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Lucas and Lex in Edge City.

Edge City is a city in Lowell County, Kansas. It is located near Smallville, Metropolis, and Granville.

Known Residents

  • Lucas Luthor, Lex Luthor's 18-year-old half brother, was in Edge City when Lex finally tracked him down after a seven month search. He helped Lucas narrowly escape from some Edge City gangsters after the young man was caught cheating at a card game.
  • Ryan James' aunt lived in Edge City. He moved in with her after his stepmother was killed and his stepfather was arrested. She later moved away.
  • Ryan James, a telepath who lived with his aunt until he was sent to Summerholt Institute.
  • Carter Bowfry was residing in Edge City where he trained Lana Lang to fight her demons and ignore pain and torture before becoming Tess Mercer's Strategic Adviser while feeding Lana information.


  • Chloe Chronicles - Arthur Walsh served as a biology professor at Edge City High shortly before he disappeared.
  • Prodigal - Lex Luthor's eighteen-year-old half brother Lucas was in Edge City when Lex finally tracked him down a seven month search.
  • Stray - Ryan James' aunt lived in Edge City. After his scheming stepfather and stepmother were killed, Ryan moved to Edge City with his aunt.
  • Power - Carter Bowfry revealed that he gave Lana a phoenix medallion in Edge City after she tracked him down and requested that he train her.
  • Doomsday - Chloe and Davis hide on the outskirts of Edge City watching the stars right before Oliver's team finds them.