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This article is about the show's fictional character. For the series writer, go to Geoff Johns (writer).

Geoff Johns was a college football star at the Metropolis University, nicknamed the "Teflon Tailback". A Smallville native and an ex-Crows player, he is secretly a metahuman with the ability to paralyze other people simply by touching.

Powers and Abilities

  • Paralysis Inducement: Geoff had the metahuman power to paralyze others simply by touching them. He could control the degree of paralysis, from a few seconds to days. This power apparently affects only the motor nerves, leaving sensations and autonomic functions like breathing and heartbeats still unaffected. He can also "charge" an item (such as a football), so it will paralyze the next person that touches it. His powers however do not work on Kryptonians, likely due to their solar-powered protective force field.

Season Four

Geoff Johns was a record-setting running back at high school playing for the Smallville Crows, which earned him a scholarship into the Metropolis University. He became the all-time leading rusher for the Metropolis Bulldogs.

Geoff was able to play fair and square without using his powers while playing high school football, but college football was way more competitively demanding, and he started cheating using his powers on the play field. Geoff found himself under intense pressure to hide this secret, and started paying other students for urine samples to pass physicals. When his roommate and fellow player Coop found out, Geoff paralyzed and late smothered him with a hospital pillow.

Geoff was sent back to Smallville to help recruit Clark Kent to come and play for Met U, but Clark quickly realized Geoff was hiding something. After seeing Lois Lane approaching Marcus, the student selling him fake urine samples, Geoff paralyzed and kidnapped Lois and left her to drown in the sewers, but he was stopped by Clark.