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This article is about a parallel universe in the multiverse of the Arrowverse. For the mainstream universe, see Earth-1.

Earth-167 Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Earth-167 is a parallel universe that co-exists as with other universes in a multiverse. In this realm, Clark Kent was once known as "Superman", until he decided to settle down with Lois Lane. Clark gave up his powers, retired and had a few daughters with Lois.

Superman in Daily Planet Newspaper.jpg

Superman news articles adorned on the Kent house wall.

Crisis on Infinite Earths

Clark during the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover

Traveling from two other Earths, Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Iris West-Allen meet an older Clark chopping wood outside the barn. They try to explain to him how they are from other Earths and that the multiverse is in danger and that Lex Luthor is coming to kill him. Clark says he didn't know the president was in town before they vanish. Clark turns around to see Lex Luthor of Earth-38 holding the Book of Destiny.

After being confronted by an alternate Lex Luthor, Clark reveals he gave up his powers.

Clark asks who he is and Lex tells him. Clark walks over to him, still holding a hatchet, and tells him that he's not Lex. Lex says that he's not the Lex Clark knows. Clark asks where the others went and Lex explains that he sent them back to the Waverider and that he came for Clark, not them. Clark tells him that he's just a normal guy working on a farm but Lex proclaims that Clark will always be his greatest enemy. He says their destiny is written in the book he's holding revealing that he knows Clark's secret. He says that where he comes from that's ridiculous because you wouldn't be able to see past Clark Kent's glasses. Clark asks what he wants and Lex says that he wants to kill every version of Superman across the multiverse and pulls out a piece of Kryptonite. Clark is unaffected and takes the Kryptonite and chucks it into the field. Confused Lex asks why it didn't work, after which Clark reveals that he gave up his powers and that Kryptonite no longer affects him. Lex asks him why he gave up all that power before stepping on a toy bulldozer on the ground. Lex realizes Clark is a father and Clark tells him that his children are worth more than any superpower. Clark hears Lois calling from the house telling him that "the girls" want him to see what they made. Clark turns around to tell Lex to leave and Lex tries to punch him. Clark stops him and punches him instead, telling him that even without his powers he's still stronger.

Lois and Clark at the Kent Farm

Lex says that he took the fun out of it and to enjoy his normal life while he can since he's doomed anyway. He opens a breach and leaves before Clark is greeted by Lois. He tells her that Lex Luthor came from another earth and told him that the multiverse is ending. Lois laughs it off saying that it took him a decade but he made a funny joke. She tells him that "the girls" made a mess that they can't wait for him to see. Clark says it looks like a job for them and they walk back to the house holding hands.

Earth-167 is soon after destroyed, along with the rest of the multiverse. However, it was later brought back, when the multiverse was recreated.

Known Residents

Clark Kent

Clark Kent

Clark Kent was born on the planet Krypton, and sent to Earth. Eventually, Clark became the Earth's protector as "Superman", prior to his retirement.

Lois Lane

Lois Lane

Lois Lane was a reporter for the Daily Planet, when she wrote an article entitled "I SPENT THE NIGHT WITH SUPERMAN". She later married Clark Kent, moved to Smallville, and had daughters with Clark.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is the President of the United States on Earth-167.

