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"Harvest" is the sixth episode in the tenth season of Smallville, and the two hundred-second episode overall. It aired on October 29, 2010.


Clark is concerned about Lois' safety so he diverts her away from covering the Vigilante Registration Act by suggesting she cover another story. After he comes clean with her, Lois tells him that she can take care of herself, but when a flat tire strands their car in the middle of nowhere, their plans take a turn for the worse and Lois ends up in serious danger. Meanwhile, Tess searches for a cure for Alexander, who is rapidly aging.


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Clark and Lois discuss all the strange things that have happened.

Clark and Lois are driving out in the country when Lois asks about the time the Crystal of Knowledge transported both of them to the Phantom Zone. Clark confirms that the zone is Kryptonian. She then asks about Doomsday crashing Chloe and Jimmy's wedding, which he confirms was also Kryptonian. He even confirms that the spaceship near Reeves Dam was Kryptonian. It was not his, but his cousin's. Lois is thrilled to learn that her boyfriend is an alien, comparing it to dating a god or Bono. She is also glad that she's alone with Clark on assignment without Cat Grant interfering.

Clark says it's a good thing that Tess Mercer allowed them to cover the cherry festival. Clark's comment makes Lois very suspicious and she learns that he purposely got them this assignment so he could prevent her from attending the anti-vigilante rally, to protect her. Lois is touched by Clark's concern for her safety, but she also reassures him that just because she's an Earth girl, it doesn't mean she's a typical damsel in distress; she can take care of herself.


Lois and Clark meet Charlotte.

Just at that moment, their car receives two flat tires, causing them to veer off the road. Lois attempts to use her cell phone to call for tow truck assistance, but they are too far out to get clear phone service reception. Meanwhile, Clark uses his super strength to change the tire, which impresses Lois. Suddenly, they are both greeted by a girl named Charlotte Cavanagh, who is relieved that they survived the supposed accident. She offers Lois a glass of lemonade and gives Clark the directions to the nearest mechanic, which is in Meeker Springs.

Clark thanks Charlotte for her help and suggests that he and Lois start heading to the mechanic's location, but Lois decides to teach Clark a lesson in his over-protectiveness by letting him take the journey all by himself while she waits by the car with Charlotte. Clark walks forward a bit until he's out of sight, and then he super speeds back to the car to find that Lois and Charlotte have disappeared.

A local patrolman named Deputy Ellis appears on the scene and asks Clark what has happened, at which point, Clark discovers that he's cut himself and that he has lost his powers suddenly. Clark explains what has happened and shows him a board with nails that they drove over, suggesting that their supposed car accident wasn't one after all. He also finds the horse and buggy tracks, and Ellis agrees to help him search for Lois.


Alexander celebrates his birthday with Tess and his friends.

Meanwhile, Lois, wanting to prove to Clark that she is not some damsel in distress, has opted to go with Charlotte back to her small community village, in the hopes that the girl's father will take her to a nearby train station, so that she can return to Metropolis in time to cover the anti-hero rally. Charlotte's mother greets her daughter and Lois, and seems very insistent that Lois stay for dinner. Although finding the Amish-like community unnerving, Lois agrees. Charlotte meanwhile is greeted by her father, who tells her that she has done well.


Tess talks to Christina about Alexander's condition.

At the Luthor Mansion, Tess is throwing a birthday party for Alexander. Unlike the original Lex Luthor, Alexander's party is packed with guests, all of whom sing "Happy Birthday" to the delighted boy. Alexander proceeds to hug Tess and thanks her for the party, right before Tess is called away. Outside the room, Tess talks to Dr. Christina Lamell who worked for Lex and Lionel Luthor's assorted cloning projects. The two women discuss the fact that Alexander is growing at an accelerated rate, and how both women want to make up for their past sins by curing Alexander and raising him to be a good person. However, inside at the party, Alexander begins to use the candle wax from his birthday cake to draw the House of El symbol on a paper plate, before collapsing from a seizure.

