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Emil LaSalle is a metahuman member of the Suicide Squad with the power of teleportation.

Powers and Abilities

Emil teleporting.

  • Teleportation - Emil can move from one place to another instantaneously, without transversing the intervening space.

Season Ten

LaSalle tracking General Lane's location.

A current team member of Suicide Squad, LaSalle was partnered with Rick Flag in their mobile base in Smallville, targeting General Lane to prevent the passing of the Vigilante Registration Act. When the base was attacked by Green Arrow and the Blur, the two Suicide Squad members evaded interrogation through LaSalle's teleportation. LaSalle later bombed an Anti-Vigilante support building when the bill had passed.

In The Comics

Warp as he appears in comics

Warp is a French supervillain most commonly associated with the team, the Brotherhood of Evil. Little is known about how he gained his teleportation powers or why he hated the woman known as Madame Rouge. As Warp, he joined the Brotherhood of Evil because of that group's plan for revenge against Rouge. In a battle with the New Teen Titans, the Brotherhood succeeded in killing Rouge and her accomplices. The Brotherhood then turned their attention to Brother Blood. In an attempt to learn Blood's secrets, Warp kidnapped Raven, but the Titan was rescued by her team mates.

Warp joined [Alexander Luthor's Secret Society. Working with Dr. Psycho, he freed Doomsday.

Warp was one of the villains stranded on planet Salvation. He seemingly died when the portal exploded.



Other faces of Warp