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George Fordman was the father of Whitney Fordman and the husband of Betty Fordman.

Early life

George served in Vietnam and received three medals, including a Purple Heart and the Silver Star. He lettered in three sports in college. He owned and operated Fordman's Department Store, where Whitney worked part-time. The war left him bitter and hard nosed, however he did truly care for his wife and son and worked hard to keep the store solvent. When George's terminal illness became public, Whitney put aside all differences and reconciled with his father.

Season One

He had tests done in Metropolis and was on a heart medication called besylate. As a favor to Clark Kent, Lex Luthor arranged for the Metropolis Sharks professional football team to let Whitney play with them so George could live to see him play "professionally." Although he appeared to be on the mend, he finally succumbed to his condition. His family buried him in the Smallville Cemetery. This was a life altering event for Whitney. Whitney had been clearing out the attic and found mementos of his father, to include medals from his time in the Vietnam War which he never knew about, which suggests George was a humble man in that regard. Whitney dropped out of Smallville High School and told Lana that he has terminated his plans to play pro football. Lana was glad Whitney was being realistic and avoiding such a dangerous profession. He announced his plans to go into his late father's line of work, only for Lana to react with surprise when he shows her enlistment papers saying he signed with the US Marine Corps. He graduated from boot camp in South Carolina and was soon deployed to fight terrorists in Indonesia. However, Whitney would not outlive his father for long, as he was killed while getting a fellow Marine out of harm's way.


  • A sign outside of Fordman's Department Store reads "Founded in 1943", which was long before George Fordman was likely born; suggesting it may have been started by his parents.