Meanwhile, Clark and the deputy find an abandoned house, during which the deputy seems to continue to try and get Clark to give up on his quest in finding Lois. Undaunted, Clark notices blue kryptonite near a water-pump, and realizes this could be the reason why his powers aren't functioning properly. The deputy claims that the blue rocks were a result of the meteor shower of 1989, and that since it happened, no one in their area has ever gotten sick, their crops have been perfect, and the water tastes great. Clark argues more about the need to find Lois and the dangers of the kryptonite that had plagued his home town Smallville. Clark then hears the sounds of bells tolling from the nearby village and wants to investigate the town as a possible lead in finding Lois. This goes against the deputy's wishes, who then proceeds to knock Clark unconscious.


Lois dines with the Cavanagh family.

As this happens, Lois is sharing a very awkward dinner with the Cavanagh family, during which she tries to make conversation and suggests that she'll find her own way back to Metropolis since Charlotte's father, Joseph Cavanagh, appears to be busy with his dinner. Joseph makes rudely dismissive comments about how his faith demands that Lois remain and eat while being silent. After he and his wife go off to put their dishes in the kitchen, Lois attempts to leave, only be to told by Charlotte that she will never leave, but will instead be sacrificed, as this was her last supper.

At Luthor Mansion, Tess attempts to talk to Alexander about what happened at the party, and also about the fact he's been drawing these S-Shield symbols for weeks now. Alexander tries to avoid the question, during which Tess tries to remind him that he is loved by her so he shouldn't shut her out. Alexander pretends to answer Tess' question but instead takes the key to his room out of Tess' pocket and proceeds to lock her inside, as he escapes.


Clark and Lois are trapped.

Clark regains consciousness, and finds himself inside the Cavanagh house, where Lois is dressed in a white old-fashioned lace dress with a bonnet on her head. Lois explains how the local villagers are conducting a bizarre annual tradition they've had for their harvest every year, involving a human sacrifice. She says she needs Clark to get her out of here. But Clark tells her that the radiation effects of blue kryptonite that is projecting from the villagers' bodies due to the exposure from their water supply is suppressing his powers from functioning properly. Upon learning this information, Lois reveals that she was the one who'd pulled out the blue kryptonite knife after his fall. However, without his powers, Clark and Lois must instead escape through the house's cellar. Lois uses her expert lock picking skills to pick the lock. They attempt to blend in with the crowd and sneak away, dressed in farmer clothing and a cloak, but when Mrs. Cavanagh sees Lois' pink nail polish, Lois punches her out as she and Clark attempt to run to the gate entrance, but they are immediately intercepted by the villagers, who have donned scarecrow masks. The villagers explain that when Mr. Cavanagh's eldest daughter was killed during the meteor shower, they never again became sick, their crops grew perfectly and they lived longer. Believing that God wanted human sacrifices in exchange for good fortune, they have been kidnapping random girls ever since and killing them.


Lois is held captive.

Clark attempts to protect Lois, but is sliced open by a scythe; Lois, meanwhile, is dragged back towards the town square pillar, which is also the sacrificial altar.


The villagers prepare to sacrifice Lois.

Tess' agents discover that Alexander has run away to the Kent barn loft, where he starts claiming that Clark Kent is out to destroy him, and that his dreams have been about how Clark is evil. Alexander also reveals that he is remembering Lex's past history with Clark such as tying Clark's bowtie for his first school dance, and how their friendship would be the "Stuff Of Legends". Tess attempts to reason with Alexander and reminds him that he isn't Lex. But Alexander sneers at her, saying that she only wants to redeem herself and that she's only protecting Clark because of her weak character that always needing to hide behind strong men like Lex, Oliver, Zod and Clark. Alexander manages to pushes Tess' buttons emotionally enough to provoke her into striking him across the face. Horrified by what she's done, she pleads "I'm sorry Alexander!" But Alexander pulls away, saying "My name is Lex!", leaving Tess horrified.


Clark rises from the dead.

Back in the town, Lois is tied to the altar and she attempts to speak reason to the villagers, stating that killing her will not make God happy, and what they are doing is wrong. But Cavanagh sneers at her, saying she doesn't have their faith. Lois retorts she has faith, but she knows that killing is wrong. Clark, meanwhile, is buried alive by the villagers, who think he is dead. However, beneath the soil, he is protected from the low level of blue kryptonite radiating in their bodies, and is healed.


