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"Doomsday" is the twenty-second and final episode in the eighth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-seventy-fourth episode overall. It aired on May 14, 2009.


Oliver tells Clark he must kill Davis, as Doomsday is a serious threat and must be stopped at all costs. However, Clark struggles with taking a human life, so the Green Arrow and his team decide to take matters into their own hands. Lois takes on Tess, but the fight takes a shocking turn. Meanwhile, Chloe gets caught in the middle of Clark and Oliver's battle over killing Davis.


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Rokk speaks with Clark about the future.

Rokk Krinn returns to the present day and flies to the Daily Planet rooftop where Clark is waiting for him. Rokk tells him that the future he once knew has changed and that Clark is no longer alive in it. He also tells Clark that when they kept Brainiac-infected Chloe alive, they saved her connection to Doomsday, so that later she was the one who tried to kill him with green kryptonite but instead made him invulnerable to it, and who then stopped Clark from sending Davis to the Phantom Zone. As a result, Doomsday will now kill Clark, and Rokk tells Clark that tomorrow is the day he will die, unless he acts to change that future. He suggests a plan to send Doomsday to the future via a Legion ring so the Legion can defeat him, but Clark insists that he will deal with it and embrace his destiny even if it means he will die.

Chloe and Davis are in hiding in Edge City. He tells her about the myth of Persephone and how she chose to live underground with Hades, the dark prince, which is analogous to what Chloe has done with Davis. Davis suggests they might actually succeed in making a quiet life together.


Tess finds the Orb is missing.

Tess's team tracks down Chloe and Davis, and informs Tess. However, at the same time, Tess finds that the Orb has gone missing, the vault which contained it having been blown open. Tess orders her men to find out where it has gone. Tess says that the Orb is vitally important and is a threat to thousands of lives.

At the Daily Planet, Clark is at his desk mulling over the Legion ring. He puts it in a box in a drawer in his desk and finishes typing a letter to the 'Citizens of Metropolis' from the Red-Blue Blur, explaining himself and saying goodbye. Lois comes in, angry that Clark isn't out looking for Chloe. She notices he's busy typing and tries to look, but Clark quickly clears the screen. When Lois goes to get a cup of coffee, Clark slips out. A short while later, Lois's phone rings and she answers it. The Red-Blue Blur is on the other end, and he asks her to publish a letter he wrote, which he then delivers to her at superspeed. Lois wonders why, and he metaphorically tells her that he is going to die. She says she thought he was invincible and asks to meet him; he says it isn't a good idea, but Lois insists that he can trust her and she will be at a certain phone booth to meet.

Clark is at the barn when Dinah Lance enters, followed by a super-speeding Bart Allen, who has schematics of the Geothermal LuthorCorp facility. Clark explains that they have tunnels that are a mile deep under the earth, and he plans to bury Doomsday there before they destroy the tunnels. He then gives Bart the black kryptonite he got from Oliver and explains that it will separate Davis from Doomsday. Oliver enters and asks what happens when Doomsday is released with no conscience, and he again insists that they should kill Davis now. Clark tells Bart and Dinah that Oliver killed Lex Luthor and he is no longer one of them.

At the Daily Planet, Jimmy sneaks into Tess's office and is about to hack into her files when he finds Lois hiding under the desk. He asks her what she is doing and she asks the same. Jimmy explains that he is after Tess's files. He searches through them and finds the tracker on Chloe and Davis, and then leaves while communicating with Oliver. Lois then looks at another file, which is a video of Tess interrogating Regan Matthews who is warning her about the powers of the Orb and that it could be the end of the world.

Clark is at his desk when Black Canary tells him via audio message that they have located Chloe and Davis, and he uses his super hearing to find them. He superspeeds off and finds their car and also Black Canary and Impulse waiting for him. They tell him that what they're about to do is for his own good, whereupon Green Arrow shoots him with a kryptonite dart. Clark collapses and, as they leave, pleads with them not to do it.


Lois has the Legion ring.

