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Clark takes flight in Finale, Part 2.

Flight is the ability to resist the pull of gravity and navigate through the sky through one's own power, or through technology.

Kryptonian flight

Kryptonians can fly extremely fast under a yellow sun, so fast, that they can leave rifts or tears in the universe. This ability is relatively easy to master for them. Clark, however, wasn't able to consciously fly. This was because of a two-part mental block; to begin with, he did not totally see himself as Kryptonian and still considered himself earthbound. Secondly, he was afraid of heights. However, this block seems to be a thing of the past, as Clark has leaped great distances on numerous occasions in the past.

Martian flight

Martians can move through the air at hyper-sonic speeds, distinctly leaving a red stream of energy behind them.

Characters with this ability

Kryptonian flight
  • Clark Kent - Clark has been able to fly since he was 14, but could not consciously use it. This was apparently due to his own psychological barriers. He mimicked flying many times, making super leaps by combining his super strength and super dexterity. When Clark saved Lana as she fell, he told Jonathan that he felt as if he was willing himself towards her. When Clark caught the Daily Planet globe, he told Jor-El that he felt as if he was flying. Additionally, when Kara returned to Earth on a mission for Jor-El, she attempted to teach Clark how to fly. He flew for a short period but then fell from the sky. Kara stated that he lacked focus and that he had doubts about his powers. When Clark was slow dancing with Lois in the barn, he began to hover in mid-air. Clark and Lois fly off the rooftop of the Daily Planet. During a confrontation with Darkseid, in which Jor-El appeared to Clark in a vision, he explained that Clark has had the power within him all along and that it was time to embrace his true destiny. With this, Clark finally mastered the ability of flight.


  • Clark Luthor- Alternate version of Kal-El/Clark.
  • Jor-El
  • Kal-El – Being essentially re-birthed as Kal-El, Clark's Kryptonian side can fly extremely fast.
  • Kara Kent
  • General Zod
  • Major Zod
  • Conner Kent - As a half-Kryptonian, Conner can fly, which he learned during his time at Jay Garrick's school. Although, how he flies seems to be more telekinetic in nature, than actual flight.
  • Kryptonian Visitor - The mysterious visitor flew across the world and hid the Stones of Power for Naman to unite.
  • Martian Manhunter - As a Martian, John can fly at hyper-sonic speeds, generating a bright red stream of energy behind him.
  • Bizarro - Using Clark's Kryptonian DNA, Bizarro mimicked Kryptonian abilities and was even able to unlock a few of Clark's latent abilities for his own use.
  • Darkseid - While in the form of the dark cloud, or as crows, Darkseid can transport himself through the air.
  • Hawkman - Uses artificial wings to fly and hover.
  • Stephen Swift - Alec was temporarily granted the power of flight after he touched a cursed Warrior Angel comic book When he flew, he emitted a yellow aura.
  • Isobel - Isobel was able to levitate with magic.

Technology with flight

  • Brainiac - After being nearly destroyed, he had to locate Dax-Ur and repair himself; at the same time, he decided to upgrade his technology, gaining the ability to fly.
  • Kal-El's ship - Was built by Jor-El and his assistant Raya, and flew baby Kal-El safely to Earth from Krypton, traveling billions of miles, as well as when Jor-El was active within the ship.
  • Kara's ship - The spaceship that carried Kara from Krypton to Earth, also traveling billions of miles, but landed in Reeves Dam without a specific landing trajectory like that of Kal-El's ship. It was buried under the dam, putting Kara in suspended animation for 18 years.
  • Black Ship - Carried Brainiac, Aethyr and Nam-Ek from Krypton to Earth for over 19 years before landing on Earth.
  • A Legion ring grants the wearer the power of flight.


In the Comics

Superman flying in the comics.

In the comics, a wide variety of characters possess the ability to defy the rules of gravity at ease, allowing them to hover, levitate, and even move through the air. Superman, upon gaining this ability, rarely runs to his destinations, instead he flies there. Brainiac can, in many of his incarnations, hover using technology that is embedded inside his construct. In addition, Martian Manhunter, through some telekinetic means, can also defy the rules of gravity.


  • Clark flew briefly for the first time in Supergirl, but lost concentration and fell straight through the barn roof.
  • In Homecoming, Clark is calm and focused to the point where he hovers while dancing with Lois.
  • In Collateral, in the virtual world Lois gives Clark some hope and his mind focuses and he flies up, up, and away. In the real world, he says that he may be able to fly soon.
  • In the series finale, Clark finally mastered flight and defeated Darkseid by flying straight through him, saved Air Force One as it was falling from the sky and flew up to the planet Apokolips which he pushed out of Earth's atmosphere.
  • Most versions of Superman (and most other kryptonians in the series) were able to control their flying ability instantly. However, in Smallville, due to suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights), Clark was unable to use this ability consciously for a very long time. About a decade has passed from the moment Clark developed this ability, to the moment he finally succeeded to control it.

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