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Frank is a newspaper and coffee vendor who has worked in Metropolis for a long time.

Season Eight

Frank talking to Clark about the good he has done for Metropolis.

After Clark revealed that he is an alien from another world, he walked down the street observing the reactions of people as they saw him. Frank gave Clark a paper for free, telling him about all the good he had done for Metropolis. Later, Clark reversed time in order to protect everyone he loved.

Season Nine

Frank talking to Chloe.

Frank serves Chloe and Stephen Swift coffee while they are discussing how he got his powers.

Weeks later while Chloe gets coffee from Frank, he asks her if she always works this late. She tells him she does this all night, every night. He asks her what job makes her work such long hours, and she tells him it is a non-profit organization that helps people in need.

Season Ten

Frank talking to Lionel

Earth-2 Lionel Luthor buys a newspaper from Frank.

Frank says he looks familiar and Lionel responded by saying he just came in from out of town for an unexpected visit, before walking away into a crowd.

Season Eleven

Six months later, as Frank received the morning edition of Daily Planet newspaper talking about alien life of Apokolips, he commented on how he never seen the paper sell so quickly before.

Later when Clark is buying a newspaper from Frank, Lex Luthor appears and also buys a paper. Frank who can't break change for a hundred, leading Lex to say the next 80 or so coffees are on him.


  • The character's name was never given onscreen. Guardian revealed his name to be Frank.
  • Joe Maffei also played the bowling alley janitor who gets shot in the Season One episode Stray.