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This article is for the clone of Faora. For the real Kryptonian, see Faora.

"I was born into the military. I never had a choice to live as a civilian." - Faora, Persuasion

Faora was a clone of the Kryptonian Faora.

Twenty years before Krypton's destruction, she had a blood sample taken and placed in the Orb as part of an experiment by the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race. The clone of Faora was created on Earth in 2009 when Tess Mercer opened the Orb.

Powers and Abilities

When Faora was first created by the Orb, she had memories from her original self's life, meaning that she was confused as to why she was not able to possess natural Kryptonian powers under a yellow sun.

As one of the cloned Kryptonians whose DNA was irradiated with blue kryptonite, Faora will never experience Kryptonian abilities under a yellow sun. Instead, because of the radiation, her powers work under a red sun but still work in the same way physically, storing up red solar energy like a battery for future use.

Early life

Faora having her blood taken

A citizen of Kandor, the original Faora was a soldier in Zod's army. She had a blood sample taken by a medic and stored in the Orb as part of an experiment by the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race should Rao's prophecy ever come true.

Season Nine

"I didn't turn my back on you. You turned your back on us when our only crime was trying to forge a life for ourselves on this planet." – Faora, to Major Zod, Sacrifice

Faora in Zod's army.

When Tess opened the Orb, Faora and others were transported to Earth through unknown means. As they questioned Major Zod about their depowered states, the soldiers rebelled against Zod and took him hostage until they realized what they were to do. However, Zod managed to win back their trust and allegiance.

Weeks later, Faora was with Basqat and Alia when Zod spoke to capture Jor-El, stealing Jor-El from Tess' cellar while Zod was flirting with Tess in order to distract her, and then releasing him after Zod was done beating him.

Faora was also present when Zod was issuing orders to his troops to ensure that the solar tower will be built. Faora was due to be given orders, but Clark Kent interrupted the proceedings before Faora and the rest of the soldiers were ordered by Zod to "Kneel before Kal-El."

Faora and Zod.

After Zod was warned by Clark to stay away from Lois Lane, Faora and Zod discussed their search for the Book of Rao in order to start the operation of the solar tower to give them their powers.

Clark and Faora work together.

As Faora read a newspaper at a Metropolis newsstand, Clark appeared to remind her not to show her Kryptonian dog tags. Faora continued to mourn the loss of the solar tower following its destruction by Clark. Clark walked with her to see her sister Vala, and the bookstore Vala worked at. Faora told her sister to close the shop to get some cappuccinos. Unbeknownst to Faora, Vala was abducted by Dr. Bernard Chisholm. Faora and Clark teamed up to find Chisholm and Vala.

Faora at a ceremony.

Later, Clark arrived in the middle of a Kryptonian ceremony where Faora told him they were waiting for Zod's return so they could ask for his forgiveness. Clark took her to the barn and showed her Dr. Virgil Swann's diary, revealing that the original Zod had destroyed Krypton. Faora was devastated, and Clark used his powers to find out she was pregnant with Zod's child. Faora then told Clark that Zod was after the Book of Rao.

Faora pleads with the Kandorians.

Faora went back to her fellow Kandorians and tried to convince them to live a life of peace on Earth when Checkmate agent attacked them. Amanda Waller took Faora away from the Kandorians, and Faora offered to work with Checkmate when Zod attacked Waller and took Faora away before Clark could stop them. Zod was angry with Faora's betrayal and, when she refused to bow, he strangled her to death, but afterwards realized she was pregnant with their baby. Grieved by what he had done, Zod listened to his child's last heartbeats in Faora's womb.

The truth about Faora's death was later exposed by Clark to the other Kandorians, after they heard Zod being tricked by Clark into admitting that he didn't really want to kill his own child. On hearing this, the other Kandorians were angered and ready to punish the General, on their new world, for what he had done.

Season Eleven

Clark sees the statue of Faora.

After being transported to the 31st century and arriving on New Krypton, Clark learns that Faora is seen by the Kryptonians as a symbol of sacrifice, she is worshiped as a martyr, because she was killed by Zod while being pregnant, and a Goddess. They have made her a statue, placed in the Hall of Scion, which is full of statues of other Kryptonians they worship, with her holding her unborn child. Her tale was told by Argo's settlers and eventually became myth. They believe that her body holds the key to unlocking their future as a people. The Kryptonians are searching for Faora'a tomb on Earth and they send Kara Zor-El as a spy, without letting her know what she was sent to find, to locate the coordinates of the burial site. This search is a primary reason for an ongoing war conflict between New Krypton and EarthGov.

Clark and Kara visit Faora's tomb.

When Clark and Kara visit Faora's tomb, a structure resembling a palace built by Zod, Kara wonders why Zod buried her there. Clark tells her that the original Zod and Faora couldn't have children so when his clone found out that her clone, whom he had killed, was pregnant with his child, he immediately regretted his actions and built this palace to honor her. Clark elaborates that when Zod was ready to conquer Earth, he built himself a throne in the center of the structure, facing a pit where he had placed Faora's body frozen inside a crystalline cube. When Kara asks why, Clark assumes that he did it out of guilt. After that they fly down the pit and visit Faora's grave where Clark explains about New Krypton's belief that her child was sacred, because it was conceived by kryptonian clones under a yellow sun and might have held the answer to the limits of their race's DNA.

Alternate Future

Faora helps Zod retreat.

In an alternate future, Faora gained her Kryptonian abilities and served Zod, wearing the Mark of Zod on her chest. She helped Zod evade the Resistance attack at the Luthor Mansion.



  • While the original Faora married General Zod and created Doomsday as Faora was unable to have children,(Bloodline) Faora's clone was somehow able to become pregnant with Major Zod's child. (Sacrifice) This suggests that the original Faora's infertility was the result of an unidentified injury to her uterus that she received at some point after birth, which her clone- created from her healthy, undamaged DNA- naturally did not 'inherit'.
  • Faora's love for Zod mirrors Ursa's love for Zod in the comics and Superman movies.
  • Faora (clone version) appeared in 7 episodes, which tied her in number of appearances with Dr. Harden, Adam Knight, Grant Gabriel, Gina and Jeff Hage as the 10th most frequently seen recurring characters in the series after Jor-El, Nancy Adams, Brainiac, Emil Hamilton, Ethan Miller, John Jones, Nell Potter, George and Helen Bryce. Faora, Dr. Harden, Adam, Grant, Gina and Jeff are the most frequently seen recurring characters who are tied with each other in the number of episodes they appeared in.


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