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Gotham City is a major metropolitan city in the United States. It is the home of Geoffrey, an old friend of billionaire Oliver Queen's from boarding school, as well as billionaire Bruce Wayne, who is secretly Gotham's Dark Knight Detective known as "The Batman".


  • Lex Luthor tells Gabe Sullivan that he's more partial to reading the Gotham Globe.(Arrival)
  • The runaway Sean is mentioned as having come from Gotham City.(Runaway)
  • Carter Bickson from the Deletion Force mentioned that there was a Level Three facility in Gotham City. (Chronicle)
  • Oliver Queen's friend Geoffrey says he has to return to Gotham right before he gets in his limo. It then explodes. (Reunion)
  • Linda Lake sarcastically says that she can see Gotham from her new office at the Daily Planet. (Hydro)
  • Oliver talks about crime and states to his wife Chloe that Star city has the second-highest crime rate in America if you count Gotham city. (9th chapter of Guardian)
  • Gotham City along with Batman and Nightwing finally appears in the Smallville continuity. (Detective)


A WayneTech laptop.

Gotham City is home to several major and minor businesses.

Gotham Globe


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In the Comics

Gotham City in the comics.

In the source material, Gotham City is one of the most constant and important locales on the Earth of the DC Universe.

While widely known as the home to Batman, numerous other DC characters, both heroes and villains, operate in Gotham City. These include Robin, Batwoman, Red Robin, Catwoman, Red Hood, Batgirl, the Joker, the Penguin, Black Mask, the Riddler, among others.


  • In the comics, Gotham City is home to billionaire Bruce Wayne and the city is a much more crime-ridden place than Metropolis. On the show, however, Metropolis has many of the attributes of the comics-based Gotham City: regular street muggings and homicides, along with an overwhelmed Police Department.

The Gotham City skyline in the movie Batman Begins.

  • In comics and movies, Gotham is normally situated on the East Coast. However, whether that remains true in the show is unknown, and it could very well be located elsewhere much like Metropolis is in the series. Linda Lake said she can see Gotham from her new office suggesting it's close to Metropolis. Though since it was a sarcastic remark, the location of Gotham may still remain in New Jersey like in the comics. This especially is proven true when a member of the crowd in Detective wonders out loud what Bruce Wayne is doing in Kansas.
  • The Grant's Gym as well as the owner Ted Grant also known as Wildcat had a cameo appearance in Absolute Justice, Part 1. In the comics, most of the Justice Society members were from Gotham City.
  • Oliver states in Guardian that Gotham City has the highest crime rate in the country with Star City being second.

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