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Lex is told by Lionel to fire some employees from the most productive spot of the fertilizer factory. After a visit to Dr. Hamilton, Lex goes to discuss the situation with Clark. He then decides to stand by his employees.


(Credit for the recap information goes to Neal Bailey from Superman Homepage.)

Lex Luthor meets with his father, Lionel, on a helipad. Surprised to see him there, Lionel chides Lex for reliably being absent, so his presence is a pleasant surprise. Lex thanks his father for telling him that he's reliable for the first time.

Lionel tells Lex that he has to fire people from his most productive section of the fertilizer plant. Lex protests, but Lionel tells him that this is part of being a Luthor.

Lex drives to town, admiring small town America. Pete wishes Luthor gone from afar, with Lana and Chloe, but Lana defends Lex, telling Pete that if he'd spent his life in a rich gilded cage, he might respect Smallville too.

Lex checks on Dr. Hamilton, who has come closer to identifying the properties of the meteor rocks. He points out that they change people into corrupted versions of themselves. He thinks they've changed the whole town. Lex tells him that the rocks haven't corrupted the whole town, and the scene cuts to Clark looking for something on the farm.

Lex comes in, and finds the missing keys rather easily. They talk about what Lex has to do, and Clark says that he believes Lex often tries to do what he feels he should, and Lex, surprised, thanks Clark and leaves. The next day, the newspaper reveals that Lex has gone behind his father's back and saved the plant.


  • Most of the story recounted by Lex (set six months earlier) takes place some time after Craving as Steven is in Lex's employ, but sometime before Nicodemus since he isn't working at Cadmus Labs. At the end of the comic, Lex in the present day references his decision to defy his father's offer in Stray.


Steven Hamilton: We're going to prove what the meteors can do to people. They'll see. The meteors -- They make people change into corrupted versions of themselves -- Sometimes I think they've changed the whole town.
Lex: Not the whole town, doctor. (Scene shifts to the Kent Farm) Some things in Smallville are as pure as they come.

Lex: Looking for something, Clark?
Clark: Tractor keys. Lost 'em again. I could bathe this place in X-Rays, and I'd still never find 'em.
Lex: (Goes to the shelf with tools to pull out the keys) I suspect X-Rays are unnecessary.
Clark: Thanks. How'd you know?
Lex: The Kents prefer the honesty of plain sight. You don't like to hide things... Must be nice.

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