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Egypt is a country in Africa.

It has appeared or been mentioned on Smallville several times.

Early History

At some point, the Crystal of Fire was hidden in Egypt.

Season Four

Lex in Egypt.

Lex Luthor found the hidden chamber in which the Crystal of Fire was encased inside an Egyptian figurine of Ra.

Season Nine

Vala left the Mark of Zod on the Pyramids at Giza.

Carter Hall communicate with the team from a chamber at Giza

Season Ten

Lois in Egypt.

Lois Lane encountered Carter Hall in Egypt, who was the main archaeologist of the expedition to the tomb of Isis. Clark Kent, Lois Lane and the rest of the Justice League attend Carter's funeral in a sarcophagus chamber next to his wife Shayera Hall in Egypt.


Clark as Lionel: Where did Lionel get this?
Edgar: Uh... um...I-I don't know.
Clark as Lionel: Please, you have to tell me.
Edgar: It came from this... Mayan rain god statue. of his teams found it in an underwater ruin off the coast of Honduras.
Clark as Lionel: How did he know to search there?
Edgar: Oh, he's scouring the globe, yeah. These ancient symbols -- they've shown up in, uh, Egypt, Central America, even a, uh, sacred Indian cave right here in Kansas.
Season Four, Transference


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