Lois exits the elevator back into the basement, where Tess is waiting for her. Tess tells Lois that she knows Lois watched the video of Regan. Lois says that if Tess wishes to fire her then to go ahead, but she will do anything to find Chloe. Tess asks her where she put the Orb and, when Lois sarcastically implies she knows what she is talking about and doesn't care, Tess attacks her. The two struggle across the top of Clark and Lois's desks, until Lois, looking for a weapon, finds Clark's box containing the Legion ring and uses it to knock Tess out. The ring falls out and Lois picks it up, and she is transported away.


Black kryptonite separates Doomsday from Davis.

Chloe awakens at the geothermal facility to find Green Arrow, Impulse and Black Canary standing over an unconscious and bound Davis. Bart tells her that he knocked them both out at super-speed, and they brought them here. She realizes they want to kill Davis and notices the black kryptonite in Bart's bag. Chloe tells them that Davis won't change while she is there, but he awakes and says he can't control Doomsday anymore and that they are right to kill him. He then begins to transform, and although Impulse and Black Canary attempt to hold him, he flings them away.


Davis meets the beast released

Chloe grabs the black kryptonite and touches Davis with it, separating him from Doomsday, who peers at Davis before leaving.

Jimmy arrives in Edge City looking for Chloe, and finds Clark with the dart in his back. Clark tells him to remove the dart, and when he does, Jimmy notices that the kryptonite glows the closer it is to Clark, who warns him away when he puts it close. The cut on Clark's face then heals and Jimmy notices it, realizing it confirms his previous suspicions that Clark is superhuman. Clark admits to being the Red-Blue Blur and compliments Jimmy on putting it all together, as well as being right about Davis. Clark tells him that he needs his help, and that he should get Chloe and Davis to a safe place - Jimmy's wedding present for Chloe. Then Clark super-speeds away, leaving Jimmy in awe.

When Clark arrives at the geothermal facility, he finds everyone unconscious. He goes over to Chloe, who tells him that she used the black kryptonite on Davis and that Doomsday is now loose. The others awake, and Clark asks if he can trust them to blow the tunnel if he can get Doomsday back here. He then uses his super-hearing to track Doomsday before super-speeding off.


Clark fights Doomsday.

Doomsday is causing havoc in Metropolis, and Clark gets to the street and phone booth where he was supposed to meet Lois but there is no sign of her. He catches a car that Doomsday has thrown, and then Doomsday grabs a little girl and throws her mother away into a shop window. Clark super-speeds to save the little girl, putting her safely on some rubbish bags, but then Doomsday picks up Clark and begins punching him repeatedly. He drops Clark and punches him again, sending him flying through several blocks of buildings. Clark rolls over from the rubble but Doomsday super-leaps over the buildings and lands over Clark. As Doomsday is about to punch him again, Clark makes a huge effort and grabs him and leaps across Metropolis, crashing into the geothermal facility where the heroes of the Justice League set off the explosive charges.


Chloe kisses Jimmy.

Jimmy takes Chloe and the unconscious Davis to his "wedding present" - a loft apartment overlooking Metropolis called 'the Watchtower'. He tells her he'd hoped it'd be a place where they could start their lives together, and Chloe says he is always there doing the right thing. Jimmy tells Chloe that he knows about Clark's secret, that he is the Red-Blue Blur. Chloe tells Jimmy that she only went with Davis to save Clark, and he says that he understands, and they embrace and kiss. Chloe tells Jimmy that she's sorry she went away with Davis but that she never really left him. Jimmy smiles and Chloe kisses him passionately. However, at that moment, Jimmy is stabbed from behind by Davis, who has overheard that Chloe wasn't really going to start a life with him, that all her actions were to protect Clark, and that she did not even love Davis. Out of his mind with pain and anger, Davis goes to attack Chloe, but Jimmy, using his remaining strength, tackles Davis onto a spike, killing him, before collapsing in Chloe's arms. Jimmy uses his remaining breath to tell Chloe that he loves her, and then dies. Chloe is distraught.


Jimmy dies in Chloe's arms after killing Davis.

