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Felice Rhonda Chandler was a very popular student at Smallville High School, and the head cheerleader for the Smallville Crows in her freshman year.

Season One

Felice was a narcissist who drove a white Volkswagen Beetle to school, and was not hesitant to flaunt her dominance in other people's faces. She ran for student council president at the end of the freshmen year, which Chloe Sullivan described as merely "the need for the clinically ambitious to pad their resume". Pete Ross described Felice as the "president of the drama club", and thought it gave her a campaign edge because "she's also really hot" and "elections aren't about merit, they're about popularity".

Like Pete, Felice also egotistically believed that people were going to vote for her anyway regardless of other competitors' credentials. She taunted rival candidate Paul Chan, and accused Chloe of bias for not preferentially taking her photo for the Torch. After Paul was mysteriously stung by bees and hospitalized, Felice threw a pre-election bash with a band and catering to secure herself as the frontrunner over other candidates. This angered another candidate Sasha Woodman, who saw it as "trying to buy this election like one of her Prada bags". When confronted by Sasha, Felice simply dismissed the challenge, arrogantly calling Sasha "a freak". Unknown to Felice, the overcompetitive Sasha was a metahuman who could control bees and was actually the culprit responsible for the previous incident with Paul. Sasha then sent thousands of bees to attack Felice in her car, stinging her way worse than Paul. Felice was put into a coma and subsequently dropped out of the election.

Felice attacked by bees.

Season Four

At some point, after recovering from her sting injuries, Felice seemingly changed her name to "Rhonda" and continued being involved with the cheerleading squad. However, she along with some other cheerleaders became frustrated that their footballer boyfriends prioritizing sports ahead of them. To fix this, they created a kryptonite-laced love potion and spiked it into the athletes' beverage to make the boys devoted fully to them instead. The footballers were successfully drugged by the drink and several people (notably Danny Cormay, Chloe Sullivan and Coach Jason Teague) started behaving irrationally and impulsively out of jealousy, until Lois Lane and Clark Kent discovered that burning pain from heat can neutralize the effects of the potion.


  • In Devoted, the character is named "Rhonda". The reason for this apparent name change is unknown. Presumably, Felice and Rhonda are the same person. They're not only played by the same actress and display a seemingly identical personality, but are both cheerleaders and classmates with Clark Kent.
  • It is unknown if Felice Rhonda Chandler was among the hundreds of students, shown graduating from Smallville High, in the spring of 2005.