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Chloe and Pete are led by Donovan Jamison, to an area where they discover three familiar meteor freaks being studied. Donovan states his intentions to cure other people infected by the meteor shower. Unfortunately, Pete and Chloe discover a deadly secret concerning Donovan.


Dr. Donovan Jamison from NuCorp has taken Pete's and Chloe's cameras and escorted them underground to a secret laboratory. He explains that he is not the person that was following them. He, Dr. Hamilton, and Dr. Arthur Walsh chose this location for their lab because it contained the largest meteor anywhere, but they have mined the entire thing now. He doesn't say who paid to have it built.

He further explains that Sarah Strossberg was a sort of junior colleague who helped document their work and find new sources of meteor rocks. She died from the jitters after injecting herself with liquid meteor rock. They were not ready for public exposure, so they left her body where they knew someone would find it and return her to her family. Then he finally shows them what all the research is about. They are trying to find a cure for the meteor freaks. They have one of the bugs that Greg Arkin became. He also had the body of Tina Greer and Sean Kelvin. Sean is still frozen in a block of ice, barely alive. Dr. Jamison hopes to thaw him and cure him. His research had hit a dead end until he discovered the Hamilton papers; now the research is progressing faster than ever.

Then Dr. Jamison locks Pete and Chloe in a room and leaves them to think about whether or not they are willing to help him keep his secret. They find a way out and go looking for more information. Chloe finds surveillance video of the lab from the day Sarah died. She did not inject herself as Dr. Jamison claimed. Dr. Jamison injected her to see if his formula was ready. Dr. Walsh stole the body and put it where her family could find it preventing Dr. Jamison from studying it further just before he quit the team and disappeared. Just then, Dr. Jamison finds Chloe reviewing the tape and it is revealed that he is suffering from the jitters, but he has somehow found a way to control it so it isn't fatal, and he can use it as a weapon. He also reveals that he intends to find a way to give himself the strength of an insect, the disguises of a mimic, and the touch of ice. Pete hits him over the head with a chair before he can injure Chloe. They run to the warehouse, but Dr. Jamison catches up, incapacitates Pete, and chases Chloe. Chloe throws him an aerosol can that explodes when he shakes it up. She finds Pete and they run for the exit. They leave behind the Hamilton papers and notice that Sean is melting in the fire as they climb out to safety.


  • An exploit as a noun is an act or deed, especially a brilliant or heroic one; As a verb to exploit is to employ to the greatest possible advantage; to make use of selfishly or unethically.
  • In this story, Dr. Jamison claims that he wants to exploit the meteor-infected, to make a cure for others who are infected. In truth, he wants to exploit them for power.



Donovan Jamison: I have no intention of harming you.
Pete: Funny, the knot on the back of my head doesn't believe you.

Donovan Jamison: Miss Sullivan, you are among the very few who truly comphrend the dangers the meteors pose to mankind... Despite what you may believe concerning me or my work, everything thing you see is dedicated to nullifying that danger. Just ask you friend in the terrarium... Greg Arkin.
Pete: Greg "Shot-spider-webs-out-his-mouth-and-left-his-skin-in-the-bathtub? The Bug-Boy?
Donovan Jamison: I've run the D.N.A tests myself. That insect is Greg Arkin... Or at least a part of him.
Chloe: Help me out here Doc... 'Cause I doubt "Mad scientist breeds unholy army of super-bugs" is the headline you want for this story.

Donovan Jamison: I took the position at Nu-Corp to finance my endeavor-- Covertly maintaining this lab, preparing for the inevitable breakthrough, but above all... Collecting specimens.
Chloe: Tina Greer?
Donovan Jamison: Imagine the life she might have enjoyed had her shape-shifting mutation been cured, or even prevented altogether...
Pete: (Looking at the corpse of Tina and whispering.) Maybe now you'll think twice before dropkicking people into lockers.
Donovan Jamison: At least in death, Miss Greer can help save others... Like Mr. Kelvin here.
Chloe: AHHHHH!
Donovan Jamison: Are you alright?
Chloe: Just a flashback to a bad breakup. After our first date... Sean skipped straight to "death do us part."
Pete: Too bad he can't feel all those needles.

Chloe: Thanks for backing me up, Pete. You've really gone above and beyond.
Pete: Well, we are renaming this thing "The Pete Chronicles," right?
Chloe: Uh-huh. How's that camera coming?
Pete: Working on it. What about "The Pete Pay-By-Play"? Yeah, I like the sound of that...

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