Differences from the main Smallville Universe

  • Earth-167 is located within a different multiverse, than the main Smallville universe. Most Earths in the main Smallville universe's multiverse were destroyed by 2012, in another Crisis.[1] Differences between the two multiverses are showcased through their different Earths 2 and 13:
    • One noteworthy example, when it comes to Earth-2, is the different versions of Oliver Queen. The Oliver Queen of Earth-2 (the multiverse of Smallville) was murdered by Clark Luthor in 2011.[2] His parents had both been murdered years earlier by Lionel Luthor.[3] Meanwhile, the Oliver Queen of the Arrowverse's Earth-2 died when a ship sank in 2007.[4] Additionally, the parents of that Oliver Queen outlived him.[4][5] Furthermore, the former Earth-2 was destroyed in 2011,[6] whereas the Earth-2 native to the Arrowverse was destroyed in 2019.[5]
    • Earth-9, Earth-13 and Earth-37 (the multiverse of Smallville) were all destroyed in 2012,[1] whereas the Earths 9, 13 and 37 of the Arrowverse's multiverse continued to exist until 2019.[7] Additionally, while neither Earth-13 appeared onscreen, the Arrowverse's Earth-13 was shown to be resided by a The Lord of the Rings-style wizard called Wells the Grey[8] (along with a demon-elf named Claus of the North). That Earth-13 was an apparently magical universe.[9] Meanwhile, the other Earth-13 (in the multiverse of Smallville) was resided by a human, powerless, Clark Kent (who sported modern clothing). That Earth-13's sole known survivor, Bruce Wayne made no indicators that their Earth was very different from the main Smallville universe (outside of elements like the Earth-13 Clark Kent being a normal human).[1]
  • Clark gave up his abilities, and thus has the longevity of a human. In Hourglass, Cassandra Carver’s vision showed Clark to be immortal and that he would outlive his loved ones.
    • Similarly, Jordan Cross’s vision in Hereafter implied Clark to be immortal as well (along with showing Clark be Superman, for as long as he'll live), though in the case of Jordan his visions were subject to change.
  • In the prior Elseworlds crossover which first announced Crisis on Infinite Earths, a character wearing Justin Hartley’s original Green Arrow suit appeared to have been killed by the Monitor. However, in Smallville Season 11, Oliver updated his suit to a 3D-printed armor.
    • It is unknown if this was intended to be either the Smallville or Earth-167 version of Oliver Queen, or another doppelgänger who utilizes an identical costume. While the scene took place on the world of the 1990’s The Flash, it is also unknown if he was a native to that world or came from another Earth to aid in the fight (similar to how the Superman, Lois, Martian Manhunter, and Brainiac 5 of the Arrowverse’s Earth-38 came to aid in the fight on it’s Earth-1 in the climax of the same Elseworlds crossover).
  • Ezra Miller’s Flash appears in the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, establishing the DC Extended Universe as part of the Multiverse. The Justice League film established that universe as having its own adaptation of Darkseid, whereas it was established that only a singular version of the character exists within the Smallville multiverse.
  • Similarly, Tom Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar appears in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. In Smallville continuity, Granny Goodness established that the biblical Lucifer and Darkseid were one in the same.
    • However, Granny Goodness also said the same of the Greek God Hades, who later appeared as a separate character in Olympus.
  • In the Kent house, there are three framed newspaper articles, presumably dealing with noteworthy events in Clark's career as a superhero.
    • The first (presumably the first article written about Clark in the Daily Planet) has the headline: "CAPED WONDER STUNS CITY". That is the headline, for the first Daily Planet article about Clark's superhero activities, in Superman: The Movie.[10] On Smallville, the first Daily Planet article, about Clark's superhero activities, had the headline: "FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET".[11] Furthermore, on Smallville, Clark's superhero persona did not wear a cape, until 2011[12] (having operated in Metropolis and been known as "the Blur", since 2008).
    • The second headline reads: "I SPENT THE NIGHT WITH SUPERMAN". Like the first headline, this is from Superman: The Movie. The headline also contrasts Lois Lane, on Smallville, who wanted to keep people's attention away from Clark Kent[13] (a man whom she literally spends the nights with). Furthermore, the article contains a photograph of Clark Kent opening his shirt, to reveal his Superman suit to the photographer. Provided that the three articles are arranged chronologically, this (undated) article pre-dates the third (dated October 15, 2017). However, in the mainstream Smallville universe, Clark Kent's identity was still secret in 2018.[12]
      • The image of Clark opening his shirt is very clearly the final shot of the Smallville series, in which Clark was rushing off to stop a bomb. There was no photographer in the context in the scene who would have taken that photograph.
    • The third newspaper article had been featured in the 2017 scenes, in the episode Homecoming. However, the article recounts Superman stopping a billion-dollar train robbery (an homage to the Fleischer Superman cartoon, Billion Dollar Limited), whereas the Blur/Superman on Smallville performed more noteworthy feats and saves (like moving the planet, Apokolips, with his bare hands).[14]
  • The Clark and Lois of Earth-167 are shown to have multiple daughters, in 2019. Old enough to be playing outside, with toys intended for children ages 3 and up. There were no indicators of the Smallville Clark and Lois having children in either 2017[15] or 2018 (nor did Lois appear to be pregnant in the latter).[12]
  • Lex Luthor is mentioned as the President of the United States on Earth-167, after Clark Kent's retired from being Superman (and given up his powers). Several Smallville episodes noted that, if Lex Luthor becomes President (and Clark isn't there to stop him), then Lex would kill everyone on Earth.[16][17] Earth-167 appears to have not suffered such a fate.
  • The Kents of Earth-167 are shown to own an old 1940s style truck. While Clark and Lois of Earth-38 were seen restoring an identical vehicle in the Elseworlds crossover, The Kents of the main Smallville universe were always shown to drive modern cars and trucks (their oldest being a 1986 Dodge Ram). As of 2007, Clark Kent drove a 2007 Toyota Tundra.[18][19]

