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"You're Doomsday."
Chloe Sullivan to Davis Bloome, Infamous

Doomsday is the Kryptonian side of Davis Bloome and the child of Zod and Faora and the nephew of Vala. His destiny was to kill the son of Jor-El. He is Zod's creation, using his blood, Faora's blood, as well as that of all of the monsters that lived on Krypton.

Whenever Davis is stressed or angry, he starts transforming into a strong, muscular, angry, and powerful monster that is nicknamed "Doomsday". In Chloe's nightmare, Doomsday killed Clark Kent, but not in reality. When he was split from Davis by Chloe using Black kryptonite, Clark battled Doomsday and buried him alive in Earth's surface deep beneath Metropolis.

Physical Appearance

Davis as Doomsday.

Doomsday is a large creature of humanoid build, but is far different from a human or Kryptonian. He has thick, gray skin, red eyes, large, sharp teeth and numerous bony protrusions all over his body, most prominently above his eyes, on his chest, and on his shoulders. Doomsday normally wears a black belt, ripped navy blue jeans or dress pants and ripped shoes with ripped socks in them, since that is what Davis is usually seen wearing when transforming.


Doomsday is a mindless creature that knows nothing but how to kill. It has been shown how to speak and have some emotions when he kidnapped Chloe. This was because of Davis' feelings for Chloe. When Doomsday was separated from Davis, he became a shell of darkness, chaos and destruction, the only thing on his mind was to kill Clark Kent and destroy Earth.  

Powers and Abilities

  • Reactive Camouflage: Doomsday can camouflage on any planet he is on. Doomsday was placed in a cocoon and sent to Earth. That cocoon broke and liquid started coming out and formed a little human boy.
  • Reactive Adaption: Doomsday can adapt to anything that has harmed him, due to him being a Kryptonian creature. Green kryptonite has been a vulnerability to him, but Doomsday has absorbed it and never been vulnerable to it again.
  • Super Strength: Doomsday possesses raw, untamed cataclysmic strength, being able to easily slaughter and disembowel anything Kryptonian and below, and exert extreme levels of force on objects.
  • Super Speed: Doomsday punched Clark through several buildings with supersonic speed.
  • Super Stamina: Doomsday can run or exercise periods of times without getting exhausted or tired.
  • Healing Factor: Doomsday can heal from brutal injuries he endures from substances that have come from his home planet. Clark has also brutally fought him until he got buried alive in the Earth's surface. Doomsday then healed after the fight.
  • Invulnerability: Doomsday's resistance to injury and attack is on the same level as Superman. He is impervious to weapons or substances that are from Earth.
  • Super Leaps: Doomsday can launch himself across buildings.
  • Longevity: Due to his reactive adaption ability, Doomsday can never really die, healing and resurrecting from anything. However, after being trapped for a millannium under Earth's surface, he was eventually reduced into a semi-death state, which required an injection of matching DNA and exposure to solar radiation for him to recover.


Doomsday is vulnerable to various forms of kryptonite, but becomes insusceptible and immune after initial exposure.


  • Body destruction: Presumably, should Dommsday's body be completely destroyed, he would permanently die (as his body cannot adapt if there is no body).


  • Green Kryptonite: Green kryptonite was deadly toxic to Doomsday, until it killed him and he became completely immune to it.
  • Black kryptonite: Black kryptonite was able to splice his human inheritance, and now he is completely immune to it.

Early life

Genetic matter spills from the egg that Faora and Zod attached to Clark's ship.

Doomsday was created on the planet Krypton through genetic engineering, by combining the DNA of the planet's strongest and most violent creatures with the DNA of the Kryptonian warlord Zod and his wife Faora. Zod and Faora attached the genetic matter of their "son" to Kal-El's ship sometime before it left Krypton.

When Kal-El's ship landed on Earth in Miller's Field during the 1989 meteor shower, a burnt cocoon managed to find itself far from the ship and hatched a short time later: liquid leaked out of the cocoon to form into a young, fragile boy. The boy was taken by Lionel Luthor's search team and placed in the Luthor Mansion. After Lionel realized that he had the wrong boy, he had his men leave the boy out in the streets of Metropolis. Saddened and angered, the boy transformed into Doomsday and killed them.

Season Eight

Davis transforms to Doomsday.

While mutated as Doomsday, Davis went to the Ace of Clubs, where he went on a rampage, killing several innocent people before mutating back to his normal self. Clark arrived on the scene and found Davis unconscious and covered in blood. As Chloe and Jimmy's wedding was taking place, Davis was in Metropolis, covered in blood and exiting his ambulance while carrying two bags of body parts from two more of his victims. He tried to dump them in a bin, but was caught by a security guard who tried to apprehend him. Davis pleaded for the guard to leave, but within moments, he transformed and killed the guard before heading to the Kent Farm, where Doomsday attacked and injured numerous people.

Davis frozen in the Fortress.

