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Guardian is the first story arc of Smallville: Season 11,[1] a comic book series from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the television series. Taking place six months after the events of Finale, Part 2, it begins to chronicle Clark Kent's first year as Superman.[2]


From DC Comics: "When we left Clark Kent at the end of Smallville Season 10, he had finally donned the iconic Superman suit and set out to defend Earth from Apokolips. Picking up six months later, Smallville Season 11 explores Clark's understanding of the true power of his Superman identity, its effect on those close to him and its ability to inspire the people of Earth."

Smallville Season 11 features Clark as well as fan-favorite characters including Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and General Lane.


  • Smallville: Season 11 #1 (Released on May 2, 2012)[3]
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 1 (Digital Release April 13, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 2 (Digital Release April 20, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 3 (Digital Release April 27, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #2 (Released on June 6, 2012)[3]
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 4 (Digital Release May 18, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 5 (Digital Release May 25, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 6 (Digital Release June 1, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #3 (Released on July 4, 2012)[3]
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 7 (Digital Release June 15, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 8 (Digital Release June 22, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 9 (Digital Release June 29, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #4 (Released on August 1, 2012)[3]
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 10 (Digital Release July 13, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 11 (Digital Release July 20, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Guardian, Chapter 12 (Digital Release July 27, 2012)


Trade paperbacks[]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Volume 1: Guardian (Released on April 17, 2013)


Clark took to the air in the suit his mother made, finally passing the trials of his Kryptonian father Jor-El and becoming the hero he was destined to be. He saved the Earth from impending destruction by pushing the planet Apokolips out of orbit and back into deep space, but not before some were able to spot creatures on the surface of the hellworld.

Chapter One[]

Oliver and chloe

Oliver and Chloe in the Watchtower.

Six months after the event now referred to as "Contact," photographic evidence proving the existence of alien life adorns the internet and newspapers (including the Daily Planet) across the globe, instilling a mixed sense of concern, wonder and fear. In Metropolis, though, the city has never felt as safe, and each morning the citizens rise to catch a glimpse of their savior, now known as "Superman." After a quiet night on patrol, Oliver is one of them, met by his waking wife Chloe on the balcony of the Watchtower.

Across town, Lex, head of the newly re-christened LexCorp, awaits Superman's morning flight as well, explaining to his new assistant Otis that it gives them all a sense of normalcy. As Superman zips by on schedule, Lex notes that he's made changes to his costume: Gone are the red trunks, replaced by a red belt trimmed in gold with a gold buckle. Blue-gray bands now run lengthwise along his sides from under the arms to his boots. The crest of the House of El on the cape is now in dark silhouette with all yellow removed.

Aboard the Russian Federation Space Platform Korolyov in orbit above Earth, a number of cosmonauts monitoring space for signs of alien life are suddenly attacked by a ribbon of energy. As debris punctures the cabin, the tether of a cosmonaut space-walking is broken, sending him floating out into the ethos. He's rescued by Superman and returned to the station. Superman re-seals the cabin, repressurizing the air and restarting the artificial gravity.

Superman smallville11


As the cosmonauts thank him in Russian, Superman admits he doesn't know the language but promises to learn it. One who speaks English tells him he (Superman) is the spacewalking cosmonaut's son's hero and the cosmonaut would like to get his autograph for the son. Superman tells him his son already has a hero worth looking up to: his own father. He leaves, telling them no thanks are necessary as he was just doing his job.

Chapter Two[]

Clark i Lois -s11

Clark and Lois in their apartment.

At home with Lois, Clark showers and brushes his teeth, talking with her about the energy ribbon, or "aurora," that attacked the Korolyov. As he then makes breakfast, he asks if they should return the wedding presents they received. Lois states that the wedding was postponed not cancelled, so they shouldn't have to. He notices that the 'S' shield on the Superman t-shirt Lois slept in doesn't look right and she mentions that it seems no one can draw it the same way twice, also given that he's just altered his suit. Clark explains that he's put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with kryptonite bullets.

