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Gemstone Kryptonite.

Gemstone kryptonite is a processed form of kryptonite. Originally found in a Smallville quarry, it is unknown how abundant gemstone kryptonite is on Earth but, due to its limited appearances on the show, it seems to be quite rare and present in only small quantities.

Powers and Abilities

Gemstone kryptonite grants the power of hypnotic persuasion to Kryptonians enabling them to verbally compel others to obey their commands. It is also speculated that Gemstone Kryptonite seems to compel the infected Kryptonian to obey their own commands or wishes either when the wish or desire is spoken aloud with conviction or by gazing through a reflected surface when the Persuasion is being done as was demonstrated when Clark Kent spoke aloud of his desire to "become a killer" like Zod and as a result the mineral drove him to attack Tess Mercer. It's physically harmless to Kryptonians, inflicting no damage to them, however it grants the mental capability of persuasion in Kryptonians. The mineral appears to have no effect on humans directly as Lois was unaffected despite being exposed to a cloud of it.

The persuasive power is very similar to Bob Rickman and Kyle Tippet's power of persuasion through kryptonite handshakes, even the flash of color appearing in the victims' eyes. However, they had to physically touch the hands of the victim for it to work whilst Clark simply had to speak. Also, Clark's victims had blueish-purple color appear in their eyes while Rickman's and Tippet's victims had green(due to green K being the source of their power rather than gemstone K)


Like most forms, it can be countered by regular kryptonite.




  • The Gemstone kryptonite may be the Smallville version of the Jewel Kryptonite from the comics.

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