth-2 Chloe.

2 months ago. Chloe and Oliver find Earth 2 Chloe and when both Chloe's touched it send each other flying back. The Monitor then finds Earth-2 Chloe saying she has ran far but her quest has ended and this Earth will die just like Earth-2. The Monitor reveals her body is filled with Bleed- the anti matter that separates all universes- which cause her and the other counterpart to repel each other apart. The Monitor then murders her saying that exist to maintain order and in order to do that they have to end all civilization.Chloe wakes up in Oliver arms with her wondering with what happened with Bart, the lives the other Oliver and Chloe lead, the lives Green Arrow and Watchtower lead, the destruction of Earth 2, How can they bring a baby with a crisis on the Way.

Flash Superman Impulse Bart Allen s11 039 1363978216763

Emil reveals to Clark that Bart and the exposure to the speed force helped Clark more than he thought.

Sometime later at the JSA Brownstone, Clark and Jay look at the first Impulse Suit in the glass case. Jay Garrick feels somber about what happened saying Bart did what he should have done a long time ago. Clark tells Jay that everything end no matter what and Bart would have never stopped running, as long as you're running towards something. Abigail Hunkel and Emil came in to pay their respects. After Abigail and Jay left to get some tea and leave Clark and Emil to talk. Emil reveals that the speed force Bart exposed Clark to might have had an unforeseen effect.

Chapter Forty[]


Lois and Superman discuss preparation ways to honor Bart's sacrifice.

Lois sits at their apartment asking Clark if their going to hold a funeral like they did for Carter. Clark replies he will also build a statue for Bart. He then asks if he found anything about Lex with Lois saying considering how the night has went it's pretty much a win and she'll tell him after his next flyby.


Clark returns to Lois.

Clark replies he doesn't think he will be doing that anymore. Then there is a knock on the door and as Lois opens it, there is Clark in his glasses and suit and tie simply saying "Honey, I'm home". As they embrace Lois wonders how is this possible, with Clark replying thanks to Bart's speed, the radiation is removed. Lois then tells his get back into the suit because they have work to do.

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Superman, Lois and Green Arrow confront Lex.

At LexCorp Plaza, Lex heads towards his office only to find that the lights aren't working. As he calls for Otis, Superman appears with Lex realizing that he found a way to remove the radiation off him. The Green Arrow appears revealing they are here to take Tess back. Then Lois appears surrounding Lex. As Green Arrow is about to use a taser arrow, Lois slaps Lex knocking him unconscious. As he wakes up, He is help by Otis. He realizes what the heroes did, he asks where is Tess.

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Tess is "resurrected" by her friends.

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Clark understands Chloe's decision to leave with Oliver for the sake of their child.

At Watchtower, Clark, Lois and Oliver stands patience as Emil downloads a grateful Tess into a computer system making her a hologram. Clark wonders where Chloe,Oliver reveals she's outside waiting to reveal something to him. Chloe tells Clark about the Monitors and then she tells Clark about the baby she is about to have. As Clark is overjoyed and takes Chloe on a flight, she later reveals that she and Oliver needs to leave so the baby can come safely to term with Clark understanding since that is what both Jor-el and Lara as well as Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent did for him. As Oliver and Lois watch Chloe and Clark in the sky, she wonders out loud, "How cool is it that your kids will have an uncle that can fly?" with Oliver dryly saying don't remind me as the group says their goodbyes for now.

Main characters[]

Recurring characters[]



  • The word Haunted' means "To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being"," To visit often, frequent", "To come to the mind of continually: obsess",and"To be continually present in: pervade".
  • The title refers to Bart Allen being haunted by the Black Flash,the manifestation of death for who all uses the Speed Force energy.
  • The title could also refers to Chloe being haunted by both Earth 2 Chloe's memory and her yet to born baby being raised in a dangerous world.
  • The title also refers to Lex being haunted by the presence of Tess who knows items about his previous life before the mindwipe, including the true identity of Superman.


  • Antagonist: Black Flash
  • Chapters 28, 32, 36 and 37 comprise the interlude story arc "Effigy", which takes place at the same time as this story.
  • Clark tells Impulse he doesn't want to try flying into the sun to burn off Lex's radiation tag for fear of the oversaturation of solar energy converting his body into pure energy. In the Elseworlds miniseries, "All-Star Superman", this is exactly what happened.
  • Superman and Impulse race each other throughout the comic, alluding to Superman and Flash's many celebrated races in comics history.
The Flash Wallpaper by SpazChicken

The Flash symbol.

  • When the explosion seem to have disintegrated the Black Flash and Bart, only the Flash symbol, blasted into the ground remains.
  • Jay Garrick mentions Pieter Cross, the famous blind DC superhero, mostly known as the third Doctor Mid-Nite.
  • Superman's new Speed Force costume is similar with the character's appearance as Superman Blue in the storyline, Superman Red/Superman Blue.
  • According to Bryan Q. Miller, there was a scene that did not make it into the final script, featuring Clark Luthor's demise, as one of Chloe's flashes. It was going to take place right after the events of Season 10's episode "Kent". There, it would have been revealed that Chloe of Earth-2 attacked Luthor at the Fortress along with that Earth's versions of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg (referred in the script as the DARK equivalents of the characters) with Chloe finally killing Luthor by shooting him with a gun with blue kryptonite bullets. According to Miller, Chloe's flashes started getting repetitive so it was ultimately decided to cut the scene as it wasn't necessary to be included in order to conclude the story-arc. There was an intention of keeping this particular scene in case it would be decided to keep Chloe's flashes of her Earth-2 doppelganger as a season-long storyline but that didn't eventually come to fruition.[3]


Flashback sequences[]

  • "Shield" - Clark stands on the Daily Planet rooftop.
  • "Plastique" - Clark carried Tess away from the bus explosion.
  • "Hex"- Clark makes a super-leap to get to the Daily Planet rooftop.
  • "Pilot" - Lex runs Clark into Loeb Bridge with his car.
  • "Commencement" - Clark saves the little boy Henry from the falling meteor.
  • "Run" - Bart & Clark talking in the barn, racing on the Smallville streets. Bart's fake IDs are shown.
  • "Arctic" - Lex and Clark's confrontation in the Fortress.
  • "Fracture" - Lois and Kara tries to escape from Finley.
  • "Justice" - The proto-Justice League destroying the Level 33.1 facility. Bart trapped by Lex and forced to run in a glass cage like a centrifuge.


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