As they lament their independently busy lives—he with saving the world, she with becoming a pre-eminent reporter—Lois mentions that the Russians have already announced they will be commissioning a statue of Superman to commemorate his saving of the space station. Clark expresses his discomfort at the hero worship, but Lois assures him that it is inspiring people, just as he wanted to do with the suit. Clark states that he'd like to finally tell the world that Superman is an alien, but Lois counters that, with all of the concern brought on by the pictures of the aliens on Apokolips, it might not be the best time, especially with Lex making such noise about it in public.

Lex meets with Lois' father, General Sam Lane, at LexCorp to discuss his public expressions on the lack of response by the military during Contact. Lex explains that the country needs to defend itself just as the Russians have now done by placing the Korolyov in orbit, that Lane needs to push through contracts with the Secretary of Defense to get the LexCorp Guardian orbital weapons platforms built. Lane admits the military believed the Russian station was just a privatized research lab and that there's a fear that weapons in space could easily be turned on the planet. Lex asks how Superman can be viewed as any less dangerous and what is the world to do if he decides to turn his back on it or prove a threat. Lane answers that as soon as he has cause, he will deal with Superman.

Clark and Lex - S11

Lex and Clark.

Later, Clark buys a copy of the Daily Planet from a newsstand and runs into Lex. Lex says that he sold the company because the newspaper has become more tabloid than news source. Clark counters that his sister Tess ran the paper very well, and Lex laments that she committed suicide. To Clark's surprise, Lex calls him by name and says that they were friends when they were younger. When Clark asks about the condition of his memory, Lex admits that he doesn't recall their friendship but saw various press clippings that featured the two of them in the past. From that, he feels their friendship must have been pretty significant.


Tess appears to Lex.

Lex tells Clark he's disappointed in the world he "came back" to and that he'd like to make it better. Clark lets him know that he's aware of the rumors about LexCorp's plans for space launches, impressing Luthor. An alarm rings out, and as Lex turns to explain that Clark will just have to come to LexCorp's press conference to learn more, he finds that Clark has vanished. Someone mentions that Luthor has a talent for making people disappear. Somehow recognizing the voice, Lex finds Tess standing behind him.

Chapter Three[]


Oliver fights off a group of crooks.

As an alarm blares at the Port of Metropolis, a crew of thieves raids a shipping container. An arrow zips through the air and slices through the bag of one of the thieves, spilling its contents. The crew looks up to see, atop a stack of containers, Green Arrow. They open fire as Green Arrow sommersaults into escape. Tracking after him, Green Arrow springs from behind some containers, firing bolts from dual crossbows that tangle one of the goons in a line between them. He dives behind a concrete Jersey barrier as the others approach, mentioning they are surpised to see the now-married hero out fighting crime.

Green Arrow nocks an arrow, calculates a trajectory and fires it into the air. The crooks think he's missed until the arrow pops in the air and showers them with green stun pellets. He's surprised by one of the goons who has climbed on top of a stack of containers and trains an RPG launcher on the Emerald Archer. Before Green Arrow can react, the goon fires. Just before the RPG strikes him, Superman zips into the area and stands in front of it, shielding Green Arrow from the hit and the explosion. Superman knocks the crew out and ties the bunch together around a pole.


Clark and Oliver after stopping the criminals.

A short time after, Oliver and Clark, now in street clothes, watch as Metropolis PD comes by to apprehend the thieves. Oliver's a bit surprised that Clark didn't stay in costume to greet the police, joking that Superman is "all about standing around, shaking hands, kissing babies..." As they walk off, Clark retorts that Superman has never kissed a baby. When Oliver asks if Clark Kent has, Clark mentions an exploding baby from his past. When Oliver exults about not having to experience such things when the Queens move to Star City, Clark expresses surprise that they haven't left yet. They were supposed to have left, but the hold-up is on his wife, Oliver says.