Clark protects Lois from being hit by blue kryptonite fire.

With a shotgun in hand, Clark heads to the town square just as they are about to pour a large dose of blue kryptonite fire on Lois. Clark races to Lois, using his body as a shield to protect her from the fire, receiving a dire burn on his back. After he heals, the villagers believe that Clark is a messenger sent by God, which Lois plays up as she sees his back is healing as the villagers move a great distance away from Clark. Lois states that if they don't continue to move back, Clark will use his abilities to punish them. Clark plays along after he realizes Lois' plan, he then grabs her up into his arms and super-speeds away. In awe of what they just witnessed, the entire town falls to their knees in total amazement.


Tess tosses Alexander's cure into the fireplace.

Meanwhile at Luthor Mansion, Tess is drinking heavily, as the scientist from earlier arrives with a cure for Alexander. Having researched the original cloning project done by Lionel with Emily Dinsmore, they find a way to stabilize Alexander's accelerated growth. But Tess throws the vial into the fire, demanding that the scientist destroy her research, saying Alexander will be locked up. When asked why, Tess disappointingly explains that Alexander isn't a clone, but Lex Luthor himself, since he received all of Lex's memories and feelings and embraced them as his own.

Back at the Kent Farm, Lois arrives with the latest edition of the Daily Planet, where their story about the small town cult made front page headline article instead of Cat's coverage of the anti-vigilante rally. The villagers are arrested by the Feds, and they are all set to be tried and convicted for their unethical killing spree. Clark smirks and says how even in the middle of nowhere, Lois and Clark managed to make the front page news story. Lois delightfully gloats over Cat's failed story concerning the anti-hero piece that was knocked off the front page.


Lois and Clark make love for the first time.

Clark apologizes for underestimating Lois earlier. And Lois reminds him if it hadn't been for his rescue she would have been a "crispy critter in Hellsville." But Clark still insists that she showed great courage in the face of danger even without him having his powers, which Clark found impressive.

Clark then gives Lois Swann's journal, stating that it will explain his Kryptonian heritage and anything else that she will ever need to know to understand who he really is, stating that she is "The One" and she "always will be." Lois is overwhelmed by his love and trust in her. They embrace and kiss passionately and


Alexander embraces his dark fate.

proceed back to the Kent House, where they consummate their love.

At that same moment, Alexander stands before a mirror in his room, having just finished shaving his head of all his red hair. Now dressed in Lex's purple and black attire, he stares at his reflection and gives a small, sinister smirk.



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  • Harvest is the processes of gathering mature crops from the fields.
  • To harvest also means to capture or kill for human use. The villagers were capturing young women to be killed in an annual sacrificial ritual.

Featured Music[]

  • Cary Brothers - "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"


