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Eric Marsh was a baseball star at Smallville High School.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super strength: Eric's physical strength was greatly amplified after he consumed liquified refined kryptonite. The level of strength Eric obtained appeared significant enough to rival that of a teenage Kryptonian.

Early life

One summer, he was injured in an explosion at chemistry camp and as a result, has a metal plate in his skull. Eric started off as a little league bench warmer who went on to break Smallville High's all-time highest batting average.

Season Two

He got involved in the theft of refined meteor rock from a LuthorCorp van. Clark Kent witnessed one of the robberies and identified Eric by X-raying through his mask to see the plate in his head. He later followed Eric to a foundry and saw him liquefying meteor rocks. Clark realized that Eric was using the liquid in an inhaler to enhance his strength, which explained his sudden and amazing baseball skills. When Eric and his gang realized Clark had followed them, they threw him into a furnace, but also took the liquid with them, allowing Clark to escape.

Eric prepares to beat up Clark.

Clark called an anonymous tip which lead the sheriff to search Eric's locker and find the mask he used during the robbery. Eric was arrested, but Lex Luthor posted his bail in exchange for information regarding the contents of the cargo van. Lex also had Eric followed by a security guard. Eric told Lex that they stole refined meteor rock, but then he beat up the guard and terrorized Jonathan and Martha Kent to scare Clark into not testifying against him. When Clark told Lex, they hatched a plan to lure Eric into a trap. Clark hid in a decoy van and used his other abilities to subdue Eric and his cohorts, using his heat vision to drop some metal pipes on one of them and taking another by surprise with his speed. Eric was apprehended and presumably is serving time for his crimes.