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Eliza Luthor (née Meehan) was the wife of Lachlan Luthor, mother of Lionel Luthor, mother-in-law of Lillian Luthor and grandmother of Lex Luthor, Julian Luthor, Lucas Luthor and Tess Mercer.

Early life

Eliza married Lachlan Luthor, with whom she had a son (Lionel). She lived with her family in Suicide Slums of Metropolis, presumably as an alcoholic. (Shattered)

Her maiden name was Meehan. (Transference)

Around the late 1970s, Eliza and her husband Lachlan were killed in their apartment by a fire that was caused by Lionel and his friend Morgan Edge in order for Lionel to claim the insurance money.

Season Three

Years later, Lex Luthor (Lionel's son and Eliza's grandson) questioned his father about his grandparents after talking to Clark Kent about "a Lachlan Luthor" who was arrested for attempted theft. Lionel said that they died in a fire but, after further investigation and a confession from Edge (who reffered to Eliza as a "gin-soaked mother"), Lex discovered that Lionel was responsible. Lachlan was avenged, as Lex built up a case against Lionel, who went to jail as a result of his crime.


Morgan Edge (about Eliza's death): I blow up the building, Lionel gets rid of his bastard father and his gin-soaked mother.
Season Three, Shattered

Lincoln Cole: I know all about your underprivileged youth. But that all changed when your parents died in the fire you set. Ohh, did I hit a nerve?
Lionel: I didn't kill my parents.
Lincoln Cole: Tell a lie long enough, you'll believe it to be truth.
Season Five, Mercy


  • Lionel was ultimately killed by his son Lex,[1] just as Eliza had been killed by her son Lionel.
  • In Transference, it is revealed that her maiden name was Eliza Meehan.
  • Eliza was the only member of the Luthor family to be mentioned, but never appear on the show.
  • Eliza is one of the Luthors in Smallville who does not appear in the DC mainstream universe.
  • In the possible future shown in Lexmas, Eliza would have become a great-grandmother to Alexander Luthor, Jr. and Lillian "Lily" Luthor as well as a grandmother-in-law to Lana Lang.
  • In the Earth-2 Universe, she would have been the adoptive paternal grandmother of Clark Luthor.



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