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Gold kryptonite.

Gold Kryptonite is a rare form of Kryptonite that can negate a Kryptonian's healing factor under a yellow sun, and can potentially remove their powers forever. It sometimes colloquially referred to as "Gold K".[1]

Powers and Abilities

Clark Luthor's scar made by Gold Kryptonite.

It can probably be classified as the most dangerous and most powerful meteor rock in existence because it can give Kryptonians permanent wounds (or at least scars), can strip them of their powers for good through a long enough exposure, and, in huge amounts, it can kill a Kryptonian.

It is speculated that Gold Kryptonite needs to have physical contact with a Kryptonian to permanently remove their powers.[2]

Season Ten

Gold Kryptonite was first mentioned when Clark Luthor told Tess Mercer that the scar on his arm was caused by Lex Luthor using Gold K to do it in his universe. However while he still retained his powers it left a permanent scar on him. This is unusual for Kryptonite. With other forms of Kryptonite (green, red, blue etc.), the effects are instantly reversed and Clark heals when they are no longer in contact with him or removed from his immediate vicinity.

Again in Earth-2, Jonathan Kent had later mentioned finding Gold Kryptonite around Smallville (although he mistook it for actual gold) and hoped to buy back his farm land with it. Later, Emil Hamilton while discussing it with Tess Mercer calculated that Gold K could permanently take away Clark Kent's powers.

Oliver finds a piece of Gold K.

When Oliver Queen was completely turned into Darkseid's slave by Granny Goodness, she ordered him to find Gold Kryptonite and use it to remove Clark's powers to make him defenseless against the dark force. He eventually found some, revealing that this type of meteor rock was also on Earth-1.

A Gold Kryptonite ring.

Oliver Queen gave Lois Lane a ring forged with Gold Kryptonite, and she almost slipped it on Clark's finger at their wedding, but a sharp-eyed Chloe Sullivan stopped her from doing it.


  • It is unknown exactly how Gold Kryptonite works. There has been speculations that Gold Kryptonite works by damaging the cells of a Kryptonian to the point where the cells can no longer process sunlight, removing kryptonian superpowers.
  • Gold Kryptonite can be found on both Earth-1 and Earth-2.
  • This is the last type of Kryptonite introduced in the Smallville Tv series.
  • Apparently, a long period of exposure is required for Gold kryptonite to strip Kryptonians of their powers. Due to this, even though Clark Luthor was scarred through heated up Gold kryptonite, his powers remained intact.



Clark Luthor: (to Tess) It still bothers you doesn't it? There's no takebacks when it comes to Gold K. Lex sure knew how to leave an impression, didn't he?
Season Ten, Luthor

Emil: So, I pulled the geological surveys you gave me and Clark's info from the alt-world was right.
Tess: About?
Emil: Well, the surprise at the end of the kryptonite rainbow, the gold stuff exists.
Tess: What does it do to him?
Emil: Well, drawing on the Veritas journals, Chloe's database, and my best calculations, it could take away his powers. For good.
Season Ten, Kent


  1. Clark Luthor referred to it as such in Luthor.
  2. Evidenced by Oliver needing to put the Gold Kryptonite ring on Clark's ring finger in Finale Part 1.
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