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This article is about a parallel universe. For the mainstream universe, see Earth-1.

Earth-2 Metropolis

"According to my Clark, it's like a parallel reality. It's still the same history. It's just rewritten with a sort of...darker edge". Lutessa Luthor to Clark Kent.

Earth-2 was the Earth from a parallel universe that co-existed alongside the Earth native to Clark Kent's universe. When shown, it was always in gray and dull colors. In this realm, the toddler Kal-El was found and raised by Lionel Luthor instead of the Kents. Kal-El, now known as Clark Luthor, helped Lionel take control of the planet (or at the very least Metropolis) by creating an alternative identity for himself (Clark) known as Ultraman.

Operating as a metaphorical mirror, all of its residents appeared to be similar and yet different from those of their Earth-1 counterparts. Travel between the two Earths was achieved through the Kryptonian mirror box, or through Jor-El's Fortress of Solitude.

Revealed by the memories of the Chloe Sullivan that was native to this universe, it was destroyed by beings known as The Monitors, due to their goal of bringing order to the universe (and possibly the entire multiverse) by exterminating all life.

Season Ten

Clark Kent activates the mirror box.

After Tess Mercer was bequeathed with a device that belonged to Lionel Luthor, Clark Kent accidentally activated it, as well as woke up in the parallel universe where he met again with Lionel, who treated him as his son. After a friendly battle of fencing where Lionel told him what it meant to be a Luthor, Kent made his way to the Kent Farm to try to find his parents, but ended up at an abandoned barn.

Clark Kent meets Oliver and Lois.

He was quite surprised to find Tess in the place, who reacted strangely and kissed him passionately. Kent stopped her and then Tess realized that he did not have a scar on his arm and concluded that it was not her Clark. She began to regret having relied on the alternative Clark and then the other Clark asked if it was a time travel or some trial that he must overcome. Tess told him about the existence of parallel realities and how the mirror box was the key to access them. After learning that the alternate Clark had traveled to his reality instead and wanted to dominate it, Kent began to find his way back.

Tess slaps Lionel.

While touring the streets of Metropolis, Kent was hit by a car that turned out to being driven by Lois, who showed a hostile treatment towards him for some reason. After discovering in that universe she and Oliver were getting married, Kent started to wonder why they hated him so much. After catching a thief who had committed a robbery, Clark learned that Lionel had corrupted his Earth-2 self and made him a murderer.

Lois and Oliver at the Ace of Clubs.

Meanwhile, Tess went to Lionel's office in search of information about the Mirror box but was caught by Lionel, who revealed know about Tess's plan to escaping to an alternate reality and accused her of corrupting her brother into doing it. Tess defended herself saying that he was responsible for that and finally ended slapping her father after he provoked her. Lionel then called security to remove Tess, who warned him that Clark would eventually kill him.

Clark Kent tries to make Lois understand who he is.

Kent went to the Fortress in search of Jor-El but instead discovered Lionel, who warned him that Oliver was in possession of the mirror box. Clark learned as well that his other self and Lionel had shutdown Jor-El's essence. Also, Lionel performed experiments in the Fortress to try to learn more about Krypton. He also learned that his other self had murdered the Lex of this reality.

Clark Kent returns to his universe.

During their engagement party at the Ace of Clubs, Lois and Oliver discussed his frustration about not being able to be a hero when Lois suddenly disappeared. After using Lois as a means to blackmail Oliver to hand over the box, they met at the Watchtower where Oliver laid him a trap and activated a kryptonite-radiated window to weaken and kill Clark. When Lionel appeared on the scene and knocked out Oliver, he revealed that he knew Clark was walking into a trap planned to kill Clark because he was a threat to him. Lionel revealed to be in possession of the Mirror box all the time and finally, aided by Oliver, Kent was able to take it and activate the device to return to his universe. However, Lionel was inadvertently transported to Earth-1 with him in the process. Kent later revealed that he destroyed the box afterwards.

Oliver Queen's funeral.

Some time later, Clark Luthor used his mirror box to travel to Earth-1 and to send Clark Kent back to Earth-2. Clark Kent was transported to the Smallville Cemetery for the funeral of Oliver Queen. He witnessed Jonathan Kent ranting that Queen had ruined him and his marriage. Clark Kent tried to follow him, but was attacked by Lois Queen, who was in the possession of kryptonite. She revealed that Oliver had exposed Ultraman's identity and weakness to the world and Clark Luthor had murdered him for it. Kent was able to convince her that he wasn't Luthor, but realized that the entire Earth was armed with kryptonite and that he had to get home before he was killed.

