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Harriet is Granny Goodness's appointed leader of the Female Furies.


She is a brave and furious woman. It was claimed she can torture any person without mercy or pity.

Physical Appearance

Harriet is presumably human. She has long brown hair, a toned body, and has a claw located on her right arm that is powered by kryptonite.

Power and Abilities

Harriet tempering her claws.

Harriet is trained by Granny in combat and in the use of sharp claws which she uses to fight. The claws she uses are powered by kryptonite and are the source of her strength, dexterity and invulnerability. Kryptonite also seems to make the claws sharper. They can become so sharp that they glow Green K radiation. She was able to subdue Clark Kent when he was weakened by kryptonite. She was later defeated in hand to hand combat by Tess Mercer.

Harriet, herself, does not have Super Strength. Her "claws" were powered by Kryptonite, which allowed the other Furies and her to subdue Clark. Once the Kryptonite was no longer a threat to Clark neither were the Furies. She also loses a fight with Tess at the end of the episode.

  • Super dexterity: When fighting Tess, she did multiple turns and did a flip before she made her strikes.
  • Durability: When she was thrown through glass by Tess, she remained conscious and was ready to attack back but was knocked unconscious.

Season Ten

A crazed Harriet prepares to kill Clark.

While Clark attempted to help a young girl escape from Granny Goodness,

Harriet and the other Furies sparring.

he heard the sounds of claws, swords and combat. Upon arrival, he saw women training with sharp weapons but was subsequently weakened by kryptonite. One woman attacked Clark with a kick, another with a cane, and lastly, Harriet scratched Clark's face with her sharp claws. A fighter lassoed Clark down to the floor and Harriet dominated him by stepping on his chest. Harriet, in reference to the young girl, stated no one there needed saving - except him.

Harriet fighting Tess.

Later, Harriet was putting more kryptonite in her claws while her girls were holding Clark with chains. Clark tried to convince Harriet that he could help her and her sisters escape, but she claimed she didn't want to, stating no one would love them as much as Granny did and that she'd never abandon them. He attempted to convince Harriet that Granny was controlling them and forcibly making them forget where they came from, but Harriet stated that this was their home now. Harriet then scraped Clark with her kryptonite-ridden claws. Granny Goodness entered and ordered Harriet to stop torturing Clark.

Tess found Harriet after she escaped from Granny. At the moment that Tess was descending the stairs, Harriet pushed her against a wall and fought with Tess. She tried to attack Tess several times but when Tess got the upper hand, Harriet was thrown through a glass panel and knocked unconscious.

In The Comics

Mad Harriet as she appears in the comics.

A cackling madwoman, Mad Harriet is one of Darkseid's Female Furies. She wields a pair of energy claws. Like many of the Female Furies, Mad Harriet was raised in Granny Goodness' orphanage. Mad Harriet stood out because she loved the feeling of torture and pain. She subsequently became one of the first Female Furies.

As her name implies, Mad Harriet is quite insane. During Countdown to Final Crisis, Mad Harriet was accidentally killed by Dog Soldiers on Apokolips. While pursuing the depowered Mary Marvel, a group of soldiers opened fire on Mary, not realizing that Mad Harriet was right behind her. Mary Marvel managed to evade their fire, but Mad Harriet was not as lucky.


  • Lindsay Hartley, who plays Harriet, was married to Justin Hartley who stars as Oliver Queen in the series.
  • In the comics, Mad Harriet has green hair, but the Smallville version has brown hair.


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