Later, Davis awoke in the Fortress, confused about where he was before seeing Chloe, now possessed by Brainiac. He asked Chloe if she was alright, but Brainiac responded of how he used her to bring Doomsday to him. Brainiac planned to rid Davis of human emotions by putting him in a Kryptonian chrysalis, so he would later destroy Clark and then Earth. During that time, when Clark confronted Brainiac, Davis was frozen inside a crystalline cube. Once Brainiac was defeated, Davis reverted to his monstrous form and smashed out of the chrysalis.

Doomsday emerges in the Fortress.

Davis later went to Chloe again to tell her about the time in the Arctic and confessed that he was sent to Earth for the sole purpose of killing Clark. He begged Chloe to warn Clark of the danger he was in. As he was morphing into Doomsday, he pleaded for Chloe to run away. She made it to her car, but Doomsday followed her and ripped the car door off. Whether or not Doomsday killed Chloe was left unknown, but this all changed when Clark altered the timeline.

In the new timeline, as Davis was taking his pills, a nurse told him that Linda Lake wanted to see him. Linda revealed that she knew about Davis' true nature as a bone-protruding monster. Furious, Davis gained partial control over Doomsday and used his newfound super-strength to smother Linda. He then threw the pills away, now knowing that he could control the beast within.

Davis begins to transform.

Davis then began a killing spree to "control the beast" by killing those he saw as evil. Later, Davis was about to attack a robber when he was knocked to the ground by Jimmy, who had followed him. He began transforming into Doomsday when Jimmy was temporarily incapacitated by Chloe. When Chloe assured him everything was all right and touched his shoulder, Davis reverted to human.

When Chloe was being threatened by a gangster of Milano's in the Talon, Doomsday killed him.

Sometime later, as Doomsday, Davis was attacked by Tess' metahuman team, but he escaped and killed Neutron.

Davis comes face-to-face with Doomsday.

Davis and Chloe were in Edge City lying on top of their car looking at the stars when they were attacked and abducted by the Justice League, who intended to kill Davis in order to stop Doomsday. Davis realized that dying was the only option left for him and that he wasn't able to control the beast any longer even in Chloe's presence. However, when Davis began to transform again, Chloe used black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday in a painful process.

Doomsday battles Clark.

Once separated from Davis, Doomsday defeated the Justice League and knocked out Davis with ease. Soon after, he went on a destructive killing spree in Metropolis until he was confronted by Clark, who fought him for awhile until he was punched and sent flying through Metropolis. As Clark was injured and bleeding, Doomsday managed to super-leap over to him and was ready to give the final blow until Clark gathered his strength and charged at Doomsday, grabbing him and super-leaping all the way back to the LuthorCorp geothermal facility, where the Justice League set off explosives and Clark trapped Doomsday under the Earth's surface, where it would be extremely difficult for him to escape.

Season Eleven

Doomsday is brought back to life by EarthGov.

During the 31st century war between EarthGov and New Krypton, the scientist division of EarthGov, lead by Minister Kirt Niedrigh, took a sample from the genetic material of Faora's unborn child from her tomb and integrated it with the remains of Doomsday, whom they had discovered beneath old Metropolis. EarthGov's scientists infused the creature with solar radiation resulting in the re-constitution of its cellular structure. They intended to use it as a weapon to destroy all Kryptonians and win the ongoing war.

Doomsday attacks New Krypton.

Using a boom tube, Doomsday is unleashed upon the inhabitants of New Krypton and begins to bring about it's destruction. Clark arrives on the scene and begins to battle the beast, unfortunately Doomsday proves to be a formidable foe and Clark request the assistance of the other Kryptonians in battle via telepathy communication provided by Legionnaire Saturn Girl yet they too fail to subdue Doomsday.

Doomsday battles Superman.

Clark decides the only way to stop Doomsday is to bury him again and so with all of his strength and speed Clark flies directly at Doomsday and pushes him out of New Krypton into space into the direction towards the heart of the sun.

Superman pushing Doomsday into the heart of the sun.

Parallax-possessed John Stewart creates a construct of Doomsday.

Doomsday attempts to free himself from Clark's grip and battle him ferociously but to no avail as Clark using a full blast of his Heat vision Clark sends Doomsday into the gravitational pull of the sun with himself caught in it as well as they both plummet into the fiery tomb, Clark asked that the Legion would ensure that no one unearth this monster again. Clark is saved by the Legion of Super-Heroes and Doomsday is once more entombed within a prison.

In the 21st century, John Stewart, who has become a Yellow Lantern as he is possessed by Parallax, uses his power ring to create a construct of Doomsday in order to fight Superman.


In the Comics

Doomsday in the comics.

Doomsday is widely known as the behemoth that killed Superman.

Doomsday was born on prehistoric Krypton, one of the most hostile worlds in the galaxy at the time: he was genetically engineered by the alien scientist Bertron. As just an infant, he was released into this environment and killed: Bertron cloned the surviving and strongest genetic matter and re-released it so the process could be repeated until the resulting being was powerful enough to survive. Doomsday became so powerful, he killed most of the planet's population before clinging to a cargo ship (that regularly came to deliver supplies to Bertron) fleeing the planet and went into space with nothing but a strong primal hatred of all life.