Jonathan holds Clark prisoner.

Clark Kent follows Jonathan to the former Kent Farm, where Jonathan attacks him and ties him up, intending to hand him over to the authorities. They talk about Martha and Jonathon eventually releases Clark so that he can prove he wasn't Ultraman. He is able to convince him and are about to embrace when Clark is pulled once again back to his own Earth.

Clark Luthor in his fortress.

Once Clark Luthor was defeated on Earth-1, Jor-El used the Fortress of Solitude's power to send him back to Earth-2 and recharge his counterpart there, assumedly to hopefully help Ultraman become the savior that his reality needs.

Jonathan Kent is then shown to be approaching Earth-2 Martha Kent (possibly now Martha Clark)'s apartment with flowers.

Parallels with Earth-1

Because this reality has a different history, it has a lot of darker counterparts of those things that are in Earth-1. However, there are basic things that apparently were not amended in its entirety.

Clark's Ultraman alter ego

  • In this universe, Lionel Luthor fulfilled his mission to find the Traveler during the 1989 meteor shower and raised him as his son, naming him Clark Luthor. Lionel even wondered what would have happened if the traveler had been discovered by an ignorant farmer.
  • Clark still managed to unite the Stones of Power and construct the Fortress of Solitude. But, with the help of LuthorCorp technology, as well as Clark's own knowledge of the Fortress, he and Lionel managed to defuse Jor-El. Lionel conducted experiments in this place to try to find out more about Krypton.
  • Clark also formed a secret identity as Ultraman in this reality, but instead of using his powers to save the Earth, used them to become a mass murderer and tyrant.
  • Patricia Swann was murdered by a Luthor but instead of it being Lex it was Clark, who also murdered her father Virgil Swann.
  • The Luthors still reside at the Luthor Mansion in Smallville.

    The Kent Farm closed

  • This reality retains the concept of The Traveler, has its own Veritas Society and Lionel even kept a Veritas Journal to keep track of all his records and knowledge about Krypton. As in Earth-1, Tess read the journal and stole a page to obtain information about the mirror box, but was discovered by her father.
  • Tess was not abandoned by Lionel and instead was raised by him and received the same treatment that the Earth-1 Lex received, developing a deep resentment towards her father for putting her aside and eventually disowning her.
  • The rivalry between Clark and Lex stayed in this reality: probably due in part to jealousy on the part of Lex towards Clark for being Lionel's favorite (like in Earth-1), as well as to oppose his adoptive brother's evil actions. It ended with Clark murdering Lex without mercy.
  • In this reality, the attraction of Tess to Clark increased to the point of them having a relationship together, despite knowing that they were raised by the same father. However given that they are not biological siblings, it would only be incest on a technicality.
  • In this reality, every major corporation in Metropolis is owned by Luthorcorp. The city is displayed with various Luthorcorp buildings and billboards. For example, as in the mainstream universe, the Luthors own the biggest newspaper in the city, but instead of being acquired by Lex, it was acquired by Lionel assisted by Clark. The newspaper was renamed LuthorCorp Media, but it does have a spinning globe on top like the Daily Planet.
  • Lois Queen also worked at LuthorCorp Media as a reporter, except Clark was her boss.
  • As with his relationship with Lex in the other reality, Earth-2 Oliver Queen also has a strong rivalry with Clark Luthor that projects from a long time ago. The two even went to the same boarding school in their childhood.

    The Watchtower in the alternate reality

  • The relationship between Lois and Oliver did not fail in this reality and advanced to the point that the two got engaged and eventually married.
  • In this reality, Oliver still wanted to be a hero, but could not be due to not having enough support from anyone or the power to fight Ultraman. It follows that there is no team of heroes but nevertheless, the Watchtower still belongs to Oliver and is equipped with modern technology. Oliver, in this reality, is despised for forcing farmers out of their homes to use their land to mine meteor rocks. He did this in order to attempt to kill Clark. However Clark murdered him after Queen told everyone that Luthor was Ultraman and that green meteor rock was his weakness. 
  • This reality keeps the Ace of Clubs such as in Earth-1.
  • In this reality, the Kent Farm is on auction. Earlier on Earth-1, the Kents had money problems paying the mortgage on the farm, but they were helped by Clark.