  • Antagonist: Joseph Cavanagh
  • The Lois and Clark sequences are very similar to the 2005 comedy-horror film 2001 Maniacs starring Robert Englund.
  • The villagers were seen wearing mask designs that were reminiscent of the one used by Jonathan Crane as Scarecrow in the 2005 film Batman Begins.
  • Lois being offered up as a sacrifice by the villagers is similar to the 1947 short story by Shirley Jackson "The Lottery".
  • Connor Stanhope (Alexander) has portrayed the young version of Lex in Season Seven's Fracture, Veritas and Descent, and Season Eight's Eternal.
  • Oliver doesn't appear for the first time this season in this episode. Counting the archive footage/flashbacks of Chloe in Supergirl and Homecoming as "appearances", this is the fifth time only 3 main characters have appeared in an episode, in this case: Clark, Lois and Tess. The other times are Season Eight's Legion, Power, Requiem and Season Nine's Idol.
  • This is the first time this season, where neither the Daily Planet or Metropolis is seen.
  • This episode marks the first time that Clark openly and knowingly displays his abilities in front of Lois since she learned his secret in Season Nine's Salvation.
  • Lex's hatred for Clark is deeply ingrained into his genetic memory, thus explaining Lex's clone from Lazarus and now Alexander both develop a psychotic hatred and distrust of Clark.
  • Lois and Clark (in the current timeline) make love for the first time in this episode; however, for Lois, this is the second time she has made love with Clark despite no longer having the memory of her first time. Even though that future timeline was erased, Lois's adventures there are still in her past. For Clark, this is his first time with Lois since it was his future-self who had made love with Lois. It also marks the first time Clark has made love to a mortal woman while he had his abilities after he had explained to Chloe that his training with Jor-El taught him how to control his powers while being intimate. Lois is also the second of two women he's made love to, the first being Lana.
  • Lois discovers the significance of blue kryptonite in this episode as well as truth behind several of her other Kryptonian-related experiences in this episode such as her trip to the Phantom Zone, her finding Kara's ship, and when Doomsday crashed Chloe's wedding.
  • At the start of this episode, Clark has told Lois all about his Kryptonian heritage although this revelation was made offscreen.
  • Lois and Clark call each other boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time in this episode.
  • Lois refers to Clark as "Honey" in this episode.
  • Clark does not wear his Blur attire in this episode.
  • Alexander is aware of Tess's desire of associate herself with powerful men, such as LexOliver and Zod plus her friendship with Clark.
  • Chloe, Jimmy, Davis, Kara, Oliver, Zod, Lionel and Lex are all mentioned and/or referenced in this episode.
  • This is the second episode, in a row, of the season to make no mention or reference of any kind to "the coming darkness".
  • This episode marks the first time Lois has mentioned Jimmy onscreen since his death in Season Eight's Doomsday but she has yet to acknowledge his death onscreen.

In Other Media[]

Alusion to max fleischer superman´s in 10x07 harvest

Clark saving Lois mirrors Max Fleischer Superman's 1940.

  • This episode pays homage to an iconic scene from the Max Fleischer Superman short cartoons in "The Mechanical Monsters", Superman spreads his body and cape around Lois Lane to protect her from the vat pouring hot lava. In this episode, Clark runs to Lois and shields her with his body to prevent the blue kryptonite fire from burning her.
Evil Conner

Conner's brainwashed period as seen in the comics.

  • Alexander's line "Don't call me that. My name is Lex" to Tess mirrors Superboy's modern day famous line "Don't ever call me Superboy!".
  • Alexander becoming bald like Lex is very similar to when Conner Kent became bald in Teen Titans #24 after being brainwashed into a sleeper agent that Lex could use to destroy Superman. This could be considered a bit of foreshadowing on Alexander's origins.



  • Alexander becomes obsessed with the Blur, thus drawing his symbol on everything.
  • Lois makes reference to her finding Kara's spaceship in Season Seven's Kara, her and Clark's trip to the Phantom Zone in Season Eight's Bloodline, and Doomsday crashing Chloe and Jimmy's wedding in Season Eight's Bride. Clark confirms all of these are Kryptonian-related.
  • Clark reveals to Lois he's an alien from the planet Krypton after she tells him how she found out he was the Blur, and before the kiss Lois discovered the Book of Rao in Clark's box chest in Season Nine's Salvation.
  • Clark learns that Lois is the one who pulled the blue kryptonite dagger out of his stomach in Lazarus.
  • Tess is afraid of Alexander becoming evil like Lex and has abandoned the hope she previously had for him in Isis.
  • Alexander seems to have his birthday in this episode. It is also mentioned that he has aged four years in two weeks. It is implied that Tess has been throwing parties for each "birthday".
  • Alexander recalls to Tess about Lex's friendship with Clark in Season One: about their friendship would be the 'stuff of legend' in Hug and when Lex tied Clark's bowtie in Tempest.
  • Clark had previously told Chloe in Season Nine's Escape that he now had enough control over his abilities that he could be intimate with a mortal woman without hurting her. He finally put this to the test with Lois in this episode.
  • According to Clark, it's been twenty years since the first meteor shower happened in Season One's Pilot.
  • Lionel's cloning project involving Pete Dinsmore and Emily Dinsmore that began in Season Two's Accelerate and was resolved in Season Three's Forsaken is mentioned by Dr. Christina Lamell to Tess.
  • Clark wears a hat for the fourth time (after Season Five's Thirst and Lexmas, and Season Six's Labyrinth).