In the Comics

Earth-167 first appeared in World's Finest #167 (June, 1967). In this reality, Clark Kent become Batman, while his best friend, Lex Luthor, become Superman.


  • This Earth is part of the Multiverse in the Arrowverse, as revealed in the second part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.
  • The designation of this Earth is based on Alfred Gough and Miles Millar both being born in 1967.[20]
  • Marc Guggenheim confirmed that Earth-167 had been restored, post-Crisis.[21] The post-Crisis version of Earth-167 was never shown. After the restoration of the multiverse, Earth-2, Earth-19 and Earth-96 all displayed notable changes. It is unknown what changes Earth-167 might have experienced post-Crisis.
  • In a 2021 interview, Alfred Gough identified Earth-167 as a nod to the Smallville television series.[22]


  • In addition to Earth-167, there are several other universes of note within the Multiverse in the Arrowverse:
    • Earth-66, which is seemingly presented as the home of the Adam West Batman television series. And Earth-76, which is seemingly presented as the home of the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman television series.[23] The 2017 comic book series Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77 depicted Adam West's Batman and Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman as inhabiting the same universe. Batman '66 #30 (February, 2016) depicted George Reeves' Superman as also inhabiting the same universe as Adam West's Batman.
    • Earth-96, which is inhabited by a grayhaired Superman, played by Brandon Routh. Superman references his son, Jason, a character exclusive to the continuity of the 2006 film Superman Returns. However, he also references the events of the 1983 film Superman III. The continuity of the two films are incompatible.
      • Superman Returns is set in 2006 (whereas the four Christopher Reeve Superman movies (and the 1984 Supergirl film, starring Helen Slater) were set in the 1970s and 1980s). Martha Kent is alive. Lois Lane has a son named Jason, with Superman. Lois is also engaged to Richard White, the nephew of Perry White.
      • Superman III is set in the 1980s. Martha Kent is established to have been dead for a while. Lois has no son (a fact also reflected in the fourth of Reeve's films: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace). Lana Lang has a son named Richard "Ricky" White.
    • Earth-N52, which is based on the Prime Earth from the comics.[23] Prime Earth is the center of the multiverse in the comics.
    • An unidentified Earth, inhabited by a Flash, played by Ezra Miller (who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the DC Extended Universe). According to Walter Hamada (president of DC Films) the Earth of the DCEU is Earth-1. With Robert Pattinson's Batman inhabiting Earth-2.[24] Within the Arrowverse, Earth-1 is the Earth of the Arrowverse television shows, with Earth-2 being the home of the Stargirl television series.


  • Batwoman: "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two"


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