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The Duchess Gertrude was a powerful woman in France and a witch in the early 17th century.

Physical Appearance

Duchess Gertrude closely resembles Genevieve Teague, her descendant 400 years later.


  • Magic: The Duchess Gertrude was able to turn her eyes purple with magic like Isabel.

Early History

She was searching the far ends of the globe for three Stones of Power that would supposedly reveal an incredible trove of knowledge when all three were united. She was never able to find them, but she did find a map of the temple in China where one of the stones was supposedly hidden. In 1604, the witch Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux stole the map so that she could find the stones for herself.

Season Four

The Duchess had Isobel and her companions Brianna Withridge and Madelyn Hibbins captured and burned at the stake. Gertrude was cursed to have the Countess Thoreaux return to exact revenge on her and her descendants.

Lana had a strange dream in which she witnessed Gertrude yell at Isobel Thoreaux during the execution, and saw her eyes glow the same violet color that Isobel's eyes were when she used magic, identifying her as a witch. The next day, she met Gertrude's descendant, Genevieve Teague, and noticed their eerie resemblance.