References to previous seasons[]

  • Alexander having a "birthday" party is a contrast to Lex's 12th birthday party in Season Three's Memoria. But unlike Lex's party which no one attended, Alexander has a full attendance. Whether the kids at the party are Alexander's actual friends is never explained.
  • Lois tells Clark to put on a disguise to blend in with the community much like she had done to him in Season Seven's Apocalypse. On both occasions, Lois also takes a quick peek at Clark changing.
  • Clark uses a shotgun in this episode under the circumstances when he's unable to defend himself without his powers much like he did in Season Four's Spell.
  • Clark uses his body to shield Lois from the blue kryptonite is very similar to when he saved Whitney from a fire ball explosion in Season One's Metamorphosis and Pete in Season Two's Suspect.
  • Alexander shaving his head to resemble Lex is interestingly similar to when Samantha Drake shaved her head in Season Five's Fanatic as Lex is an indirect reason for each headshave.


  • Clark says "I'm not sure anyone is ready to believe in a stranger from a strange land." referencing the iconic book Stranger in a Strange Land, whose main character is born on another planet, has supernatural powers, and tries to change the world for the better, but is never accepted by any except his closest friends.
  • Lois boasts that she's "picked more locks than Harry Houdini", an allusion to the the Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer, well-known for his sensational escape acts.


Lois: Our "Twilight Zone" acid trip to the, uh, Phantom prison - that place was...
Clark: Kryptonian.
Lois: Mm. And that horny-toad-looking thing that crashed Chloe and Jimmy's wedding?
Clark: Kryptonian.
Lois: Mm. And the spaceship that I found in the woods near the dam?
Clark: Also Kryptonian, but it wasn't mine - it was my cousin's.
Lois: Sorry about the third degree, Clark. It's just not every week a girl learns her boyfriend's an...
Clark: Alien? And you're still okay with that?
Lois: Are you kidding me? It's like dating a god or Bono.

Lois: Meteor rock. Maybe that's why when I pulled that blue dagger out of your chest, you - you healed.
Clark: You did that?
Lois: Yeah.
Clark: Lois, you didn't just heal me, you brought me back. You saved me.
Lois: Well sometimes even the hero needs a guardian angel, Clark.

"Alexander": This barn is just like I remember.
Tess: But you've never been here before.
"Alexander": Yes, I have.
(opens Clark's photo album)
"Alexander": Do you see his bow tie? It was the first one he ever wore, I tied it for him... here.
Tess: That was probably just a dream.
"Alexander": No. It was real. Right here, he told me we'd be friends, that he wanted to be my brother. And... at the window... I told him that our friendship would be the thing of legend.

"Alexander": How can you save me when there's so much you don't even know about yourself?
Tess: Please. Please. Alexander...
"Alexander": Don't call me that. My name is Lex.

Lois: What is wrong with you people?!

Christina Lamell: If we don't begin his therapy immediately, he'll be dead within six weeks.
Tess: That's the point. Because he's not just a clone... he is Lex Luthor.

Lois: Hear me out, Clark. Okay, I wasn't a big fan of Ollie's coming-out party, and I used to think that it was best for you to stay in the shadows, too, but maybe someday soon, you'll have to step into the light. You can be a symbol to inspire everyone that this planet could be a better place.
Clark: I'm not sure anyone's ready to believe a stranger from a strange land.
Lois: If they know the real Clark Kent, then I am sure the rest of the world will believe in you as much as I do.

Clark: If we leave now, we'll be back in a flash.
Lois: Oh, but Clark, I'm such a delicate flower... I will, I will wilt in that heat.

Clark: (to Lois) I want you to know me completely, with no secrets, 'cause you're the one, you always will be.
Lois: (Watching Clark change) Why are we never someplace romantic when he takes off his shirt?


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