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This article is about Greg Arkin of Earth-2. For his Earth-1 doppelganger, see Greg Arkin.

Gregory "Greg" Arkin was the Earth-2 counterpart of Greg Arkin from Earth-1.

Early life

Greg Arkin was a teenager at Smallville High who became infected by Green Kryptonite and gained insect powers.

Season Eleven

Greg Arkin, Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville chased by Clark Luthor.

In 2005, Greg was murdered on his graduation day at Smallville High School by Clark Luthor, as were several other meteor-infected people, including Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville.

Clark Luthor hunts krypto-freaks on Graduation day. Greg Arkin tries to get help from his bugs.

Clark Luthor murders Greg Arkin.