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"I don't wanna be your girl. (...) I just want to wrap myself around you."
— Gloria to Jimmy Olsen before breeding. Wither

Gloria was an alien Zoner from a plant world.


"I'm just a girl that loves nature."
— Gloria to Clark. Wither

Gloria presented herself as a gentle, unassuming girl. She held a particular and genuine love for Earth's plant life, which she regarded as her own children. Likewise, she hated how humans had treated their own world. She showed an ecological mindset, believing wholly in balance.

Powers and Abilities

Gloria attacking Clark with plant vines.

  • Plant Control: As a sentient alien with a floral anatomy, Gloria was able to influence any plants in her immediate vicinity. She seemed to infuse some of her own essence into the plants, enabling them to pierce through invulnerable skin and even strangle Clark, making her deadly to Kryptonians.
  • Super-Speed: While never actually shown on screen, she did appeared a few times seemingly out of nowhere, indicating she possessed a level of superhuman speed.
  • Super-Strength: Although she relied more upon the strength of her plants than her own might, Gloria did possess a limited measure of super-strength. While not comparable to the likes of a Martian or a full-power Kryptonian, Gloria's potency was exhibited when she killed women and restrained men.


Gloria is destroyed by electroshock.

  • Electricity: Gloria and her plants were vulnerable to electricity. Chloe first noticed this when she checked on the first boy attacked by Gloria; the vines around the light switches and electrical plugs were dead. Chloe was later able to free Clark from Gloria's vines using her stun gun; in a similar vein, Chloe was also able to kill the eggs Gloria had inserted into Jimmy using defibrillator paddles. Finally, Clark was able to electrocute Gloria by setting off sprinklers with his heat vision, which shorted out heat lamps in Lex's greenhouse.

Early Life

"My world is gone. It was paradise. It was lush, and green, and full of life. But towers of steel replaced the forests, upsetting the balance of nature. So I tried to correct it."
— Gloria describes her world. Wither

Gloria's planet of origin was never revealed. From what she described of her homeworld, it was a lush paradise of forests teeming with life, until industrialization began. Seeking to preserve the balance of nature, she became an ecological terrorist - killing many in the process. This led to her being ostracized and feared by her own race. At some point, Kryptonians arrived and assisted in imprisoning Gloria in the Phantom Zone. However, by that time it was too late and her world had already begun to die out to the point of extinction for unclear reasons.

Season Six

Gloria in the woods.

Posing as a beautiful park ranger, Gloria used her powers in Smallville to store her seeds in human males. She lured men into the woods and killed their girlfriends. Gloria used Jimmy Olsen as one of her suitors and attacked Clark with her powers.

Gloria confronts Clark.

When she went to find a suitor at the charity ball at the Luthor Mansion, she was confronted by Clark in the greenhouse. Gloria managed to overpower him and proceeded to strangle him with numerous vines, but Clark used his heat vision to set off the sprinkler system and short out the heat lamps, which vaporized Gloria.


Party Guest: Tarzan and park rangers both love the wild.
Gloria: And swinging on vines.

Clark: You can't go home, I can't let you stay. What are we gonna do?
Gloria: We'll have to let nature decide.



  • With her talent for seduction, preferring vegetation over human life, and control over plants, she bares some similarity to the DC Comics character Poison Ivy.
  • Amber McDonald also appeared in the Aquaman pilot starring Justin Hartley (Oliver).