Known Residents

Clark Luthor

Clark Luthor
For more information see: Clark Luthor

Clark Luthor is the counterpart to Clark Kent and quite the opposite to what he is. Luthor is willing to commit murder to get what he wants and to protect his secret identity. He is known as Ultraman instead of The Blur who later became Superman.

During the 1989 meteor shower, Clark was found by Lionel Luthor instead of Jonathan and Martha. Lionel raised him as his own son with Tess and Lex. Clark was taught by Lionel to be a ruthless conqueror and took over the planet (or at the very least Metropolis) with his powers, becoming a mass murderer. He also developed a relationship with his adopted sister.

When Clark Kent found the mirror box, he accidentally activated it and he and Clark Luthor switched places, with Kent being on Earth-2 and his counterpart being on Earth-1. During his time on Earth-1, Clark Luthor he tried to take it over and approached Tess Mercer to try to get her to be his girlfriend, but when she refused, he attacked Watchtower in response. When Clark Kent got ahold of the Earth-2 mirror box and activated it, he and Clark Luthor were sent back to their appropriate universes.

Clark Luthor returned to Earth-1 using his mirror box. He encountered Clark Kent and activated the mirror box, sending Kent to Earth-2 again. Clark Luthor then smashed the box, trapping his counterpart there. He encountered Tess again and this time threatened to murder her if she didn't help him find Lionel, who was on this Earth. Tess betrayed Clark Luthor and Clark Kent was brought back to Earth-1 after Lois and Emil Hamilton fixed the mirror box. Kent and Luthor battled it out and they both went to the Fortress of Solitude. With help from Jor-El, Clark Luthor was sent back to Earth-2 and was greeted by his reality's Jor-El.

Lutessa Luthor

Lutessa "Tess" Luthor
For more information see: Tess Luthor

She is the counterpart to Tess Mercer. As Tess, she is the daughter of Lionel, but was not abandoned as a child but was left out for not being special and eventually disowned. She has a relationship with her adopted brother and both wanted out of the shadow of their father. Clark planned for the both of them to escape into an alternate reality where the two would govern it together. Her appearance differs from Tess Mercer in that her hair is completely straight.

Lois Queen

Lois Queen
For more information see: Lois Queen

She is a more sustained version of the Earth-1 Lois Lane, but retains the nobility of her heart. Works at LuthorCorp Media and is in love with Oliver. The most significant difference that she has with Lois Lane-1 is that her hair is much shorter.

In Kent, she became a widow after Oliver was murdered by Clark and when she saw Clark Kent from Earth-1, she thought he was Clark Luthor and attacked him with green kryptonite, but realized he was the other Clark and helped him get away from the locals.

Jonathan Kent

Jonathan Kent
For more information see: Jonathan Kent (Earth-2)

This Jonathan has completely different personality. Jonathan is a broken and angry man who lives on the abandoned Kent farm alone. This Jonathan was also divorced from Martha, who couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed, being a shadow of his former self.

For more information see: Jor-El (Earth-2)
Martha Kent
For more information see: Martha Kent

This Martha was divorced from Jonathan Kent because she couldn't bear to be with him when he became so obsessed with the Meteor Shower and revenge on the Queens and the Luthors. She now lives in Metropois.

Lionel Luthor

Lionel Luthor
For more information see: Lionel Luthor (Earth-2)

This Lionel is the most influential man in this world and arguably the owner of it (or at the very least the arguable owner of Metropolis). Thanks to Clark's help, managed to conquer all of his goals. After discovering the truth about the Mirror box, he was transported to Earth-1 in 2010.

Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen
For more information see: Oliver Queen (Earth-2)

It's a frustrated version of Oliver, wanting to be a hero but can't due to not having the power to defeat Ultraman. He still continues to be a millionaire, but his fate is constantly overshadowed by the Luthors. The most significant difference he has with Oliver Queen-1 is that his hair is black instead of blond.

It is revealed in Kent that Oliver was murdered by Clark Luthor after revealing he was Ultraman and kryptonite can weaken him. This is the reason for Jonathan from Earth-2 hating him for using his farmland as a mining site for meteor rock.

Lex Luthor
For more information see: Lex Luthor (Earth-2)

In this reality, Lex was raised along with Tess and Clark by Lionel. As described by Clark, this Lex was the least skilled and useless of the three, getting to the point where Lex used gold kryptonite to try and stop Clark. Lex was ultimately murdered by Clark.