Doomsday went on a killing spree across several planets. He faced the Green Lantern Corps, killing several hundred of them, but was ultimately defeated by the alien hero Radiant and entombed. Since it was deemed that keeping him on their planet would be an insult, Doomsday was sent into space, at which time he eventually landed on Earth, tomb and all. He escaped and confronted the Justice League. After decimating most of its members and almost killing a mother and her children in cold blood, Doomsday was confronted by Superman. The two fought, leaving utter destruction in their wake.

The battle ended in Metropolis, where the two beat each other into near-submission. Doomsday's bone protrusions were so sharp that they were actually able to cut Superman's skin and Superman hurt the creature by snapping his bones off of his body using brute force. The battle came down to one final clash, with Superman and Doomsday hitting each other at the same time. The blow had such force that it broke all the city's windows within a three-mile radius. Both combatants collapsed dead, taking half of Metropolis with them. Not long after this, Superman would return from the dead.

While the world still mourned Superman, Doomsday's body was taken away to be studied. The villainous cyborg, Hank Henshaw, masquerading as Superman flung Doomsday into space. Soon, Doomsday would eventually resurrect and find himself traveling the cosmos once again. Some time later Doomsday was found in Apokolips. He began to slaughter Darkseid's followers. Even Darkseid's legendary Omega Beams able to destroy anything had no effect. With the help of Superman, who was called by Desaad, they managed to defeat the monster.

Taking advantage of the effect of the events of Zero Hour on the time stream Brainiac goes back in time and uses his abilities to save Doomsday. He temporarily inhabited Doomsday's body, but his plan was to create a completely mindless clone of Doomsday and use it as a body for himself. Superman eventually foiled Brainiac's plan by using a Psi-blocker to free Doomsday from Brainiac's control, this was not a complete solution however, Doomsday was now free to wreck his on havoc. Through a collaborative effort, Superman and the Justice league were able to trap the monster in a constant state of teleportation, with its molecules split equally in 4 transporters.

When he once again returned, Doomsday was promptly defeated by the combined might of Kal-El and Kal-L. In the end, Doomsday once more fell under the control of the U.S. Government. More specifically, Samuel Lane and his anti-Kryptonian operation. Sent by General Lane, he fought with Superman, Supergirl, Superboy, Zor-El and Alura who along with the rest of the Kryptonians from New Krypton dragged Doomsday to the Moon to continue the battle and they were able to beat him to death in mere moments. Somehow General Lane was able to retrieve Doomsday's corpse. He gave the remains over to Lex Luthor after showing him the potential that was held in it. Luthor went to work on the corpse, trying to figure out how to guide its rebirth to make Doomsday even stronger than ever. He has come up with a few good ideas, one being coaxing Doomsday to grow some kind of biological weapon.

With the original Doomsday being into a coma, Lex had been able to make several clones of him following his death at the hands of the Kandorians. The Super family is able to successfully beat back the Doomsdays while rescuing the brain dead Doomsday, who is slowly fixing his wounds through his regenerative proprieties. Later they attacked by the Doomslayer, a Doomsday clone who was tossed down an infinite tube that gave it time to evolve and supposedly killed Eradicator. In S.T.A.R. Labs, Superman's allies use the original Doomsday's body to try to find a way to stop the Doomsday clones. Doomsday awakens, but Eradicator was in control. In the end Eradicator sacrificed himself killing Doomsalyer and saving Earth.

Doomsday in the New 52.

In the New 52 Doomsday attacked Krypton many years ago when Lara was a lieutenant in the elite military seminary. Colonel Zod and Lara faced him but their battle caused the death of thousands of Kryptonians. Zod apparently defeated Doomsday sending him to the Phantom Zone. It was revealed that Zod created Doomsday to scare the Kryptonian populace into picking up the sword, like he did years later with the Char creatures.

Years later on "Remembrance Day", the day that Kryptonians remember as a day of disaster because that was the day that Doomsday attacked Krypton, Zor-El narrates a prophecy in which the last knight of the House of El will travel to a distant planet after the destruction of Krypton. Doomsday will find him and the last knight will battle him to save his people, but sacrificing his own life to do so. General Zod, now also imprisoned in the Phantom Zone, communicated with the child Kara Zor-El telling her how he admired the creature because it destroyed everything, an attribute he seeks in order for his people to be strong as years of complacency have made the Kryptonians weak.

In Superman/Wonder Woman, Doomsday mysteriously appears in the North Atlantic Ocean and fights Wonder Woman, breaking her arm before vanishing into thin air. After describing her attacker to Superman, both travel to the Fortress of Solitude where Diana identifies Doomsday on a Phantom Zone viewing device. Superman assumes that the walls of the Phantom Zone are failing, which is allowed the momentary escapes for Doomsday.

Other faces of Doomsday

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