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"You should have known me in my younger days." - Harry Volk, Hourglass

Harry Volk (1928-2001) was a pianist who was convicted of murder in 1945.

Powers and Abilities

  • Age Reversal: After falling into a pond filled with meteor rocks, Harry's motorized wheelchair shorted out combining with the meteor rocks leaving him temporarily young again. Harry's internal organs were also deaged as he was able to eat and drink things that he hadn't been able to in his old age due to surgery.

Early life

When he was seventeen, he was a pianist who was in line to receive a full scholarship to the Metropolis Conservatory. But his teacher recommended somebody else and Harry murdered the teacher's son saying, "the teacher killed his dream, so he killed the teacher's dream." He was in prison for life, and was sentenced by a jury that included a number of local jurors, including the following:

  • Hiram Kent - Jonathan Kent (son), Clark Kent (adoptive - grandson)
  • Randolph Gage - Jim Gage (son)
  • Eve Garfield - Zoe Garfield (granddaughter)
  • John Alexander
  • Pat Taylor
  • Murray Carpenter
  • Jared Howitt
  • Rhona Williscroft
  • Sharon Ingram
  • Marc Borja
  • Wayne W. Rose
  • Bradley Jubenville

While in prison, he changed his name to Harry Bolston and had took a hobby of learning every generation that lived in Smallville, such as the Kents and Langs. (Hourglass)

Season One

Harry with Lana.

He was eventually placed in the Smallville Retirement Center for some very extremely unfortunate reason despite being sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and was tended to by Lana Lang. When he was taken outside, he fell into a pond filled with meteor rock fragments; combined with the electricity from his wheelchair, this reversed the aging process and left him as a young adult.

Harry reverted to his younger self

Now that he was young again, he decided to exact revenge on those who sentenced him to prison (their closest relatives precisely). He managed to kill the son of one of the jury members, with most of the original jury dead, and possibly more, as he posed as a worker for the electric company.

Harry picks up a knife to attack Martha.

His next target was originally Jonathan Kent, but he instead targeted Martha Kent. After chasing her into a grain silo, they were both buried alive in falling grain. Clark and Jonathan managed to save Martha, but Harry died as he returned to his original age.


  • Harry was the first freak of the week Clark faced where kryptonite exposure did not grant him the ability to at least potentially hurt Clark; previous enemies manifested some kind of offensive power after kryptonite exposure, but Harry merely became younger while otherwise retaining the physical strength that would be expected of someone his age.
  • Harry played "Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, op. 59" and "Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, op. 4" by Chopin.