At Watchtower, a frazzled Chloe complains about the lack of speed of the computer as she attempts to access the databanks of the Korolyov. Lois comes by with coffee and asks what has Chloe so stressed. Chloe explains that she's trying to find out just what was the energy ribbon—or "rift," as she refers to it—that Clark saw in space. When Lois refers to her "forever-fiancé," Chloe apologizes for her and Oliver being married while Clark and Lois have yet to be. Lois assures her that they will get married when the time is right, when the world is in less danger, Clark isn't trying to save it, and Lois isn't busy reporting on the danger and Clark saving the day. Chloe commiserates, acknowledging how tough it is when Oliver is rebuilding Queen Industries while going out and being a hero, as she's busy taking care of Watchtower and setting up a similar hub in Star City while working her day job as a reporter for the Star City Gazette.


Chloe and Lois notice a ship in the debris.

As Chloe thanks Lois for the coffee, the computer completes accessing the systems on the Korolyov. With the camera feeds now online, Chloe rewinds to the incident where the rift and the debris that smashed into the station. Lois and Chloe are both shocked to see something floating amongst the debris: a spaceship.

Chapter Four[]


Tess appears before Lex at the hospital.

At Metropolis General Hospital, Lex undergoes an MRI to determine why he is seeing hallucinations of Tess. The doctor informs him that not only is his mind healthy, but that it has been operating at a higher percentage since the neuro-toxin erased his memories. Without a physical reason, the doctor offers that learning that Tess committed suicide might have caused a psychological toll and suggests that Lex consult with a therapist.

While finishing with the doctor, Tess appears behind Lex and mocks his unwillingness to reveal the truth behind her death. Lex asks if she's a figment of his imagination or if he's being haunted. Tess recounts her death at her half-brother's hand, says that next she knew she was standing next to him on the street, and that she doesn't appear to be a ghost. Though no one else can see her, Lex is able to touch Tess and pushes her against the wall, demanding to know what she is. Tess offers that if he didn't spend so much time worrying about Superman, they could take the time to find out. Otis interrupts as Lex argues that Superman is a threat, and asks if they should delay a scheduled press conference. Lex refuses and orders Otis to find all research on the neuro-toxin that Tess used on him.


Clark searching through space.

In space, Superman uses a handheld scanner to search for evidence of the storm while communicating with Chloe at the Swann Technology And Research facility back on Earth using a holographic interface emanating from his belt. He's not able to find a cause nor any sign of debris or the spaceship that Chloe and Lois saw emerge from the rift on the video from the Korolyov. He notes that he's already scanned the spectrum with his super vision and found nothing. Chloe asks how long he's had this ability, and Emil jumps in to say it has been months. On Earth, Emil explains to Chloe that Dr. Virgil Swann's will dictated that the facility, also known as STAR Labs, was created to help "the Traveler" learn more about himself and the world around him. Emil explains that, during testing of Superman's abilities, their research into his X-ray vision revealed multi-spectrum capabilities. Superman messages to check if the readings from the scanner are coming through; Emil confirms and laments that they had to send Superman into orbit instead of one of their new Hazardous Environment Drones, which haven't yet been fully tested. Superman zips in and says he's happy to help. The communication device on his belt beeps and he opens it to read a text message from Lois chastising him for being late to the LexCorp press conference.

At the press conference, Lex begins his speech, but is almost immediately interrupted by Lois, who asks him to where he disappeared that led to his sister declaring him dead and before resurfacing in Tess' office at the former LuthorCorp Tower on the night of her suicide, intimating that Lex might have had something to do with her death. Lex angrily assures the public that he has not forgotten about Tess and that he exiled himself from the outside world as a way of escaping the Luthor legacy. He then claims that he only returned because Tess called him that night before committing suicide.


Lex reveals Hank Henshaw as the pilot.

