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"I want to be on every television, in every newspaper, on every computer screen. I want to touch every soul." - Gordon Godfrey, Supergirl

Gordon Godfrey was a radio show host that had a vendetta against the costumed vigilantes of Metropolis.

He was briefly possessed by Darkseid before being chosen to be one of his prophets on Earth. He was vanquished by Green Arrow.

Physical Appearance

Gordon Godfrey

Gordon is a tall, imposing man with blue-gray eyes and is mostly bald except for the sides of his head which has a mix of light and dark gray hair. He is seen usually wearing dark colored business suits with a tie.

When Godfrey was possessed by Darkseid, his voice dramatically changed and his eyes turned completely black, but reverted to normal once Darkseid left his body. (Supergirl)


Gordon is extremely indirect and persuasive and somewhat manipulative. He strongly encouraged the people to shame and despise the vigilantes, deeming them "false gods". He was transformed into a prophet after Darkseid left his body.

Season Ten

"Now, we ask one final mission of you; to protect the souls we've saved." - Gordon to Oliver, Finale, Part 1

Gordon rants over the radio

Gordon Godfrey, a washed up radio jockey, was finishing his latest broadcast that has a small following concerning illegal immigration when a dark force of immense power found him as a suitable vessel to inhabit to spread his message of mistrust to cause the citizens to lose faith in their heroes. While on her first day at the Daily Planet, Cat Grant was listening to Godfrey's rants over the radio about how the vigilantes of Metropolis are a menace to society. Cat, seemed to take Godfrey's views to heart, parroting him to Clark about how costumed heroes are immoral beings who go against the natural order of things.

Gordon holds a press conference

Sometime later, Gordon held a press conference in downtown Metropolis where he's praised by the public for taken a stand against the Masked Vigilantes in his new book. When Godfrey unveiled his anti-Hero billboard, it fell and began to plummet bellow to the crowd. The billboard was caught in mid air by Kara Kent, much to the distress of Gordon.

Gordon talks with Lois.

Godfrey was confronted by Lois who warned him that she won't stand by and let him take cheap shots at heroes. He informed her that one of his sources has learned that her ex-boyfriend, Oliver, is Green Arrow, as well as he planned to announce it in his new book. Godfrey met with his publicist who he informed that he has the only known copy of the final chapter of his book on a flash drive and refused to let her see it but told her to make sure that he's on every television network, computer, as well as newspaper. The Dark Force stated he wanted this so he can spread his seed of doubt across the entire world, eradicating mankind's faith in one another.

Gordon at the Club Desaad

Lois followed Godfrey into Club Desaad, where she disguised herself as a fellow dominatrix working at the club and captured incriminating evidence against Godfrey indulging in erotic activities. Godfrey was impressed by the great lengths Lois was willing to go to protect her loved ones. He offered her a trade to give her the evidence against Oliver so she can get a headline. Lois refused and transmits the photos to the newspaper.

A possessed Gordon attacks Lois.

Darkseid takes completele control of Godfrey then breaks free from restraints, with his voice changing to his darker tone as he approaches Lois intending to posses her body until he realizes that Lois is pure of heart. Lois grabs a stun gun but the possessed Godfrey easily subdues her as his eyes turn black. Darkseid then traps Lois and explains that her suffering will bring the Blur to him. Clark arrives to find Gordon where Darkseid warns that Lois is in over her head and has served her purpose in luring Clark to him and he asks Clark if he think he can actually win against him. The Dark Force emerges from Godfrey and approaches Clark, but Kara arrives and uses her bracelet to drive it away.

The Unholy Trinity of Darkseid

As prophet-minions of Darkseid, Gordon, Desaad and Granny Goodness made their roles known on Earth. Gordon is the third to be recruited to Darkseid's Elite. Gordon's role is to break the human spirit.

Granny, Desaad and Godfrey

When Apokolips descended to Earth, he, Granny Goodness and Desaad had a meeting with the corrupted Oliver Queen. They gave him a Gold K ring so he could remove Clark's powers, leaving no one to stop Darkseid, but, unknown to them, Clark managed to remove Oliver's Omega symbol.

