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Geoff Johns is an American comic book and television writer. He wrote the Smallville episodes Legion, Absolute Justice, Part 1, Absolute Justice, Part 2 and Booster.

He is very well known as a highly popular writer for numerous DC Comics series, such as Green Lantern, Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, The Flash, Hawkman, Batman: Earth One, Aquaman, Justice League and the Superman titles Adventure Comics and Action Comics. He has been acclaimed for the popular Green Lantern Sinestro Corps War story, pitting the will-fueled Green Lantern Corps against the fear-fueled Sinestro Corps in a battle that raged across the entire universe. It's sequel, Blackest Night, expands the themes of the emotional spectrum by raising the dead of the DC Universe and forcing them to fight their former friends and allies. Johns also notably collaborated with original Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner in a series of Superman stories in Action Comics. Johns and collaborator Gary Frank updated Superman's origin story in the 2009 mini-series Superman: Secret Origin.

He has been named the Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics/Entertainment.

His popular media writing credits include an episode of Justice League Unlimited entitled "Ancient History", co-writing the pilot episode for Blade: The Series, and a holiday film called Naughty or Nice, which he co-wrote with Robot Chicken co-creator Matthew Senreich.



Geoff Johns is a lifelong fan of DC Comics. A widely unaddressed important event in Superman's formative years is his meeting the 31st century Legion of Super-Heroes as a young man in Smallville. Johns seeks not only to address it to others outside the comics-reading community, but he is also the first writer to adapt the Legion in a live-action medium. Johns called this "an honor," and plans to adapt more of the lesser-known aspects of DC Comics to popular media the next time the opportunity presents itself.

A recent Action Comics story penned by Johns and drawn by Gary Frank was entitled Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, which reintroduces the Legion to a new audience. Coincidentally, he was confirmed as the writer for the Smallville episode not long after completing this storyline.

Absolute Justice

Johns returned to the writing chair for the Smallville TV movie entitled Absolute Justice, which will introduce the first super-hero team in history, the Justice Society of America, into the show's continuity. The job is somewhat of a homecoming for Johns, who wrote the team's comic series for several years at DC Comics.

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  • Geoff Johns penned episodes tended to use a smaller part of the main cast:
    • In Legion, only three (Clark, Chloe and Davis) out of seven main characters appeared. It was the first time that only three main cast members appeared in an episode.
    • Absolute Justice, Part 1, also only uses three main characters (Clark, Chloe and Oliver). Though, Tess and Lois does appear in Absolute Justice, Part 2.
    • Booster only uses Clark and Lois. It was the only time that only two main characters appeared in an episode.

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