Chloe Sullivan

Chloe Sullivan
For more information see: Chloe Sullivan (Earth-2)

Not much is known about Chloe's background in this reality, save that she escaped from Earth-2 in a rocket ship just before it was destroyed by an unknown super-villain. Upon arriving in Earth-1, Chloe met with her counterpart and Oliver and was shot by her Earth-1 counterpart while fighting with Oliver. Shortly after explaining her dilemma, Earth-2 Chloe is severely wounded by the one who is presumed to be the destroyer of Earth-2. Chloe later dies from her injuries at the Smallville Medical Center.

Greg Arkin
For more information see: Greg Arkin (Earth-2)
Jodi Melville
For more information see: Jodi Melville (Earth-2)
Justin Gaines
For more information see: Justin Gaines (Earth-2)
Virgil Swann
For more information see: Virgil Swann
Patricia Swann
For more information see: Patricia Swann

In the Comics

DC Multiverse

Earth-Two was originally the home of DC's Golden Age characters. Like the Justice Society of America and its splinter team, Infinity, Inc. In this universe, the last son of Krypton, was a man, named Kal-L. He was sent to Earth, in the 1910s & debuted as Superman, in 1938. Unlike Earth-One & New Earth, this universe lacked a Green Lantern Corps. There was only one Green Lantern present, in this reality. However, along with the rest of the multiverse, Earth-Two was destroyed and erased from everyone's memory. Its sole survivor was Kal-L's cousin, Kara Zor-L (better known as "Power Girl"), who survived and has since become one of New Earth's greatest heroes.

Earth-Three meanwhile, was the world in which the evil Ultraman called home. Earth-Three's history is depicted as a mirror image to that of the Earth we know. This universe was designed to where all the heroes were villains and all the villains were heroes. Earth-Three was also home to an analogue to the Justice League, the Crime Syndicate of America. When Crisis on Infinite Earths occurred, it was revealed that a man named Alexander Luthor, is the only superhero on this Earth and in the opening scenes of the series this reality and its inhabitants were all destroyed by waves of antimatter. The sole survivor is the son of Alexander and Lois Lane Luthor, Alexander Luthor, Jr. At the conclusion of the series, all other worlds in the Multiverse were merged.

In 2000, Grant Morrison wrote the graphic novel JLA: Earth 2, which was set in the anti-matter universe. On Earth-Three, the concept was reintroduced as the antimatter universe, where there were villainous versions of Earth's heroes, including Ultraman, who is not the alien Kal-El but a human astronaut who acquires Kryptonian abilities, standing in for Superman. This Earth continues to exist.

In the final issue of the 52 weekly series, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 parallel realities. Among the parallel realities shown is one designated "Earth-3". The name of the new Earth-3 team is revealed to be the Crime Society of America. The Crime Society are considered to be evil versions of the heroes of Earth-2, acting as a new Golden Age counterpart to the Antimatter Earth. Despite the return of the DC Multiverse and the creation of a new Earth-3, the Antimatter Earth still exists in Qward, acting as an inverted microcosm of New Earth.

In the New 52, the Trinity War crossover event reintroduces Earth 3. It is mentioned as the birthplace of true evil and of the Crime Syndicate. The Crime Syndicate is largely modeled after Morrison's version, with the introduction of new characters, and by re-envisioning Ultraman once again as an alien with an origin story which more closely parallels Superman's. It is also the origin place of the device known on Prime Earth as "Pandora's Box". The Crime Syndicate fled their universe from a mysterious entity of amazing power, whose abilities they could not predict. The Syndicate kept this secret from their allies on Prime Earth, where they claimed publicly that they had killed the population of Earth 3 in response to an uprising.


