Evan Gallagher Sutherland
Family Karen Gallagher (mother, deceased), Tanner Sutherland (father, deceased)
Powers and
Rapid aging, electricity dropout (see here for more information)
Played By Colin Ford (age 7),
Jeffrey Ballard (age 16)
Status Deceased
"I wish you were my father, Clark." - Evan, (Ageless)

Evan Gallagher Sutherland was a rapidly aging second-generation metahuman who was found by Clark and Lana in Evan's Field.

Powers and Abilities

  • Accelerated aging: It should also be noted that as Evan is a second-generation metahuman, he inherited a part of his mother's power, electric energy absorption. That can be seen when Evan is aging.
  • Electricity energy absorption: The first time he aged from a baby to a child, the electricity in the house started to fade, and when he became a child, the electricity came back. This also happens second time when he was aging at one of Luthorcorp's facility.

Early life

Evan's mother was Karen Gallagher, a Smallville High School student and also a metahuman, who used to short out computer monitors. Karen was impregnated by Tanner Sutherland at a party and Evan was born one week later.

Season Four

Evan about to grow

Evan about to grow.

Because of Evan's rapid development, his birth caused an immense explosion that vaporized his mother and the car that she was in, but left him completely unharmed. Clark Kent and Lana Lang found the baby and took care of him while they waited for Child Services to place him. Evan grew to the equivalent of seven years old and then to sixteen years, having great intelligence and even thinking of Lana and Clark as his parents.


Evan rapidly aging before his death.

Clark and Lana asked Lex Luthor to examine Evan at his lab and his scientists concluded that Evan stored massive amounts of energy, which were released in bursts, causing him to age rapidly. After Evan aged from seven to 16, Lex realized that the next time he aged, he would release a powerful surge that would kill anyone near him and potentially destroy the entire town of Smallville. Evan accidentally killed Tanner when Tanner refused to acknowledge that he was Evan's father. Evan asked Lana to take him to Chandler's Field so he could see a windmill, where he can see the entire town of Smallville. But when he began to age again, Lana had to leave him. Clark stayed so that Evan would not be alone for the last few moments of his life. When Evan died, Clark shielded the blast to save Lana and everyone else in Smallville. Lex later sorted things out with Child Services by claiming that Evan had died of pneumonia.


  • Another second-generation metahuman, Maddie Van Horn, inherited all of her father's abilities, unlike Evan, that only inherited a small part of his mother's. Maddie Van Horn was also most likely to be in her mother's womb for normal time, not one week like Evan.