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"Veritas... it's the greatest secret the world will ever know." – Edward Teague, Veritas

Edward Teague was a powerful lawyer who was a member of Veritas and disciple of Virgil Swann. He was the husband of Genevieve Teague and the father of Jason Teague.

Early life

Edward and Genevieve searched for the Stones of Power, believing they could hold some information regarding the Traveler. The other members of Veritas knew about their expeditions around the world looking for the stones and were unsure whether they wanted them to share with the group and the Traveler.

Edward cut his son Jason off when he refused to join his family's law firm of Merrian, Teague and Wiseman. He and Jason were estranged for years by the time he transferred from Metropolis University to attend Central Kansas A&M. While taking classes, Jason worked as the assistant football coach at Smallville High School. Genevieve and Jason were descendants of the Duchess Gertrude, who was cursed to be destroyed by Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her descendants.

Season Seven

Edward weakens Clark.

After the deaths of his family and the other members of Veritas, Edward went into hiding and became a priest at the St. Christopher's Cathedral in Montreal, Canada. After years of waiting, Teague saw the Traveler, Clark Kent. After learning of everything that had happened thus far, Teague felt that Clark was weak and should be stopped before he could be used for personal gain by Lex Luthor. He subdued Clark with a piece of kryptonite hidden in his cane and performed a Kryptonian ritual that was meant to sacrifice a warrior, carving the Mark of El on Clark's chest. He then fought Lex after he found the missing piece of the Orb in a clock.

"Kara" extorts Edward.

Resentful over what he had done to Clark and failing to keep the Orb's missing piece hidden from Lex, Teague decided to run away to South America and go under a different name, Alejandro Santos. Then, Brainiac, posing as Kara, threatened Teague to tell about the location of the Orb, and Teague told Brainiac that Lex would have the answer he was looking for. After Brainiac flew out of the plane, Teague went down with the plane to its destruction. He was the last member of Veritas to die.


  • Edward Teague is the only Veritas member to be killed by an alien, Brainiac.



Edward Teague: People want to see you as their savior, but you can't be so naive. For every beacon of light in the universe, there is a pit of darkness. We must fight to keep that darkness from overwhelming us.
Season Seven, "Quest"

Lex: You have no idea what it's like to live every day of your life feeling like an afterthought. I've sacrificed too much.
Edward Teague: No. Your sacrifice has just begun. The world can exist only in balance. If there is no Traveler, there can be no Destroyer.
Season Seven, "Quest"

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