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Excelsior Academy is one of the top boarding schools in the United States of America. It was founded in 1877 and its Latin motto is "Memoria Pii Aeterna" (Memory, Pious, Eternal or "The memory of the pious is eternal").

Terrence Reynolds, the most recent principal for Smallville High School, was its headmaster until he was fired by the personal machinations from Lionel Luthor. (Redux)

Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen both attended Excelsior Academy.

Physical Appearance

The academy boasted a large campus with a central building, well-maintained formal gardens, wrought-iron fences and gates, and striking architecture complete with the school's crest and statuary. The central building was crowned with a golden statue with its figure raising a sword toward the sky. (Reunion).

Known Alumni

So far, some of Excelsior Academy's students include:

Early History

While Lex was attending Excelsior circa 1992, Lionel was called to the school because Lex was sitting alone on a high balcony during a rain storm. The headmaster explains to Lionel that Lex became agitated when anyone approaches him. The distraught Lex was apparently hallucinating that he was cradling and rocking his baby brother Julian to sleep. Lionel tried to return Lex into his normal state but Lex accidentally dropped a rolled blanket over the balcony, thinking it was his own brother. Lex cried out "Julian" in terror.

A teenaged Lex despised his tenure at Excelsior, for he was an easy target for ridicule" he was bald, reclusive, prone to moments of sadness and psychological distress, and for getting into trouble. His teenaged years were especially difficult for he was the son of billionaire businessman Lionel Luthor. While a student, Lex learned of his own mother's death, Lillian Luthor, from a prying and uncompassionate media. (Wither).

One of Lex's schoolmates was his primary and greatest adversary: the older, taller, and extremely wealthy Oliver Queen. Lex was a lonely soul having only one friend, Duncan Allenmeyer, a fellow student whom aspired to be a lawyer or doctor but was on scholarship. Duncan had not come from a wealthy family and his only living relative was his mother. He and Lex were both ardent fans of the Warrior Angel comics.

Duncan and Lex by happenstance discovered that Oliver and his pals Alden and Geoffrey were clever cheaters. They had managed to steal some exam tests one night while Duncan and Lex were sharing a nightly stroll and a conversation about their prospective futures. In the following days, Lex attempted to blackmail his bullies against the wishes of a disappointed Duncan. Lex was hoping to go from being a victim of bullies to being their "friend" or as "one of them" in order to preserve his Luthorian image and reputation. Duncan believed in being someone's friend without intrigue and duplicity.

Lex became angered over Duncan's threats to tell the headmaster of the exam-cheating conspiracy, triggering a brutal fight. The young Luthor badly injured Duncan to the point of bloodying his face. Duncan struggled to his feet and yelled at Lex for his dishonest behavior. As he moved away from Lex, Duncan inadvertently stepped out onto the street in front of a speeding car.

Within days of this accident, Lionel Luthor had involved himself into Lex's mistakes by personally funding medical treatment for a brain-damaged Duncan. Lionel along with a paid-off Mrs. Allenmeyer, had Duncan legally declared dead, so that he could maintain the medical project in the following years. Duncan remained alive well into his twenties but in a catatonic and "permanent vegetative state."

Season Three

An adult Lex in the April of 2004, suffering from a nightmare, awakened screaming "Julian" just as nearby Lana arrived at the Luthor Mansion. Lex had been taking treatments at Summerholt Institute that returned repressed memories back into Lex's conscious mind. (Memoria).

Season Six

In October 2006, Duncan as a wheelchair-bound patient received kryptonite injections as per the medical treatment used to keep him alive. With a greater amount of meteor rock in his system, Duncan was able to "astral project" his being into the midst of his Excelsior bullies.

Alden and Geoffrey were the first victims of violent deaths in a mere twenty-four hour period. Alden was the first to die when falling debris and the sword from the academy's principal statue impaled him during a class reunion. Lois Lane and Lana Lang were also present as the escorts for Oliver and Lex respectively.

Geoffrey, now a resident of Gotham City, was blown away in his private limousine just as his chauffeur was driving away. (Reunion).

Season Ten


It was revealed by the Oliver Queen of Earth-2 that he and Clark Luthor had attended Excelsior Academy together.


  • The Academy's principal building is the same building used as the hospital where Lana Lang is a patient while being in a catatonic state after Brainiac had taken control of her central nervous system. (Veritas).
  • This building was also where Moira Sullivan had been a patient for many years (Tomb) before Lex transferred her to a 33.1 franchise facility. (Progeny).
  • Clues proving the year of Excelsior Academy's founding, its Latin motto, its grounds and amenities can be scene in flashback sequences in (Reunion).