Having changed, Clark shows up and whispers to Lois that they both know Lex killed Tess but don't have any proof yet to confront him about it. Having addressed Lois' questions, Lex continues with the conference. He criticizes Superman and the Justice League for fighting the simple crimes of humanity while an alien threat loomed. Believing humanity needs to take its protection into its own hands, Lex announces that, in two days, LexCorp will launch into orbit the first of the Guardian defense platforms. The press and public are impressed, save for Lois. She asks Lex where he will able to find a pilot for the shuttle to deliver the platform on such short notice, and Lex happily introduces the man he refers to as "our very own super man," former NASA pilot Commander Hank Henshaw.

Chapter Five[]


Oliver confronts Lex over the Guardian platforms.

50 miles outside of Metropolis, 10 hours before flight, Lex watches the LexCorp shuttle in the distance. Oliver angrily confronts him, and warns him that the military will shut down his project and that they know just what he's capable of. Lex counters, asking if Oliver ever considered the military won't stop because of it. Oliver then says he knows what Lex is capable of, to which Lex claims he doesn't know, because of the loss of his memories. Oliver questions Lex on Tess's suicide and Lex justifies it, claiming LuthorCorp's decline and the world almost ending caused her to do it.


Lex asks Oliver about their childhood.

Oliver denies his claims and threatens to reveal that Lex killed Tess, but Lex asks what would happen if he revealed Oliver was building a secret moon base for his team. Lex then asks Oliver about their friendship as teenagers, which Lex claims he's glad to have forgotten.


Clark interviews Hank.

Clark interviews Hank one last time before flight, as Hank eats a large meal, claiming it's part of a superstition that pilots like him share. Hank then makes a passionate quote about piloting and how it helps him appreciate what he has on Earth, then says Lex has given him a greater purpose, allowing him to pilot the Guardian platforms into space. Clark claims that the world isn't as dark as Lex claims, and Hank mockingly asks if Clark is a Superman fan. Hank then claims that Superman is doing a good job, but should do more. Clark says that it's best that Superman not impose his ideas on all. Hank says it's a good idea, but sometimes people need to be forced. Clark thanks him for the interview as Hank goes off to get ready.


Emil finds a trail.

In STAR Labs, 10 minutes before flight, Emil tells Chloe that the scanner that Clark used has picked up a trail, and that the rocket that came to Earth has landed somewhere in Kansas.

During takeoff, Lois tells Clark that she has a bad feeling about the Guardian platforms, but Clark claims it might be a good thing, as Superman can't be everywhere at once; Lois, however, isn't convinced. Clark claims that Hank is trustworthy, but Lois claims that Lex is still dangerous. Aboard the shuttle, Hank begins leaving orbit when the ship begins experiencing problems. In mid-air, it explodes.


A masked entity watches the explosion.

In Smallville, a masked figure watches and comments that "This is a job for Superman."

Chapter Six[]


Clark flying toward the shuttle.

At the launch site, Angela Chen begins reporting as the shuttle explodes, surprising the masses. Clark runs off and changes into his Superman suit, with Chloe guiding him from Watchtower. Superman catches up to the shuttle and puts out the fire caused by the explosion, then removes the last fuel tank before it explodes. Using his gamma vision, he's able to see that there is a radiation leak.


Clark and Hank reach an agreement.

Superman has Chloe contact Hank through LexCorp mission control, where he informs them that he can save them, but needs to pry open the shuttle as it will depressurize, but Hank insists that Superman save his crew members first, so he (Hank) can pilot the shuttle into orbit as the shuttle is leaking radiation. But before Superman leaves to save the crew, Hank reveals a secret. Superman saves the crew and returns to the shuttle as the oxygen levels reach zero and Hank passes out.


Hank awakens.