Chloe, Oliver, Bart, Dinah and Jimmy's family and friends attend Jimmy's funeral. Chloe places on his coffin some photo negatives of them together, and Jimmy's full name is recited as 'Henry James Olsen'. Jimmy's father and younger brother start to walk away, but his brother turns back to the coffin and breaks down in tears. Chloe goes up to him and gives him Jimmy's camera, telling him maybe he will follow in his older brother's footsteps. She then leaves with Dinah and Bart. Clark stands at a distance, having observed the funeral from afar, and watches as Oliver stands over the coffin alone, shedding a tear and knowing he was partly responsible for Jimmy's death. Then Oliver walks away, leaving Clark standing alone.


"Clark Kent is dead."

Clark goes to the Watchtower and looks at the spot where Jimmy died. Chloe, already there on the interior balcony, is pleased to see him alive and rushes down to hug him. When Chloe asks him how he escaped the explosion at the geothermal facility, Clark is unsure how he managed to get out. He tells her that he's looked everywhere but hasn't found Lois. When Chloe asks why Clark wasn't there for her at the funeral, Clark says he is the reason Jimmy's dead, because he placed too much faith in humanity, whereas it was the human side of Davis that killed Jimmy. He suggests that Chloe should leave the apartment and walk away, but she insists Jimmy is there and is watching over her. Chloe plans to use the place as a new Watchtower to bring back together the other three heroes who have all disappeared since the funeral. He tells her that he has realized his humanity is his weakness and that it gets in his way, causing him to make emotional decisions and get too attached, and that from now on Clark Kent is dead. He says goodbye to Chloe and leaves her alone in the Watchtower, fading away as he walks through the door.


A naked man emerges from the orb.

Tess is in her bedroom when she sees a light outside flashing. Investigating, she sees the Orb floating and glowing, before it burns the Mark of Zod into the ground and releases Major Zod into the middle of the symbol, as voices are heard in the background whispering "Zod".



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  • The title refers to the adopted name given to Kryptonian destroyer Doomsday.
  • It also refers to the death of several characters.
  • It is Chloe Sullivan's personal doomsday. She has lost the four people she cares the most about: Jimmy Olsen, Davis Bloome, Lois Lane (disappeared) and (spiritually) the Clark Kent she knew.
  • Doomsday also means the end of the world, something that could happen if Doomsday survives.


Doomsday Vs Superman

Superman vs Doomsday

  • Antagonists: Davis Bloome/Doomsday
  • This episode takes place at the beginning of September around the 4th.
  • This is Season Eight's finale.
  • This is the final appearance of Kyle Gallner as Impulse.
  • This is the first season finale not to feature Lana Lang and Lex Luthor.
  • For the only time this season, all of the main cast members appear.
  • This is the first (and only) season finale not to have Tom Welling as the last person shown in a shot before the end credits.
  • This is Aaron Ashmore's last appearance as Jimmy Olsen.
  • This is also the last appearance of Sam Witwer as Davis Bloome in his first (and only) season.
  • The factory that Clark and Doomsday crash into is also used as the Ridge facility that the Justice League blow up in Justice.
  • Clark watching a funeral from a distance is the second time he has done this without making a formal appearance, as he did in Exile.
  • This is the fourth episode to feature black kryptonite, following Crusade, Onyx and Injustice. However this is not the last time Black-K is referred to, as it was last mentioned in Homecoming.
  • Chloe intervened again by using black kryptonite after Rokk Krinn's warning, which explains why the future changed again and Clark did not die. However, by the end, Clark declared "Clark Kent is dead" because he had decided he put too much faith in humanity. This metaphorical death shows that (in a way) Rokk was correct when he said Doomsday was going to kill Clark.
  • Jimmy is the fifth main character to find out Clark's powers all on his own, from Lionel in Transference, Oliver in Arrow, Lana in Promise, and Lex in Arctic in the order of when they find out about Clark's powers. (Clark voluntarily tells Pete in Duplicity, and Alicia Baker shows Chloe Clark's powers in Pariah). Jimmy nearly discovered Clark's powers in Identity.
  • As of this episode, all of the main characters except Lois Lane know Clark's secret.
  • Serge Houde also played a priest in Season One's Crush (possibly the same one) and a teacher in Season Two's Dichotic.
  • When Jimmy finds out about Clark's secret, he says that Clark is "like some sorta super- [long pause] guy!" This is a humorous allusion to Clark's future alias as Superman.
  • Clark changes into his Red-Blue Blur attire like in an identical scene in Turbulence.
  • In the episode, Lois makes a quote that reads, "Another ricochet on the impenetrable force field", which is a reference to the form of one version of his invulnerability, in which he generates a bio-electrical aura on the cellular level that prevents damage and extends to his rescuees from the pressure forced against them.

