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Granville is a town in Lowell County, Kansas, near Smallville, Edge City and Metropolis.

Granville is the home of Joseph Willowbrook, and is the location where Lex Luthor was shot in December 2005.

Granville is also the home to a secret lab for the Department of Domestic Security specifically for Project Starhawk under a grain silo where they took Kara's ship and extracted the blue crystal.


Current Residents

Former Residents


In the Comics

More Fun Comics #14 (October, 1936) featured a location named Granville in a Pep Morgan story.

Detective Comics #30 (August, 1939) featured a Slam Bradley story (written by Jerry Siegel, with art by Joe Shuster) had Bradley go up against a Dr. Granville, at the Granville Insane Asylum in Cleveland.

Action Comics #791 (July, 2002) established the existence of a town named "Grandville" in the mainstream DC universe.


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