Hank wakes up on a stretcher, with burns from the radiation exposure. As the paramedics begin to transport him, Superman instructs them to send him to Emil at STAR Labs. Lois comes up to Superman, hoping for a quote, but he instead tells her that Clark will not be home for breakfast, because the explosion was not a misfire.


Lex awaits Superman's confrontation.

On the roof of LexCorp Plaza, Otis nervously confronts Lex with the results from his research, but Lex interrupts him, saying he wishes to savor the moment. Otis, confused, explains that the situation is terrible for LexCorp and questions his apparent cheerfulness. But Lex explains he has a good reason to be cheerful, stating he and Superman are about to have a very interesting conversation.

Chapter Seven[]

Smallville-Zone 026

Oliver express his concerns.

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver are searching through the crashsite for the missing ship, where Oliver lights a flare arrow to help them see. Oliver admits he wished they had brought back-up, considering their past experiences with aliens, specifically Kryptonian survivors, but Chloe dismisses his concerns. They then stumble upon the ship, which has a Queen Industries logo branded on the side, and then a trail of footprints.

Smallville-Zone 034

Terri Henshaw angrily blames Superman.

In STAR Labs, Lois visits Emil in order to check on Hank, who is being watched over by his wife Terri. Emil explains to Lois that Hank is not in a coma, but has lost all motor skills due to the radiation yet is fully aware. Lois attempts to comfort Terri, but she angrily blames Superman for what happened, despite knowing Hank's decision. Lois apologizes for the incident, but Terri dismisses her attempts and leaves.

Smallville-Zone 039

Superman angrily confronts Lex.

In LexCorp Plaza, Lex arrives in his pent house office, as Superman angrily breaks his glass window by clapping. Superman accuses Lex of activating the Guardian Platform mid-flight, but Lex dismisses the claim, saying the accident could have been avoided had the military not forced the private sector's hand. Superman accuses him again, nearly attacking him, until three military helicopters show up, demanding that Superman step away from Lex. Lex claims that Superman's appearance at the Korolyov and Guardian incidents, as well as his apparent attack of LexCorp Plaza, has given General Lane a reason to intervene. The military tell him he is under arrest, but Superman refuses as the military ready their guns.

Chapter Eight[]


Lois and General Lane discuss Superman.

Outside of the Daily Planet, Lois angrily demands she be patched through to her father. When he answers, she argues and ridicules his decision, but General Lane claims to just be following orders. Lois then calls Clark and he asks her if Sam knows his secret, saying he implied it before, but Lois claims that, if he did, he probably would not have fired at him. As the military surrounds Superman, they begin firing, as Lois seeks cover under her convertible. The bullets deflect off him and hit the tail rotor of one of the helicopters, which begins to fall. Superman saves Lois before the helicopter crashes onto her car and explodes. The pilot of Sam's helicopter asks if he should tell base Superman has taken a hostage, but Sam refuses, stating Superman just saved Lois.


Lex and Tess have a heart to heart discussion.

Inside LexCorp Plaza, Tess once again appears behind Lex, who has found the information on the neurotoxin and how it causes the patient to form a mental bond with whomever administered it, so they share one mind, with Tess as a secondary consciousness. Lex tells her that he is searching for a way to remedy the situation.


Lex pays a visit to Hank at STAR Labs.

In STAR Labs, Emil attempts to comfort Terri as she mourns her husband's condition when Lex walks in. Emil alerts him that he does not have clearance to enter, but Lex dismisses his protest. He offers to help save Hank, but says he requires one of Emil's HED drones.

Chapter Nine[]

Above Metropolis, Clark and Lois embrace after avoiding capture by the military.

Superman-Zone- 009

A stranger appears behind Oliver and Chloe.

In Smallville, Chloe and Oliver follow the trail of footprints which also have burn marks surrounding them. As they search, Oliver questions Chloe whether or not she wants to leave Metropolis for Star City, as she seems reluctant. She admits she doesn't wish to, but knows that they need to in order to officially begin their adult life, saying it is different from the awe of Metropolis. Oliver disagrees, stating it has the second highest crime rate in the country behind Gotham City, but Chloe admits she is fine with that. They find a second trail of prints as well as small drops of blood. The two ready their weapons, as someone watches them from behind.

