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"This time it will be you!"
— Emily Dinsmore's clone to Lana Lang, Accelerate

Emily Eve Dinsmore (January 20, 1986 - April 14, 1996) was a childhood friend of Lana Lang.

Powers and Abilities

As a result of the cloning process and meteor rocks, Emily gained several special abilities, most of which she mastered from early infancy:

  • Accelerated aging: Emily was cloned by her father, Pete Dinsmore, under Lionel Luthor's supervision and with the aid of LuthorCorp. He was able to produce a duplicate of Emily, but the clone was unhealthy and mentally unstable. (Accelerate). A year later, she had grown at such an accelerated rate, she had the appearance of a teenager. (Forsaken)
  • Super speed: Emily could run at supersonic speeds that just about rivaled Clark Kent's ability. (Accelerate, Forsaken)
    • Intangibility: Emily's superspeed caused her molecules to vibrate so fast, she developed the ability to pass through solid objects, including a concrete wall in a graveyard and her own father's body. When he tried to take her back to the lab, she killed him by putting her arm through his chest. (Accelerate, Forsaken)
  • Enhanced strength: Emily could easily overpower Lana, pushing her into the river or flicking her across the room with just a haymaker. (Accelerate, Forsaken)
  • Enhanced durability: While not physically invulnerable, Emily was still more durable than most humans. She was able to survive being hit by all the water that was in a water tower, though it still knocked her out.
  • Healing factor: After Lana knocked her out by shattering a kettle on her head, Emily recovered in less than half a minute. Also, even after she was knocked out after being hit by a tremendous amount of water and was heavily sedated, Emily still managed to recover enough to use her powers to escape from Belle Reve.

Early life

Lana Lang and the original Emily Dinsmore

When Emily and Lana were children, they were friends and loved playing together, including going to the river to make boats from flowers. On April the 14th when they were ten years old, they were at the river during a rainstorm, and Lana slipped and fell in. Emily jumped in after her and encouraged her until Lana swam to safety, but there was no one to do the same for Emily, and she drowned.

Season Two


Six years later, Emily's father was moderately successful in using refined meteor rocks to create a clone of his daughter. She was beautiful, sweet, and smart, but her accelerated growth caused severe chromosomal damage. She also had no sense of morality; she did not know right from wrong. That defect, combined with her abilities of super strength and super speed, made her very dangerous.

The Emily clone ran from Granville to Smallville to find her friend Lana Lang. Because Emily was still ten years old, Lana thought she saw a ghost and the poor girl was very confused by her friend's fear. Emily seriously injured her father using her unnatural strength and speed when he tried to stop her from seeing Lana. Upon discovering that Lana didn't save her, an enraged Emily threw her into the river, though Clark Kent arrived in time to save her. Lionel eventually captured Emily again, bribing her with a gift of a white rabbit, but Lionel refused to allow her father to continue working with her.

Season Three

When she reached adolescence, she escaped her confinement by walking through a wall. She went to the Talon and killed the new owner. She pretended to be his daughter in an attempt to get close to Lana. She killed her father when he tried to interfere. She captured Lana and locked her in a glass cell in the middle of nowhere. She made up a story for Clark about Lana's departure, but Clark figured it out. When he confronted her, she fled. When Lana tried to escape, Emily gassed her with chlorine. Clark found Lana in the nick of time. Emily escaped custody on her way to Belle Reve.

The Deletion Force, acting under Lionel Luthor's orders, arrived at the Granville facility and arranged the transport of the remaining Emily clones inside the cases. (Chronicle)

The active Emily clone's current whereabouts are unknown, though Lex implied, and Lionel all but confirmed, that Lionel was able to secure Emily before her arrival at Belle Reve.


  • It is unknown what became of the Emily clone after Season Three. Later clones Adrian Cross and LX-13 suffered from short lifespans due to accelerated aging. However, unlike Emily, neither Adrian or LX-13 possessed metahuman abilities. Conner Kent also suffered from accelerated aging, but was cured by his healing factor, which canceled it out, when Conner reached adolescence.[1]
  • In addition to the main Emily Dinsmore clone, three more were shown to have been created.[2] The comic Chronicle depicts the Deletion Force removing the Emily Clones from the Granville location.

Three more Emily Dinsmores.