In Other Media[]

  • Doomsday and Davis Bloome being separated by black kryptonite aligns with the comic book version of Doomsday in which he has no earthly camouflage and is simply a mindless monster.
  • Doomsday being trapped a mile deep underground is a reference to his comic book counterpart, who escaped from a buried Calatonian vessel before he battled and killed Superman.
  • In Superman: Doomsday, the character's animated counterpart was buried in his ship underground before LexCorp found it (which involved a geothermal station, although this one appeared to be a top secret project) and escaped before battling Superman. Superman's last move also involves taking Doomsday high up into the sky then smashing down in an earth-shattering crash.
  • The Jimmy vs. Davis fight is reminiscent of the Superman vs. Doomsday fight of the comics. As in the comics, the two combatants kill each other. Also, Jimmy and Superman both died in the arms of their lover.
  • If Jimmy is taken, via this episode, to not be the "true" Jimmy Olsen, which would instead seem to be his younger brother, then Jimmy Olsen, in this episode, becomes the 50th DC Comics character adapted into the series.
  • A decade after this episode aired, DC Comics introduced an older brother for Jimmy Olsen in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen Vol 2 #1 (September, 2019).


  • In the episode, Clark uses the nuclear explosion to the effect of defeating Doomsday, however, Doomsday was hit with Neutron's radioactive energy blasts as an attack, therefore he should've been immune to anything of nuclear origin.


  • Rokk Krinn returns after his last visit in Legion.
  • Brainiac is said to be still contained after he was defeated in Legion.
  • Rokk mentions Chloe killing Davis with kryptonite, which happened in Eternal, and stopping Clark from sending Davis into the Phantom Zone, which happened in Beast.
  • Chloe has been on the run with Davis since Beast.
  • Dinah Lance returns to Smallville for the first time since the Justice League's mission to find Clark in Odyssey. After that, she went into hiding as her identity had been discovered, but was seen as an active member of the team in Hex, communicating with Chloe.
  • Bart Allen returns to Smallville for the first time since Justice, although he has been mentioned several times since and he was seen communicating with Chloe in Hex, via the Isis Foundation computers.
  • The Mark of Zod was last seen in Season 5 finale Vessel, while Zod himself was last seen in the Season 6 premiere Zod.
  • Clark criticizes Oliver's decision to kill Lex, which happened in Requiem.
  • Lois gets hold of the ring from the Legion which Rokk gave to Clark at the beginning of the episode. A Legion ring was last seen in Infamous.
  • Black kryptonite was introduced in Season 4 in Crusade. It was last used in Onyx, but was last seen in Injustice.
  • Regan Matthews was last seen in Power.
  • The geothermal facility itself is mentioned in Beast when Oliver is trying to buy the station so LuthorCorp can go green. It is also mentioned in Injustice when Tess vetoes the motion.
  • Chloe was unable to save Jimmy with her Healing ability. This was also seen in Odyssey when she failed to heal a dying Clark, presumably due to her infection by Brainiac in Arctic
  • The Orb was first seen in Quest and it was revealed to be in Tess's possession in Eternal. It was last seen in Injustice where it was revealed that it could communicate with Tess.
  • In this episode, Clark declares that "Clark Kent is dead." This was said by Kal-El in Crusade.
  • Lois finds a tape of Tess interrogating Regan, which was obviously set between Odyssey, when they first met, and Power, when Tess murdered him.
  • Tess references Lois's maid outfit from Odyssey.
  • Lois speaks on the phone to the Red-Blue Blur for the second time in this season - the first being in Stiletto.
  • Jimmy mentions Clark getting shot, which happened in Stiletto.
  • The end scene between Chloe and Clark is reminiscent of Martian Manhunter's comment to Clark where he says "While humanity is your greatest strength, it is also your greatest vulnerability" in Bizarro. In this case, Clark was saying that it was his human emotions that got in the way of him saving Jimmy.
  • This is the last time Clark has been seen wearing red and blue colors in his casual clothing.
  • Though it is uncredited, Sam Witwer (Davis Bloome) played the last shot of Zod holding the orb.
  • This is the first appearance of Major Zod.
  • This episode marks the 6th and final time Clark wears his Red jacket/Blue shirt outfit in a season finale. He previously wore this outfit in the Season Three finale Covenant, Season Four's finale Commencement, Season Five's finale Vessel, Season Six's finale Phantom, and Season Seven's finale Arctic.
  • This episode marks the 90th and final appearance of Clark red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wore frequently throughout the series.