Superman-Zone- 012

Lex questions Tess about her relationship with Emil.

In a STAR Labs bathroom, Tess appears to Lex once again, where he admits he can sense her when she appears. He also reveals that he plans to repeat the procedure his team is conducting if it is successful, and even plans to try it on Tess's consciousness. She questions why Emil agreed to the procedure and he admits it took a bit of manipulation to convince him. He then asks Tess just how close her and Emil's relationship was, and she smacks him, with Lex expressing his delight over finally having a way to remove her. Otis interrupts, informing Lex that the procedure is over. He then expresses his sorrow for her condition to the invisible Tess, much to Lex's annoyance.

Superman-Zone- 021

A transformed Hank grabs Lex.

Emil asks Terri to come into the operating room as her husband wants her, but is kicked out by Lex's security guards. Hank's robotic body goes online, and his wife tries to comfort him as he begins to grieve his condition. Lex congratulates him on his second chance, but Hank angrily grabs him and lifts him into the air, asking why Lex did it. Emil quickly reaches for and activates his signal watch.

Chapter Ten[]

Superman puts out the helicopter fire (from the last issue) before the fire department arrives. He and General Lane then have a conversation about heroics and accountability. General Lane tells Superman to avoid another temper tantrum because he is making DC worried. Superman intends to speak to the President. Just then, Superman has to go. Hank is causing trouble at STAR Labs; he is angry that he is now a robot. Trying to get over being a robot and his wife's blaming of Superman, Hank goes insane and decides he would be a better hero than Superman. However, Superman gets Hank to come to his senses, and Hank goes to sleep.

Chapter Eleven[]

Superman SV S11 RVhpE3R

Earth-2 Chloe dying.

Superman speaks to Terri about the special arrangements made for Hank. Hank apologizes to Superman after coming to his senses.

Meanwhile, Oliver and Chloe meet the survivor of the ship crash. It is Chloe's counterpart from Earth-2. Earth-2 Chloe explains what has happened in her timeline before she is killed by an unknown figure. Her last words reveal that Earth-2 has been destroyed.

Chapter Twelve[]

Superman SV S11 Green Arrow smallville1

Oliver tells Clark to prepare for the crisis.

Superman later goes to LexCorp Plaza to apologize to Lex. However, Lex reveals to Superman that he staged the whole shuttle accident as a means for attracting Superman to the radiation leak (which subsequently covered him) in order to save Hank and the rest of the crew, by relying on Superman saving the day. That radiation specifically is some non-harmful compound with a half-life of around 500 years which Lex can use via his satellites to track Superman's whereabouts anywhere, anytime. Superman swears revenge.

Meanwhile, at Metropolis General Hospital, Oliver and Chloe look at Earth-2 Chloe's corpse. While she is shaken up by the sight of an alternate version of herself, Oliver tries to comfort her, telling her to contact Clark in order to tell him a crisis is coming.

Superman SV S11 Lois and Clark tumblr m7txwdIRIl1qlbhxi

Superman tells Lois the bad news.

Later on the roof of the Daily Planet, Clark as Superman tells Lois about the radioactive compound Lex is a using to track him, and that while it is still in his system he cannot reassume his civiilian life as Clark Kent (So as not to risk directing Lex to the life Clark and Lois have built.). Lois wants to confront Lex, but Superman forbids her and stops her from throwing a temper tantrum in the process. Clark and Lois split for the time being until Clark can find a way to remove the compound.

Later that evening, Lois whispers a reaffirmation of her love to Clark as he flies above Earth as Superman.