Godfrey is defeated

As the final moments of Apopkolips' rapture approached, Oliver appeared to the prophets, now cleaned of their influence. Godfrey was shocked by this and the three tried to kill him though before they could, Oliver used his arrows against them. Godfrey and the others turned to smoke and vanished.

Season Eleven

Godfrey had apparently given Bruno Mannheim, who is now the head of Intergang and imprisoned at Stryker's Island, the Crime Bible which turned him into a raving lunatic. Mannheim claims he's gone straight, as well as that the Crime Bible changed his life.


In the Comics

Glorious Godfrey as he appears in the comics

Godfrey has a sister named Amazing Grace who is also a member of Darkseid's Elite. Both siblings have similar powers. Whereas Amazing Grace's specialty is manipulation, Godfrey's is persuasion.

Godfrey remained a relatively unimportant character until 1986 (he had a total of 3 appearances over a decade and a half), when the first crossover since the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Legends was published. In it, Darkseid attempts to deprive the world of its heroes, not only so that they would be ineffective against Darkseid, but also in the hope that the people of Earth would more willingly surrender to his rule.

The first phase of the plan consists simply of creating immense amounts of collateral damage by sending creatures to Earth to fight the superheroes. The public begins to resent the heroes in their midst and therefore Darkseid starts the second phase of his plan by sending the master manipulator Glorious Godfrey to Earth.

Assuming the identity of G. Gordon Godfrey, (a play on the name G. Gordon Liddy) he starts a hate-campaign towards the superheroes that proves to be very effective, riling the public, ultimately leading to a presidential decision to outlaw any superheroic action. The final phase of this plan, consists of the Apokoliptian warhounds, cybernetic creatures that are bonded to human hosts, for which Godfrey is able to find an ample amount of 'volunteers' amongst his hypnotized public. He leads his forces to Washington D.C., only to be confronted by a cadre of assembled heroes.

The heroes are able to defeat the Warhounds and break up the public and Godfrey makes one last ploy, where he tries on the helmet of Doctor Fate in hopes of obtaining his awesome might. Instead, the helmet mind-wipes Godfrey, leaving him nothing more than an empty shell that is sent to the Belle Reve prison, where he would later be broken out of by the Female Furies under the order of Darkseid.

Godfrey has subsequently made brief appearances in assemblages of all the Apokoliptian Deities.

In the Final Crisis Sketchbook, there is a sketch of a character called "Reverend G. Godfrey Goode" who shares many physical characteristics with Glorious Godfrey. The sketchbook goes on to say that " The passionate televangelist plays a central role in the evil deities' occupation of Earth." The sketchbook also features "reinventions" of many other New Gods.

In Final Crisis #1, Reverend G. Godfrey Good (no "e") appers on a TV news report, decrying the situation in Bludhaven. He later assists Darkseid in gaining a new body. In Final Crisis #5, Godfrey, Mokkari and Simyan, soon after reporting the status of their tasks for Darkseid, are allowed to collapse as their bodies wear out. Their pleas for Darkseid to recreate them go ignored.

In the comic version of Batman Beyond, issue #5 (July 2011), a man named Mr. Godfrey gets involved in a labor dispute at Wayne-Powers Enterprises (the future version of Wayne Enterprises). An aged Bruce Wayne notes with suspicion that "I knew a man named Godfrey once. A G. Gordon Godfrey." Mr. Godfrey smirks and repsonds "Yes, the man who tried to turn the population against metahumans several decades ago. I get that question a lot. No, no relation...but I certainly admire his skill. Have a good night, Mr. Wayne."


  • Michael Daingerfield provided the voice of Superman in the series premiere of Krypto the Superdog and also had a brief minor role as one of Lex Luthor's mansion security assassins in Season Three's Shattered.
  • The Smallville version of Godfrey seems to be a mix of the New Earth and DCAU versions. Being that he is a normal human and a media personality but also a servant of Darkseid.
  • In the comics, Godfrey is known to have a full head of red hair, but the Smallville version does not.

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