  • This Earth-2 is similar to JLA: Earth-2, as both contains an evil incarnation of a super-powered Clark Kent.
  • Clark and Jonathan appear to be the main people whose personality seems most drastically altered from the main universe. Everyone else seems to retain their normal behavior.
  • Lionel, Clark, Lex, Tess, Oliver, Lois, Chloe, Jonathan and Martha are the only main characters whose existence in the universe has been confirmed. 
  • It is unknown if Pete Ross, Lana Lang, Jason Teague, Jimmy Olsen, Davis Bloome/Doomsday, Whitney Fordman or Zod existed in Earth-2 at any point in time.
  • There are some thematic similarities between Smallville Earth-2 and alternate reality titles Superman: Red Son, JLA: The Nail, Superman: Speeding Bullets and Superman: Dark Side. In all five cases, the reality is radically altered because the Kents did not find the infant Kal-El.
  • While she never appeared or was mentioned in the TV series, Chloe's Earth-2 counterpart was introduced in the first story arc of Smallville: Season 11, Guardian. However, unlike her Earth-1 counterpart, who has blond hair, Earth-2 Chloe is a brunette.
  • It is unknown what the fates of Lana Lang, Whitney Fordman, as well as Pete Ross were, due to Clark never attending Smallville High.
    • Lana may have moved to France after high school to study at the Sorbonne and married the French philanthropist Pierre Rousseau and had two children with him, as occurred in the parallel universe to which Kent was sent by Jor-El in Apocalypse.
  • Jason Teague would never have come into their lives because Lana would never have left for Paris because of her failed relationship with Clark as she may have never met him.
  • Jimmy may never have formed a real relationship with Chloe because there was no Dark Thursday to bring them together.
  • Kara may never have been released from suspended animation because the phantom wraith that became Bizarro never escaped and blew up Reeves Damn releasing her. In the comics, the version of Supergirl associated with Ultraman is known as Ultragirl.
  • Davis may still have been defeated on Earth-2 in order for Clark to stay alive and remain in control.
  • Zod and the rest of the Kandorian army in the Orb may have been killed by Kal-El so that he could remain the sole one with powers, or never released from the orb at all.
  • It is unknown whether Julian Luthor was born on Earth-2.
  • It is unknown whether Lucas Luthor was born on Earth-2.
  • If Lucas was born, it is unknown what his final fate was. Whether Lionel simply never bothered to learn what became of him or whether he was killed by Clark as Lex ultimately was. 
  • In Earth-1, the name "Clark" was quickly given to Kal-El by Martha Kent when questioned by a police officer. Since "Clark" is Martha's maiden name, it is unknown why Lionel Luthor would give Kal-El this name in Earth-2. It is possible that given Lionel's tendency to name his children in meaningful manners: Alexander "Lex" after Alexander the Great and Julian after Julius Caesar, he may have named him Clark in reference to him being "the traveler" as William Clark (Explorer) was.
  • In the comics, kryptonite from other universes cannot hurt Kryptonians, whereas the Earth-2 kryptonite can hurt Clark Kent. Likewise the Earth-1 kryptonite can hurt Clark Luthor.[1]
  • It is noted that the numeration of Earth-2 is based on the false notion that the main Earth on Smallville is Earth-1, meaning that the actual numeration of the multiple parallel Earths might be completely different.
  • According to Bryan Q. Miller, there was a scene that did not make it into the final script, featuring Clark Luthor's demise, as one of Chloe's flashes. It was going to take place right after the events of Season 10's episode Kent. There, it would have been revealed that Chloe of Earth-2 attacked Luthor at the Fortress along with that Universe's versions of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg (referred in the script as the DARK equivalents of the characters), who would have been carrying blue kryptonite enhanced weaponss. Chloe would have given the final shot against Luthor, avenging once and for all her lover, Oliver. According to Miller, Chloe's flashes started getting repetitive so it was ultimately decided to cut the scene as it wasn't necessary to be included in order to conclude the story-arc. There was an intention of keeping this particular scene in case it would be decided to keep Chloe's flashes of her Earth-2 doppelganger as a season-long storyline but that didn't eventually come to fruition.[2]


Lois: What are these for?
Clark: Nothing says "Sorry My Doppelganger From A Parallel Earth Tried To Kill You" like flowers.
Lois: I think there's a card for that now.
Clark: The store was out. I destroyed the mirror box. You won't ever have to worry about seeing him again.
Lois: He wasn't you, Clark. I mean, not you you.
Clark: Well, I know the circumstances were different from that side, but that was still me in that mirror. And the way you looked at me, Lois, with so much was like you already formed your opinion about Clark Luthor -- for good reason. He was a monster. I was a monster.
Lois: Kind of makes you wonder how "Earth Two" Lois Lane managed to put up with such a colossal tool.
Clark: Consider yourself universally consistent. Didn't cut him any slack. But I do think she was about to give him another chance.
Lois: You don't need to worry about second chances with me. You're doing really well with the first one.
Season Ten, Luthor


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