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Clark being struck by lightning.

Electricity is a general term that encompasses a variety of phenomena resulting from the presence and flow of electric charge, including lightning and static electricity.

Electricity is a powerful force in the Smallville universe. It can be used to transfer Kryptonian powers, charge up metahuman powers, and is a potent force for and against humans and metahumans. However, because they're completely invulnerable to all types of physical harm, even the overwhelming power of electricity can't harm or physically damage Kryptonians unless kryptonite is somehow involved in the matter.


When combined with kryptonite, electricity can be used as a catalyst to transfer Kryptonian powers, strengthen the debilitating effects of kryptonite on Kryptonians, or to make people temporarily metahuman.

Kryptonian powers

Lana absorbs Clark's powers during a lightning strike.

Clark has accidentally transferred his powers to two humans: Eric Summers (once in Leech and once in Asylum) and Lana Lang (Wrath). All three power transfers were also reversed using green kryptonite and electricity.

The power transfer from Clark to Lana was "incomplete", so Clark maintained his powers (unlike with Eric Summers, where Clark entirely lost his powers).

Increase the power of kryptonite

Clark trapped in the kryptonite cage with electricity.

Electricity can also be combined with kryptonite in a way that strengthens its debilitating effects on Kryptonians. This combination powered two of the most effective weapons against Clark Kent: the kryptonite cage and kryptonite tasers. The potency of the kryptonite cage could be increased by increasing the amount of electricity flowing through the cage.

Temporarily metahuman

When an old Harry Volk fell into the pond near the Smallville Retirement Center, electricity from some old decorative lights combined with kryptonite in the pond to make Harry temporarily young.


Some metahumans have the ability to create or manipulate electricity:

Jeremy electrocutes Clark.

  • Jeremy Creek was able to create and manipulate electricity.
  • Tommy Lee was able to create and project electrical energy blasts.
  • Nick Yang was able to control energy around him, including electricity from a taser.
  • Bizarro was able to combine his heat vision with bolts of electricity.
  • Leslie Willis was able to create and project electrical energy blasts. Parasite stole her powers so now he is able to project electricity.


Some metahumans are able use electricity to recharge their energy stores, similar to how Clark Kent uses the yellow sun to charge his solar battery.

Tommy Lee using his power of energy blasts.

  • Tommy Lee uses electrical devices to recharge energy to power his energy blasts.
  • Brainiac depended on power stations to recharge his energy stores.


Electricity combined with kryptonite to send a phone call from Lana Lang into the past. (Crisis)

Lex Luthor, Jason Teague, and Lana Lang were tortured with electricity by Chinese guards. The torture brought out the dormant Isobel, who possessed Lana. (Sacred)

Chloe being electrocuted by Macy.

Electricity was used by a psychotic jeweler to shock and/or kill engaged couples who lied about their relationship to each other (Committed)



Some metahumans are vulnerable to electricity:

  • Gloria was an alien who was vulnerable to electricity. Her vines and plants were destroyed by a stun gun and power outlets, and her "seed" was destroyed by a defibrillator. She was eventually killed when Clark electrocuted her.
  • Curtis Knox was an immortal who got knocked out when exposed to a live power line.

Clark defeats Brainiac with electricity.

  • Brainiac was destroyed when Clark Kent exposed him to more electricity than he could handle.
  • Linda Lake was a reporter who had the ability to change into water. She lost this ability while in contact with electricity


Several humans have been knocked out several times with electricity, often getting amnesia as a result.

  • Jeremy Creek got amnesia after electrocuting himself while submerged to water.

Lex strapped up for electroshock therapy.

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