Main characters[]

Recurring characters[]



  • The title refers to LexCorp's Guardian orbital weapons platforms.
  • The title also refers to Superman being the protector of Metropolis and Earth.
  • A guardian is one who guards, watches over, or protects. Also, one who is legally responsible for a person or property incapable of acting for or protecting themselves.


  • Antagonists: Lex Luthor and Hank Henshaw
  • This 12-chapter arc is being presented like a single "episode." Guardian represents the "season premiere" of Season 11.
  • This premiere sets up the plot-journey for the "season" and what each character's individual struggles will be.[4]
  • A "pretty big Superman villain from the comics" will be featured during the arc. Just as with the television series, writer Bryan Q. Miller will put a distinctive Smallville spin on this character.[4]
  • An energy storm will be occurring in space, which Clark will investigate.[5]
  • Emil Hamilton will guest star, and he and Chloe will be searching for an artifact of some sort.[5]
  • Lex launches a mission into orbit with a former astronaut named Hank Henshaw, who becomes the Cyborg Superman in the traditional Superman comics.[5]


  • Superman's costume has changed since Finale, Part 2.
  • Lois and Clark live together at their apartment.
  • Chloe is referred to as "Chloe Sullivan-Queen." Chloe and Oliver were married in Fortune.
  • Lois mentions that her and Clark's wedding wasn't canceled but has been postponed. The two were set to marry in Finale, Part 1.
  • Lois uses a laptop from WayneTech. This is one of the many allusions to Batman threaded throughout the series.
  • General Lane was last seen in Ambush.
  • The General was unable to attend Clark and Lois' wedding because of his role in the military keeping his focus on alien "contact."
  • With the help of press clippings, Lex knows of the friendship he once shared with Clark. Lex had his memories erased in Finale, Part 2.
  • Lex informs Clark that Tess "took her own life." Lex murdered Tess in Finale, Part 2.
  • Tess appears at the end of Chapter 2. She was last seen in Finale, Part 2.
  • This marks the second time Tess has died in a season finale and resurfaced in the season premiere. She died in Salvation and woke up in Cadmus Labs in Lazarus. Following her death in Finale, Part 2, Tess has resurfaced in Guardian. However, Tess' status remains unknown.
  • Clark mentions to Oliver the "exploding baby" that he and Lana found together in Ageless.
  • Chloe refers to Clark as "Boy Scout." Chloe reveals that Oliver insist that Clark be called "Boy Scout" rather than "Superman." He received this codename in Justice.
  • Lex disappeared after the events of Arctic and was declared dead by Tess in Bulletproof. He was killed by Oliver in a truck explosion in Requiem, but had set into motion a plan to resurrect himself using cloned body parts that led to his return in Finale, Part 2.
  • STAR Labs is created and named in honor of Dr. Virgil Swann, who was first introduced in Rosetta.
  • Clark is referred to as "The Traveler" by Emil.

Flashback Sequences[]

  • Tess describes her death to Lex from Finale, Part 2.
  • Oliver mentions to Chloe about "Earth doesn't really have a good track record with visitors," referring to Brainiac, Doomsday, and even Zod's disciples in the Season Five premiere, Arrival, among significant others. All of these examples are illustrated in the book.
  • Clark mentions to Lois about his conversation with Sam Lane in Ambush.
  • Tess's discovery was revealed in Abandoned. She was born Lutessa Lena Luthor and her birth parents were Lionel Luthor and Pamela Jenkins (from her birth certificate). Granny Goodness and her orphanage are seen through a flashback.


  • In the TV series, Chloe worked for the Star City Register after she left Smallville. In Guardian, it is mentioned that Chloe works for the Star City Gazette. It is possible however that Chloe might have quit her job at the Register some time during the six month gap between Finale and Guardian, to work at the Gazette.
  • The name of the Russian space station is spelled Korolyov in Chapter 1, but spelled Korolyev on the Watchtower computer screen when Chloe is trying to access the camera databanks in Chapter 3.



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