Recurring sets


Oliver: We need to take care of Davis Bloome.
Clark: And by "take care of," do you mean murder? 'Cause that seems to be the way you like to take care of things these days!

Davis: (to Chloe) This whole time that you were with me, it was for Clark?

Rokk: (to Clark) Brainiac is gone. But so are you...

Rokk: There is nothing on this Earth that will stop him from killing you.

Clark: How much time do I have?
Rokk: Tomorrow is the day you die.

Lois: Jimmy! You stepped on my hand!
Jimmy: Next time, don't leave your hand on the floor under a desk in an office you're not supposed to be in!
Lois: (sarcastic) I'm sorry, did I just get a lecture from Jimmy Olsen?

Tess: I kind of miss the maid costume.
Lois: I've stopped cleaning up after you.
Tess: You could have fooled me. I expect from my reporters a little better reconnaissance, but then again, the bar's always been a little bit lower for you, hasn't it?
Lois: Look, I know family loyalty means nothing to you, but I would do anything to find Chloe. And if that means you need to fire me, pull the trigger.
Tess: I plan to. But this actually has very little to do with Chloe. You saw it, didn't you?
Lois: Seriously, you have a significant deficiency of pronoun modifiers going on

Lois: Chloe's missing with some beastie boy and you're doing what, exactly?
Clark: No one wants to find Chloe more than I do.
Lois: Except maybe me. Clark, I haven't slept in days and I am dangerously close to a caffeine OD.
Clark: I hadn't noticed.

Red-Blue Blur: Sometimes we cannot outrun our destiny.
Lois: But I thought you were invincible.
Red-Blue Blur: So did I.

Clark: I appreciate your warning, but I know what I have to do now.

Jimmy: You're like some sort of Super...guy!

Tess: Lois, where is the orb?
Lois: What orb?
Tess: The alien technology from my vault.
Lois: Oh, that orb.

Lois: I guess asking for severance is out of the question.
Tess: I didn't want this.
Lois: No... You just want to take over the world with some alien nation.
Tess: I am trying to save the world.
Lois: What's wrong with Greenpeace?

Jimmy: (to Chloe) I see what you have sacrificed for him. For everyone, really… You are as much of a hero as he's ever been. What you have gone through, what you've risked

Clark: I've always tried to forget I was an alien or a creature. I've always tried to pretend I was human. I was raised to believe it was my Kryptonian part that was dangerous, Chloe, but I was wrong. It's my human side. It... It's the side that gets attached, the side that makes decisions based on emotions. That's my enemy. And Davis proved that to me.
Chloe: So, because of some psychopath, you're gonna cut the rest of us out of your life? Clark... human emotion is what made you the hero that you are today.
Clark: They're what's stopping me from being the hero I could be. It's what the world needs now.
Chloe: What are you saying?
Clark: Clark Kent is dead. Goodbye, Chloe.

Priest: "He restoreth my soul. He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me." May Henry James Olsen rest in peace.


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