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The Green Arrow suit is an outfit worn by Oliver Queen as part of his crime fighting career.

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen in the Green Arrow suit.

1st Generation

Oliver's first Green Arrow suit was a green and black leather costume. It had a hood, a voice-muffler and dark high tech sun glasses. His glasses had special electronic features, one of these features allowed him to calculate distances, trajectory and track targets for pin point accuracy.[1] His standard suit was sleeveless, but he also had a variant suit with long sleeves for colder environments. Oliver later burned his outfit, after Metropolis was infected with a zombie virus and he had been unable to save Lois from being infected.

2nd Generation

After he returned to his Green Arrow persona, Oliver donned a new suit. This new suit included more black corporated onto the abdomen region creating an arrow shape on his chest.

3rd Generation

About 6 months after Contact, Oliver donned a new version of his Green Arrow suit. This new suit returned to the design of the original.

4th Generation

After an encounter with Prometheus landed Oliver in hospital, he chose to create a new suit. No longer would his suit be made out of leather. This new outfit was a green and black armored suit. Instead of a hood, he now wore a helmet and instead of the high tech sun glasses, he began using a domino mask. For added moveability, in extreme emergencies (as the armor added to his weight), he built in a function that allowed him to instantly eject the armor. Leaving him in the domino mask and a black suit, with green light armor for his chest and abdomen region.


  • The first generation outfit was worn by Clark Kent on one occasion to act as cover for Oliver in his attempt to prove Lois wrong when she suspected Oliver of being Green Arrow. (Hydro)


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