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"Consider it done. Merry Christmas." - Griff to Lex Luthor, Lexmas

Griff was a political operative paid to dig up the dirt on people. In 2006, he was paid by Lex Luthor to dig up the dirt on Jonathan Kent while he was running for state senate.

Season Five

When Jonathan Kent was running for state senator, Lex hired Griff to make up a phony story about Jonathan and dig up the dirt on him and spread it around. Lex had agreed to wait 24 hours before Griff would do anything, shortly after Lex was shot.

Lex later agreed to have Griff do what he had to in order to destroy Jonathan's chance at winning. Griff later found some evidence to take down Jonathan. Lionel found Griff and paid him a lot of money for the envelope; Lionel then burned it.

Lex heard news that Griff's body was found in Suicide Slums and questioned Lionel about it. Lionel shrugged off the accusation stating that it was a dangerous neighborhood and homicide was common.



  • Adrian Holmes, the actor who played Griff, later returned to Smallville in Season Nine to play the character of Basqat.